Delta Amex Offer: Spend $300 and Get $75 Back (Targeted)


There is a very good (and highly-targeted) Delta Amex Offer out that offers $75 back on up $300+ in spend with Delta Air Lines. This offer is only good for purchases that are made in US dollars AND for flights that originate in the US (although I’m sure enterprising folks can figure out a way to turn this into Delta credit and apply it to a flight that originate elsewhere).

Delta Air Lines Leg Room

The Deal

  • Spend $300 in one or more transactions with Delta & get $75 back with a targeted Amex Offer.
  • Purchase must be in USD and flights must originate in the US

Key Terms

  • Expires June 30th, 2023.
  • Offer valid for eligible flight purchases made directly with Delta Air Lines through U.S. website, via Fly Delta U.S. App and U.S. reservation telephone line.
  • Cabin class or fare upgrades must be booked at the time of the initial purchase in order to qualify.
  • Eligible flights must be booked as non-stop, round trip (no connections) in order to qualify.
  • Excludes the following: (i) purchases in-person at the airport where Delta is not the merchant of record, lounges, and sales offices, (ii) all purchases on-board flights including food, beverage, and WiFi, (iii) stand alone hotel bookings and car rentals through, (iv) purchases through third parties or affiliated agents, and (v) Delta Vacations®, Delta Dive, Delta Cargo, On Demand Charter services, Delta Flight Museum, SkyMiles® Marketplace purchases, SkyMiles Experiences™, SkyMiles Cruises, Delta Meeting Network, (vi) travel insurance/trip protection, gift card purchases, and charitable donations, (vii) Multi-City and one way flights with the same origin/destination requirements.  Valid only on purchases made in US dollars.

Quick Thoughts

Most recent Delta Amex Offers have been offering various permutations that worked out to 20% back on spend ($60 on $300, $120 on $600, etc). This is obviously a better offer because it gives you a return of 25% when spending exactly $300. That’s a pretty good, particularly with it being valid on one or more transactions.

The problem is, it seems to be extremely targeted. After Doctor of Credit originally reported it, I checked both my wife and my cards, and we’re 0-28. I’ve seen lots of other folks who’ve been left to pound sand as well.

If you are lucky enough to be targeted, this seems to have a few hoops to jump through that make it slightly irritating: the flights must be non-stop, roundtrip and originate in the US. That said, many folks have been able to effectively apply these to other flights by booking a main cabin flight that complies with the terms and then cancelling it after 24 hours to retain a Delta flight credit. If going this route, do note that ensuing flight credit will only be valid for one year.

(h/t: DOC)

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I got targeted for this on my Amex Green, even though I currently have the Delta Platinum and Gold cards (moving up a tier), and fly Delta exclusively domestically. lol I already have expiring eCredits from 2020 that I need to use first, but just started tracking the MCO-LAX nonstop in Google Flights, and am waiting until Main Cabin inches just past $300 (it’s $298 right now) so I can book, wait 24hr, and cancel.


If you live in a city that has very few direct flights…you need to connect –For me it is Atl..SO this offer will not work for me unless I do separate bookings and PNR’s??? bummer


Just book any Main Cabin flight that meets the requirements (use Google Flights Explore tool to make it easy), regardless whether it’s your home airport (you’re not flying it anyway, so it’s irrelevant). Cancel to get an eCredit (not refund). You’ll have a year to use the ~$300 ish for any flight that you really wanted to take, hoop free. I’ve done this successfully to get the $200 airfare credit TWICE on my Amex Platinum before I canceled it, and seriously boosted my expiring eCredits from 2020. I’ll do it again with this offer on my Amex Green.

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Thank you


FYI, you don’t need to wait 24hrs to get eCredit. You can cancel as soon as you book it. Just select eCredit instead of refund to the original form of payment.


Yeah, but some people might miss those details or make a mistake, so waiting 24+ hours is a very simple failsafe. You’re 100% guaranteed to get the eCredit by just running out that clock.


Well, if someone is mistake prone, waiting can cause other mistakes, such as forgetting to cancel a flight they don’t intend to take.


Touché. Apple Reminders & iCalendar; it’s what separates we travel hacking Alphas from the Omegas who are befuddled by any of this. 🙂 LOL


I saw this offer on my personal Platinum a few days ago. I wonder if it will stack with airline fee credit.


My Plat Biz was targeted for $100 back on $350 but isn’t limited to airfare. Terms state “Offer valid only for purchases where Delta Air Lines is the merchant of record, such as airfare, fare upgrades, seat selection fees, baggage fees, standby fees, and Delta Sky Club® memberships.” Stacking this offer with my $200 airline fee credit means I’ll make out like a bandit!