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Yesterday, we published a quick deal about how even more merchants have been added to the list of places where you can earn 2X Membership Rewards through the end of this year. That promotion is really an extra 1X on top of your everyday earnings (meaning you will earn 2X or more depending on what your chosen card regularly earns on said spend). In that post, I mentioned that I added many of the offers to my Blue Business Plus for a total of 3X and many readers wanted to know how.

Blue Business Plus – no offers?

As many readers pointed out, nobody has seen offers on the Blue Business Plus since its inception, apart from a single Turbo Tax offer. This is what my “offers” section looks like on the Blue Business Plus (and I’m willing to bet that yours looks the same):

There hasn’t been a single offer available to add, and this is why several readers asked how I was adding offers to this particular card.

Amex 2X Promotion website

In yesterday’s post, I included a direct link to the promotion (click here for that direct link). I suggest a multiple tab method if you have more than 1 Membership Rewards card in a single login ID. I’ll show you how to do that in a second. Alternatively, this can be really easy if you have your Blue Business Plus on a separate login ID. That’s what I did when I opened my Blue Business Plus, because I think Vinh at Miles per Day has a good point on why that might be beneficial.

Then, simply click on the icon for one of the merchants on the promotion page:

Click on one of the merchant icons on the promotion page that looks like the image above.

Once you click the icon, it will “add” this offer to your “Available” offers and you can add it to your card.

If you have multiple cards on the same login, you’ll want to first log in to your Amex account in your browser. Then, open the promotion page. Then use Ctrl+Click to click on a merchant you want to add (this opens it in a new tab). Do that to open as many tabs as you have Membership Rewards cards in that login. For example, I have 2 Business Platinum cards in the same login. I used “Ctrl + Click” two times on the Olive garden logo, which opened two tabs that looked like this:

I then selected each of those cards in a separate tab and hit continue. From there, I had the ability to add that Olive Garden offer to each card exactly as shown above. If your Blue Business Plus is in a login with multiple cards and you want to be sure to add the offer to all of them, that’s a way to do it.


Can you also add Amex Offers to the Blue Business Plus via Twitter? I had expected all along that this was possible, but I honestly hadn’t set up a Twitter account for my new Blue Business Plus just yet. However, in writing this post, I just created a Twitter account and successfully added the Reebok offer by tweeting — showing us that Twitter is another avenue by which to add offers to your Blue Business Plus.

Bottom line

While offers aren’t naturally showing up yet on the Blue Business Plus, it’s not impossible to add some of them — both the extra 1X merchants (where I now expect to earn 3X on purchases that fall within my first $50,000 spend per year since the Blue Business Plus earns 2X on all spend for the first $50K in purchases). Furthermore, I can add offers via Twitter. Had I recently added the Best Buy offer, I would be able to both earn 3X and get $30 back on $300. That would have been a great return!

If you have a Blue Business Plus and have been frustrated with the lack of offers, hope is not lost. I imagine that Amex will eventually roll out full offers on this card — but in the meantime, you can add a few.


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