(EXPIRED) Extra 1000 Membership Rewards on $200+ purchase at Amazon with new Amex Offer

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There’s a new Amex Offer out today that’s good for an extra 1000 Membership Rewards points at Amazon on a purchase of $200 or more through 5/31/22. Enrollment is required and thus far I have found the offer on multiple Membership Rewards earning cards (including both business and consumer variants).

The Deal

  • A new Amex Offer is out today that’s good for 1000 Membership Rewards points per dollar spent at Amazon.com on a purchase of $200 or more. Enrollment required.

Key Terms

  • Offer valid only for purchases made at Amazon.com and via the US Amazon mobile app.
  • Excludes corporate gift card and custom-designed gift card purchases.
  • Not valid at international sites owned and/or operated by Amazon or websites affiliated with/linked to/from Amazon.com.
  • Offer not valid for Amazon Go, Amazon Local, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Home & Business Services, Amazon Currency Converter, Home Services, Prime Photos, Amazon Inspire, Amazon Video Direct, Amazon business, Amazon Global, or Amazon Drive.

Quick Thoughts

This is a great deal for anyone considering Amazon purchases over the next couple of months, even though the potential upside is fairly low. This offer will result in a maximum of 1,000 points on $200 or more in purchases.  Keep in mind that purchases must be made in one transaction to get the bonus.  So the goal would be to spend as close to $200 as possible.

I see this offer on several of the Membership Rewards earning cards that we have, both busines and personal.  Keep in mind that this adds 5x points to whatever the normal earnings of the card is.  The Blue for Business Plus would earn 7x on $200 (normal 2x + 5x bonus) and if you still have an +4 referral cards working, you’d end up with 10x total (Normal 1x + 4x referral bonus + 5x Amex Offer.

This will be a popular deal, so get it synced up sooner rather than later.

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I got +5 MR per dollar up to a max of 1,000 points. It was available on both Bus. Plat and Pers. Plat, but not BBP.


I got +5 MR rewards per dollar up to a max of $1000 on my vanilla Plat.

Also your post says “an extra 1000 Membership Rewards points per dollar spent” which I was very disappointed to discover was a typo 🙂


0/10 … sadness …


zip for 8 . . . sadness, too. What did we ever do to Amex? ; )


Seems like Amex offers some kind of bonus on Amazon every time Chase has the Freedom bonus category with Amazon (which will happen next quarter 4/1 to 6/30)


Showed up on Everyday but not my BfB. Not the most exciting offer since I can get 5x at Amazon unlimited all the time. Maybe I can get a soda with the extra $2?

George the Blogger

This is big! Really BIG!!!


Got the offer on my Everyday Preferred card, but not on an Amex Plat MS. I did it a $10 test gift card balance reload and the amex offer success email triggered.

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Hmmm. Was using PayPal key on Amazon linked to Chase Freedom to get 5X. Now have two Amex cards with this offer. Decisions, decisions.


Will reloading my Amazon account with $500 charged to the credit card for which the offer appears trigger the 5x bonus?


I did it a $10 test gift card balance reload and the amex offer success email triggered.


Seriously doubt that Amazon would let the payment processor know what its customers are buying.


i added the offer, bought something sold by Amazon via Amazon’s app, and i didn’t get the “you redeemed an amex offer” email that i usually do. any reason to be concerned?


I didn’t either…still waiting on the bonus points. Definitely not as quick as it was with the Walmart offer


I got this on a Platinum card that already had a earn 5x bonus on Amazon up to 1500 points that is set to expire in early November. Wonder if It will be stackable and both offers will trigger. Any thoughts?


Should stack. Most AmEx offers do.


I got it on my Everyday card! Thanks


Thanks for the info! I found it on my Business Platinum but, like you, not my Blue Business Plus. Not sure based on the language if I can simply purchase a $500 Amazon gift card and be done?


yes, as long as they aren’t corporate or custom




Same for reloading existing gift card balance?


No offer for me on the Consumer Platinum, Skymiles Platinum, or the Consumer Gold.
Sad day, I was in the market for a new laptop.


Got it on the Green Card (wife) and Everyday Preferred (Mine)


Further update: Both my Platinum and my wife’s additional Gold (linked to Platinum). Nice!


Got it. Thank you! Learned my lesson on the last AMEX Offer for Delta. Saw the offer on one of my cards, checked the other cards to try and figure out which cards had the offer and where I wanted it, and then the offer was gone before I could put it on any of my cards.


P2 got it on his Everyday card.