Conrad Bora Bora: Great availability Jan-March 2024


Loyalty Lobby reports that there’s a ton of standard award availability again at Conrad Bora Bora during the beginning of 2024. Rooms are available between January and March, including multiple 5-night blocks in January-early February (meaning it will work for 5th-night free stays).

When there was wide open standard award availability a few months ago, that dried up within a few hours, so you’ll likely need to book ASAP in order to lock in dates.

a sailboat on a beach
Conrad Bora Bora beach

You can view award availability here, with that search being set for one night using flexible dates. At the time of writing this, the entire months of January and March are available for 120,000 points per night, while February has 24 days.

a calendar with numbers and a few days of work

a calendar with numbers and a few days

a calendar with numbers and a few days

This can be a great use of Hilton free night certificates earned from the Hilton Aspire or Surpass credit cards. If you don’t have many free night certificates and/or want to stay a little longer, Hilton offers the 5th night free on award stays for anyone with Silver status or higher. When booking in five night increments, that reduces the 120,000 points per night cost to an average of 96,000 points per night.

Note that much of March and February is unavailable for 5 night stays, even though it shows it wide-open for 1-night stays. That’s most likely because there are different standard rooms types available as opposed to one specific room type being available for 5 nights in a row. I’ve heard of some folks being able to combine a couple different room types for a five night stay via a phone agent, but it’s extremely YMMV and most likely will end in frustration.

There’s no guarantee that this availability will last (and I suspect it won’t), so it’d be best to book ASAP if you’re interested.

Nick stayed at both the Conrad Bora Bora and St Regis Bora Bora a couple of years ago and wrote several comprehensive posts about his experiences and provided a lot of tips, so I’d highly recommend checking these out if you decide to jump on this award availability at the Conrad Bora Bora.

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ed k

And just like that, they are gone. That didn’t last even a half a day once it was broadcasted, when I saw it had been open at the decent award rate for a while. It’s interesting to watch the demise of something once others, who may not have even been focused on a particular property, read about it from a blogger/bloggers. No one should be writing about it now. Not a single day left on the available calendar at the reasonable award rate. I feel bad for those who’s heart was set on this particular place, as far as using points. Oh well, I’ll look for some other destination. Maybe that’s a good thing; to discover something new, someplace I haven’t been before. We’ve got points, the hard part is flights getting cancelled.


Just booked 5 nights in Dec, for a standard room, King Lagoon view. What’s the play on getting an over the water room?

Ed k

You have to contact the resort directly to see what the offers are. Usually they accept xxx cash per night per upgrade. They usually send you a form to fill put and then after emailing them back they immediately charge your cc (yes it’s prepaid if you do it this way). The other way, which is more common is you wait until you arrive then see what they can offer you (sometimes it’s less $ for the upgrade due to lack of occupancy). If paying ahead of time you need to make sure to purchase your own trip insurance plan just in case you have to cancel so you’ll ensure what you spent you’ll get reimbursed for one way or another.


Many thanks!


Thank you! I have been regularly checking availability (I have the flexible month view in my toolbar) but not finding anything. They must have updated in the wee hours (for me). As soon as I saw your tweet this morning I booked. Thank you!

ed k

Is this your first time there or have you stayed there before? What month are you going, if you don’t mind me asking? Wondering how the weather has been since right now is their hot/wet season. I’ve only ever been there in July, but thinking about a future trip at a different time when the water is a bit warmer yet still not during their summer season when it can rain a lot. I know many have had great weeks during the wet season, but it is more risky. Wish I could go this year, but we’ve got a home renovation project that will take a while.

ed k

Please remove this…please! Should have been left to those in a group, of which I’m not even a part, because it will get noticed by either too many people or corporate. “Wide open” means it will be gone within today. Of course, there’s still the covid hurdles to get through and all it takes is testing positive in LA (from your previous flight) or testing positive upon landing which means quarantine in a Tahitian hotel when you really wanted to go to Bora Bora and your points get sucked away for no show. We have no intention of going there this year, but were thinking about it for later. I’d just feel bad for those who already pinpointed this place as a place they want to use points and now their week is gone. Warning: we had a trip booked using our Hilton points and all seemed well on island, then one leg of our flights got cancelled which messed up everything with no alternatives. In fact, there were so many cancellations (looking at you AA) that it wasn’t worth the island opening most things until finally they closed temporarily and refunded points. At least I got our hotel points and airline points back, but that was the only 10 days we had available to us due to work (staff shortages due to pandemic meant bare bones crew). I appreciate FM and they mean well, but some things should be left for those already searching for it, or at most a private online group. All the other blogs also read FM and let’s see who regurgitates this. It will mean they lack their own story for their daily newsletter. At least keep this for the daily newsletter and remove it from the public site, for the sake of those already eyeing a trip there. We’ve been there multiple times and it was great right after they reopened. The Hilton before it had the worst mattresses we’ve ever experienced anywhere in the world. Even after they replaced the mattress, the replacement was just as bad. Ended up hardly able to walk, had to get to the only doctor in Bora Bora (painful ferry ride with slipped disc) and had no appetite the rest of the trip due to the medicine they gave me for pain (it’s all meds from France, meaning a pain pill is morphine mixed with caffeine and who knows what – worst ever). I thought a lagoon was smooth (no waves), but being at the back of the private chartered speed boat was a lesson learned from our snorkeling excursion. If you go around the whole island there will be places where you go against the current and if the captain is trying to get you to three locations in half a day, it will be bumpy part of the time. If you have back issues, be aware, try to stay in the middle of the boat in a chair (not a bench). I had to stay on the bench because someone else who had health issues had to have the chair next to the captain’s chair and I gladly let them have it, but I paid dearly. Just a little PSA for those with any back issue. The staff were very nice to me and helped all they could. Glad they refurbished the place and they deserve the Conrad name. And remember, not even Diamond gets you an real upgrade. Only $$$ on top of your points. The owner does that for all locations where they have a hotel. I’ve been to all of them and multiple times. Even when it was only 30% occupancy there’s always someone who will fork over $$$$ to get into a decent OWB. I’ve seen them upgrade, but never to a great OWB location. But, I’m particular and know what branch of OWB’s I want to be on.

ed k

I just realized this is an update to an older article. Sorry. But, do be prepared for unexpected airline cancellations. It’s been rough for some of us.


The new availability is for a different (better) room type than before. King Lagoon View instead of King Garden View. There were around 5 rooms available at the 89k rate on most nights when I booked early this morning.

ed k

It’s still not an overwater bungalow, but in a building on land. Unless that building is being repurposed or renovated, then you might get a bungalow on land behind the main walkway. Great for kids though (small kids not allowed overwater, I think it’s 16 and up).


Booked 8 nights a few days ago at 89k night for 5 nights and 3 nights on my free night certificate 😀 Just got back and can’t wait to go again.


need 30 days registeration prior now going . i hope tihs doesnt carry till fall next year


Pretty much all nights availability for 89k / night gone. Now >1M points per night


No 5-night stretch available anymore.


Ugh. Now if they would just release availability for the Conrad Maldives…


Thanks for the heads up! Just booked a 5 night reservation.