eGifter Officially Working For Shop Small Amex Offer Statement Credits


When the Shop Small Amex Offer launched a couple of weeks ago, data points started appearing that purchases from some unexpected websites and apps were triggering the statement credits.

We’ve already shared that gift card purchases in the Fluz app have triggered the statement credits, but there had also been data points that buying gift cards from eGifter and Gyft with a card with the Amex Offer loaded to it was also working.

Some people had understandably been concerned that buying gift cards to use this Amex Offer would result in clawbacks, but those fears can hopefully be allayed now that eGifter has officially announced that they’re an eligible retailer.

eGifter Shop Small Amex Offer Landing Page

If you’ve bought (or tried to buy) from eGifter in the past, you’ll likely have received an email this afternoon about this. If not, eGifter has set up a landing page here confirming that they’re an eligible retailer.

This is good news because eGifter frequently offers discounted gift cards, although their current promotions aren’t too exciting. They also offer eGifter Instant Points when buying non-discounted gift cards which can be redeemed on future orders.

That’s somewhat similar to Fluz offering cashback on purchases, although I much prefer Fluz if for no other reason than eGifter has canceled every single order that I’ve tried to place with them. They therefore seem incredibly sensitive to new buyers, whereas Fluz is much more welcoming of new users and provides the opportunity to verify your identity to increase your purchase limits per credit card used. Gift cards bought in the Fluz app are also available immediately and can be purchased for random amounts, whereas you have to wait for eGifter orders and you can only buy certain whole-dollar gift card amounts from them.

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