Elite status Hyatt hacks


Hyatt’s top-tier Globalist status is without a doubt the best hotel elite status in the game, but wanting it is easier than getting it. The good news is that on this week’s Frequent Miler on the Air, we talk a lot of ways to make it easier to get what you want (without spending sixty nights on the road). Whether you want more benefits for fewer nights, a better experience on paid stays, or to phone a friend and use their elite status benefits, this week’s show helps you find all the hacks to get elite status without spending stacks.

Elsewhere on the blog this week, find out how to easily know which Hotwire “Hot Deal” hotel you’ll get, learn how you can earn the most miles and progress toward American Airlines elite status with hotel stays, and learn everything you need to know about what may arguably be the best transferable currency. All that and more below.

1:14 Giant Mailbag
4:30 3 Cards, 3 Continents, 3 Updates
14:22 What crazy thing….did IHG do this week?
18:39 What crazy thing…did Nick do this week?
25:30 Awards we booked this week
29:46 Mattress running the numbers: Buying Hyatt points for 1.68c per point
33:38 Main Event: Elite status Hyatt Hacks
38:30 World of Hyatt Credit Cards
43:56 Promotions (Current promo = double elite nights with new business card and current Bonus Journeys)
49:40 Challenges
56:50 Partnerships (SLH, MGM)
1:25:23 Question of the Week: Are nonrefundable rates more attractive if using a card with good travel protections?

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This week at Frequent Miler

Shortcuts to top tier Hyatt elite status

Hyatt’s top-tier Globalist status is without a doubt the best hotel elite status in the game, but wanting it is easier than getting it. The good news is that this post makes it easier to get what you want (without spending sixty nights on the road). Of course, as we discuss on the podcast this weekend, you first need to ask whether you need Hyatt elite status. Given how easily anyone can get Hyatt perks like suites (book them using points!) and free breakfast and parking (get a friend to book a guest of honor stay) or stays that include resort credits and guaranteed late checkout (book through Hyatt Prive), you may decide that it’s not worth chasing these paths — or that you’re better off convincing a friend to take on the chase.

Best way to earn AA miles & status via hotel bookings

If you’re playing the American Airlines Loyalty Games to earn elite status without flying, you may be starting to feel the pressure of the clock winding ever closer to the February deadline. Hotel bookings could be one way to earn additional miles and in this post Greg shows you how to get the best bang for your buck (which may not be as obvious as it seems).

How to figure out Hotwire’s mystery hotels (even more easily than before)

I hadn’t used Hotwire in years — until we began planning for our 3 Cards 3 Continents challenge. As fate would have it, I recently stumbled on this same trick that Carrie outlines here, though I hadn’t been smart enough to put two small pieces of it together: while I’d noticed the hotel review count, I was actually going to Expedia to see which hotel had the same number of reviews rather than (duh!) using Ctrl+F to search the page at Hotwire. This is a neat little trick indeed! A reader in the comments notes that BetterBidding.com will do the heavy lifting for you. I remember using BetterBidding more than a decade ago and I was glad to see that it still exists, though based on a couple of sample searches I think that using Carrie’s technique is the faster way to go.

A packing list for 3 Cards, 3 Continents (on Nick’s mind)

Speaking of 3 Cards 3 Continents, I’ve been feeling some anxiety over my packing situation these past couple of weeks. I used this post in part as a way to calm the nerves by laying out my plan. I forgot to include a battery pack I use (that is even capable of giving my laptop a bit of juice), but otherwise I think I’ve hit it. There is one more thing I’d like to bring but probably won’t — but I can’t yet share what it is for fear of it spoiling part of the surprise of the trip. In related news, I’ve started a 100 Day Challenge to wear the same Merino wool shirt for 100 days in a row (you can wash it!). Assuming my first couple of weeks go OK (today is only day 3 since I officially began the challenge, though I did a test run the week before in a different shirt from the same company), this will help lighten my load significantly. We shall see how that goes, but I can say that so far the shirt is quite comfortable…..we’ll see how I like it come December 3rd.

Citi Premier Card Complete Guide

My wife recently picked up a Citi Premier card when the 80K bonus returned and we’ll be happy to flex this card a bit on gas and grocery because of a combination of its good category bonuses and perhaps eventually for the Choice Privileges / Preferred Hotels play (thanks to the 1:2 transfer ratio). I can’t wait to see just what Greg did with his Citi points when our 3 Cards 3 Continents trips are in full swing in a few weeks. In this republished Complete Guide, you’ll find plenty of reasons why this card should be on your radar.

Bilt Rewards Complete Guide

Bilt rewards continues to improve on the ability to earn rewards by paying rent.

We’ve written a lot about Bilt Rewards over the past year and a half, but until now that information had been scattered. This complete guide pulls together everything we know about this program that enables earning points by paying residential rent (and its associated credit card). No, you can’t earn points for paying your mortgage or commercial rent or condo fees, just residential rent (and of course 3x on dining and 2x on travel on the credit card assuming you make 5 transactions per month). Now with the addition of the Avios airlines, Bilt is quickly building out what may arguably be the best set of transfer partners in the game. This post covers what you need to know.

That’s it for this week at Frequent Miler. Keep your eye out for this week’s many month-ending last chance deals.

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Lisa Whitlaw

You mentioned an area with “tools” but I can’t seem to find that. Can you help?


Achieving Hyatt Globalist for me isn’t in the cards for 2022 but I am considering pushing for it for the first time next year. I have an upcoming stay Dec 30 – Jan 2 currently booked at a Marriott (since I’m a lifetime Platinum) but am thinking about switching it to a Hyatt. Did I hear correctly that the timing may be in my favor where the Hyatt elite nights will be credited towards the 2023 year since I’ll be checking out January 2, 2023?


Is this the case for Marriott as well? I have a booking for Dec 30-Jan 1 and wondering if it will credit for 2022 or 2023.


Thanks. I wish I followed suit and did the same but at the time only stayed at a handful of Hyatts (for 2-3 nights at a time) dating back 10 years so didn’t think it was worth it. Will hopefully attain Globalist for first time next year and see whether it results in more Hyatt stays for 2023/2024.


You talked a lot about late checkout, but it seems to be at the hotels discretion, not a guaranteed benefit. I was at your favorite place recently, ventana big sur, and I was flat out denied any late checkout as a globalist. This despite a base room for the following night being available to book with points. Also got no upgrade. What’s the equivalent of being bonvoyed at a Hyatt? Globalized?

Reno Joe

I like Lucky’s (OMAAT) suggestion on how to earn Lifetime Globalist: spend $200k in one hotel stay.


I also got the Kimpton Santa Barbara for 16k! It’s my close-to-home option, but there’s still a good chance I won’t end up using it. But maybe I’ll see Greg there if I do.

Greg The Frequent Miler

I hope to see you there!


Was hoping to see you at IC Geneva!


You guys are right by booking only refundable rates. I can’t tell you how many times my plans have changed or I booked the hotel for the wrong date OR I thought I canceled it within 24 hours but it turned out that somehow I didn’t (most recent, $600+ down the drain in that booking alone). I’m booking only refundable hotels from now. As you said, something better can come along and the freedom that comes with it is priceless.


How often do you actually drop that signature hat?


Hello, I am new to earning statuses. Definitely looking to leverage some of my business spend to get a more premium/quality stay during travel.

This question is specifically to do with Hyatt globalist status. I work for a big employer and can earn globalist status after starting 20 nights based on the recent challenge/promo. My understanding is that if I earned the globalist status through a challenge , I would be able to secure complementary suite upgrades during check-in (based on availability as they say it). Is that not true? And also not having done this in the past… How often or how easy is it to get the complementary suite upgrades during check in? Just want to clarify that I am not referring to site upgrades that can be earned through milestone awards ( for 40 night or 50 qualifying nights) but the challenge.


Nick, thank you for a detailed explanation! I enjoyed the YouTube video regarding the same. Was very informative!! Thx again!

Reno Joe

Do suite upgrades actually depend on relative humidity? 🙂


I am listening to your podcast now and heard you mention Hyatt Regency Resorts World JFK. Recently stayed there (two weeks ago) because I had a free night certificate expiring and we had to do a positioning flight for JFK (I snagged a Singapore Airlines First Class award ticket). I used the category 1-4 free night cerificate for a Hyatt basic room. We got upgraded to a suite due to Globablist status. Suite was very nice and had two full bathrooms! Also this is a brand new hotel. No walkability to speak of but if you need it to hang out for a positioning flight it is a great bargain.


I 2nd this. The suites are very nice but even if you don’t get upgraded the standard room is not too bad either. The lounge was ok. It was mostly empty with an ok food and drink selection for the US.