Is the Sapphire reserve king for life, or is it on its last term? This week at Frequent Miler


If you’re reading this version of the week in review post, it means that my paternity leave started too late to let Greg know to fill in but earlier than I expected, so my apologies for the short format. Enjoy the podcast!

Update from Greg: As I write this, Nick and his wife are at the hospital with their second son on his way!

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This week at Frequent Miler:

COVID Credit Card Enhancements Ultimate Guide (updated)

Our guide to all of the major short-term enhancements updated with the latest.

Should you get the Chase Freedom Visa before its too late?

The Freedom will no longer accept new applications beginning on September 14th. There are several reasons why you may want to make a move now – whether applying new or product changing.

Airlines eliminate change fees: Quick reference chart [Added Hawaiian Airlines]

A handy chart helps you compare the major changes that debuted this week regarding airline change fees. United was first out of the gate, but Alaska has what may be the best policy changes.

Trying to crack the Turkish code and falling down a rabbit hole

There has to be a reason why most Turkish Airlines agents and the website don’t see the same available award space that ticket offices can see — this theory just isn’t it.

Sapphire Reserve remains king of the Ultimate Rewards wallet

Greg says the Sapphire Reserve is still top dog, but I think it’s worth considering your other options. Sure, the Reserve might be worth keeping this year, but long term it’s worth questioning.

What should you do about your Freedom card collection? Is there a new ultimate…

To the last point above, in this post I make the case for replacing the CSR with the Ink Business Preferred. While I’m talking the talk, I won’t walk the walk on this just yet though.

My experience traveling during COVID-19 (Delta, SkyClub, rental car, hotels)

Greg reports on his first trip by air since the pandemic began. If you’re curious about the current state of travel, check out Greg’s experience.

Amex Transfer Partners: Which are Best?

The Deal of the Week

HSBC: $600 bank account bonus available with easier requirements

Without a doubt, the deal of the week is this HSBC checking account that looks like it could easily yield $1300 for a couple playing in two-player mode. Set a reminder on your phone because the office you need to contact to open this won’t be in again until Tuesday morning, not this seems like a call worth making.

That’s it for this week at Frequent Miler. Be sure to check out this weeks last chance deals on Sunday.

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Congratulations Nick! I hope mom and baby are healthy and happy! And the dad of course!


Congratulations (almost), Nick!

Regarding Chase’s enhanced categories for pay yourself back with the CSR, I got an email from Chase August 6 that mentioned another category I don’t think I have seen mentioned on blogs: select charitable organizations. I assumed this is available to everyone, rather than being targeted. It probably won’t change my card choice (Blue Business Plus or Double Cash) for charity donations, but I thought I would mention it.

Here is an excerpt from the email: “Ultimate Rewards points may be redeemed for a statement credit using Pay Yourself Back for purchases made at select merchants within the 90 days before the redemption request date. Currently, only purchases made with your Chase card with Ultimate Rewards at restaurants (including takeout and eligible delivery services) and grocery stores (including eligible delivery services), home improvement stores, and select charitable organizations will qualify. To ensure your charitable donation purchase is eligible for Pay Yourself Back, please donate directly to the charity’s parent organization. See the Pay Yourself Back FAQs for a list of eligible charities.”

Per the FAQ, it is a limited set of charities, and there are links there to use to donate to the parent organization.


Because of the Freedom Flex’s 3X dining, is it worth holding onto a non-fee Sapphire that has 2X dining? Am I missing something?


I would say no way. Also, according to the question DoctorofCredit asked Chase, you will only be able to hold one Freedom Flex. If you already have 1 Freedom, I would think you might as well switch the non-fee sapphire to a second freedom before you are unable to do so next week.

Christopher Leone

I have 300K Ultimate rewards points and want to upgrade to CSR from CSP. I had CSR previous to downgrading b/c of COVID I will transfer to partners for travel WHEN we can so the delta between CSP and CSR is 75,000 points which is $750. I believe it make sense for me to keep REUPGRADE to CSR??