(EXPIRED) Chase Freedom Unlimited 3X everywhere back in-branch

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Update: This deal originally ran a year ago (April 2018). The return of this offer has been rumored for quite a while, and Doctor of Credit reports the deal is back, though it is available in-branch only at the time of writing. On the downside, this time the deal is capped at $20,000 in purchases in the first year. Still, this is a great deal if you’re looking to earn Ultimate Rewards for daily unbonused spend. Read on for Greg’s original recap of the offer a year ago, updated with the new details:


Chase’s usual offer for the no-fee Freedom Unlimited card is for “$150” after $500 spend.  In reality, the “cash back” earned by this card is in the form of Ultimate Rewards points which can be cashed in at a penny each.  So, the normal offer for this card is really for 15,000 points after $500 spend.  And the card normally offers 1.5 points per dollar everywhere, which is pretty darn good since it’s possible to move these points to a premium card in order to get more than 1 cent per point value.

Now Chase has unveiled an optional new signup bonus for this card, which is available in-branch only as of 3/18/19.  Instead of earning 15,000 points, you can earn an extra 1.5 points per dollar on up to $20,000 in purchases for the first year of card membership.  For big spenders, that’s insane!  If you expect to spend more than $10,000 in your first year with the card, then you’ll come out ahead with the new offer instead of the usual offer.

Unfortunately, the Freedom Unlimited card is subject to 5/24.

Chase's 5/24 Rule: With most Chase credit cards, Chase will not approve your application if you have opened 5 or more cards with any bank in the past 24 months.

To determine your 5/24 status, see: 3 Easy Ways to Count Your 5/24 Status. The easiest option is to track all of your cards for free with Travel Freely.

The Freedom Unlimited does charge foreign transaction fees, so leave it at home when traveling internationally.  But within the US, 3X everywhere cannot be beat.

Ultimate Rewards points can be redeemed as follows:

  • Cash or merchandise (1 cent per point value).  Through this option, the Freedom Unlimited earns 3% cash back ton all spend first year.
  • Move points to a premium card (Sapphire Preferred, or Ink Business Preferred, for example) and purchase travel through the Chase Ultimate Rewards travel site (1.25 cents per point value).  Through this option, the Freedom Unlimited earns 3.75% back towards travel on all spend first year.
  • Move points to the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card and purchase travel through the Chase Ultimate Rewards travel site (1.5 cents per point value). Through this option, the Freedom Unlimited earns 4.5% back towards travel on all spend first year.
  • Move points to a premium card and then transfer to a variety of airline and hotel programs (per point value varies from very low to extremely high when points are used this way). Through this option, the Freedom Unlimited earns 3 miles per dollar on all spend first year.

Consider these options for increasing your 3X spend in the first year:

  • Use the card for all spend first year: This is obvious, but needs to be said for completeness.  Use the card for all day to day spend.  You can even put away your Sapphire Reserve except when traveling internationally because your first year Freedom Unlimited will earn the same 3X for restaurants and travel (and everywhere else!)
  • Timeshift Spend: With some utilities and other ongoing expenses it may be possible to pre-pay for charges that you know you’ll incur past the first year.
  • Pay Bills: Obviously if a biller allows credit card payments, that’s a good way to go.  If not, consider using a service like Plastiq to pay bills (including things like rent, mortgage, day care, etc.).  With Plastiq you’ll have to pay a 2.5% fee, but you’ll still come out ahead at 3X.  Better yet, pay your rent for 1.5% with Urbanr.
  • Pay Federal Taxes: The timing on this offer doesn’t make this a great option for many of us, but it’s still a great option for paying estimated taxes or for next year’s taxes.  Fees start at 1.89% for credit cards. Over-payments, if any, will be refunded after you file your year end taxes. For full details, please see: Complete guide to paying taxes via credit card, debit card, or gift card.
  • Fund Kiva Loans: Do good and hopefully get your money back. See: Manufacture Spend (and do good) with Kiva and Kivalens.

Additional ideas for increasing credit card spend can be found here: Manufactured Spending Complete Guide.

Hat Tip: Doctor of Credit.

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[…] Chase Freedom Unlimited 3X everywhere back in-branch (This is also available online.) […]

[…] Chase Freedom Unlimited 3X everywhere back in-branch (This is also available online.) […]

[…] Chase Freedom Unlimited 3X everywhere back in-branch (This is also available online.) […]

[…] Chase Freedom Unlimited 3X everywhere back in-branch (This is also available online.) […]

[…] Chase Freedom Unlimited 3X everywhere back in-branch (This is also available online.) […]

[…] Doctor of Credit reported that this offer has returned in-branch, albeit this time with a cap: earn 3x everywhere on the first $20,000 in purchases in the first year. There’s no doubt that 3x Ultimate Rewards on every purchase sounds awesome, but with Chase […]

the other Sam

Been MS’ing on this card (in wife’s name) since last year. No 20k cap if you were approved in April or May of ’18. Super interested in getting one in my name if they lose the 20k limit. Any chance that happens?


It seems to me that the offer is basically 60k signup bonus if I spend $20k………there’s lot of other card signups that kick this to the curb…………I expect the genius of Frequent Miler guys to be more discerning………….no offense……….

El Jefe

Am I better off getting this or just using my Sapphire Reserve for travel and dining and my Amex Everyday Preferred for everything else since we easily hit 3-+ transactions a month. Am I missing something?


I hope they bring the offer back. Since they do have some serious completion now with the Amex Gold and Citi Prestge coming in Jan


Damn! I hope they bring the offer back since they have some serious competition from Wells and Citi Prestige and Amex new gold.


i signed up for the chase freedom unlimited on 5/4. did i make the cut off for the 3x points everywhere?


Hi Greg! I am just wondering if anyone has ever received the 3x card? I applied for it using an appropriate link that showed 3x on it. Received the card and the paperwork for it and it only said 1.5x. I called them and it was escalated to a 2 supervisors. They said they would call back in 24-48 hours. They called and left me a vm and said they will only honor the 1.5x because that is what I signed up under.

A week later my husband signed up for it using the 3x link and we took a screenshot of it before we signed up. We just logged into his Chase portal and it is showing 1.5x! I am in shock! Curious to find out if anyone has actually received this?


I just got my card in the mail today. I also signed up using the 3x application link, but all my ppwk that came with the card says 1.5x also! I haven’t made any purchases yet, but I was nervous when I saw that. I’ll let you know how I fare….

the other Sam

My wife just got her Chase FU in the mail yesterday (applied last week from 3X promo page), and the enclosed literature made no mention of the 3X UR points for the first 12 months, only 1.5X. We SM’d them seeking clarification, and they responded today that they will honor the 3X offer. No screenshot needed – just a quick dig that if they don’t honor it, their card is worth less than the Citi DCB card.


I just rec’d an SM back after I asked them to confirm the 3x on all purch for the first year. She came back and said she did not see that on my account and I needed to send them the ppwk that I received showing that. I sent her my screenshot, hopefully that’s enough…


Final DP: I posted 2 days ago, but I now have my answer. So I sent the screenshot showing the 3x application link, they SM’d back saying the offer was not on my account…only the 1.5x.
I called in and the woman I spoke with was very nice, and she put me on hold to check my offer. She came back and said she did see it on my account and she would make a special note just in case I called in again about it and someone did not see it. She mentioned several times that she saw the “targeted” offer on my account…so I’m not sure if somehow that’s what’s messing things up.
Anyway, she did say I was all set with the 3x, and she seemed believable. So if you get shot down by SM, definitely call in and make them search for it!

Greg The Frequent Miler

Great to hear! Thanks for sharing this


Is this deal still alive? Link just says $150 sign up bonus

Greg The Frequent Miler

It’s dead

[…] I have never gotten a signup bonus on the Freedom Unlimited. When the new 3x offer came out (See: Holy smokes….Chase Freedom Unlimited 3x everywher first year), I saw too much value in it to pass it up. Three percent back for one year with no annual fee is […]

[…] Chase Freedom Unlimited: 1.5X everywhere (or 3X everywhere first year with the new signup offer) […]


Just applied and was approved instantly. Thank you for the tip on this! My concern is that I will be given the “old” 15,000 points sign-up bonus instead of the “new” 3x points bonus. The card already shows up on my Chase account, but when I click on the points page, it reads that I will earn 1.5% back under the “Your Cash Back To Date” section. Doesn’t mention the 3x points anywhere. Hopefully won’t be an issue, but wondering if anyone else has the 3x points mentioned on their account page?


I too signed up and was approved immediately. It shows up on my Chase accounts but I can’t tell if I am getting the 3x either. Hoping when my new card arrives it designates that


Same, husband approved after making a reconsideration phone call. I can see the new card in his Chase online account but it is showing 1.5x rewards. Sure hoping it is 3x for the first year or it is going to be a wasted hit on 5/24. 🙁

Greg The Frequent Miler

It’s normal for special signup bonus terms not to be shown online. You can secure message them to ask for confirmation of 3 percent rewards for a year


Thank you, I have sent a secure message and will see what they say. Fingers crossed! Otherwise will be quite disappointed.


Unfortunately by secure message they said I only have 1.5x points, no mention of 15,000 bonus sign up either. Will call them to double check but just FYI for others, seems like this is not a real offer.


So I just got off the phone with the CC CS line, the rep said this is not a valid offer from Chase. Am planning to call back and hopefully speak with a different rep. Perhaps worth calling through the Chase Sapphire number on the back of my CSP card? Any other data points anyone can share about this offer being valid or not valid would be appreciated. Thanks!


Just tried what you suggested and am able to see the 3x offer on first try. Any tips on how to get them to honor it?


Nick – can you share the screenshot? I am getting some push back from Chase on this as well.


Greg/Nick –

Applied for this for my wife, she’s under 5/24 and has a “regular” Freedom only. Decision went pending with the “we’ll let you know within 30 days” language. What is the current thinking or recommendation about calling reconsideration for a decision?



Awesome news! Question I have is related to I am still learning the ropes on the Chase UR side of the house. Greg/anyone, if I have an authorized user on one of my unlocking cards and then they they get this CFU; will that allow them to unlock/share/transfer URs earned with it (I am primary on my CSR or InkBP and my spouse is an AU, if she then gets her own CFU will that work or does she need to be primary on her own unlocking UR card?



I got this card almost a year ago and also have a CF. And just got the CIC a few weeks ago. Will be 4/24 next month. If I PC my CFU to another CF then reapply for another CF could this make Chase possibly want to shut my cards down…

Or should I just be content with the fact that having the CIC I’m already getting 5x on my Internet services and 2x on fuel and can also get 5x on gift cards. Since I only do organic spending for the most part (internet, cellphone, gas restaurants groceries). Thanks for any insight



I currently have an Ink Business Plus (which I believe is now discontinued). If I get the Chase Freedom Unlimited, can I transfer the URs earned on from the Unlimited Freedom Card to the Ink card and then to various programs (BA, SQ, Etc)? Thanks so much!


OMG. I could kiss you right now, that is amazing! Thanks so much!


I am not sure why people are so excited about this. The standard offer gives you $150/15,000 UR for only $500 in spend. Previous offers gave you $300/30,000 for the same $500 in spend.

You would have to spend $20,000 with this offer to get a bonus equal to $300/30,000. Remember that the bonus is only 1.5 pts/$.

Sure if you have $30k or $40k of unbonused spend lying around, that you aren’t using to get signup bonuses on other cards, this can make sense. But for most people, I imagine this is a whole lot of spend for very little signup bonus.


As you point out, it all depends on your typical level of monthly credit card spending. I’ll be getting this card and adding my wife and daughter as AUs. With the exception of Chase Ink and Chase Freedom for 5 UR spending, it will be the only card we use for the first year. With our normal monthly spending + home and auto insurance payments + possibly private college tuition payments through plastiq, we could easily pull in a few hundred thousand URs over the course of the first year. For me, this card is a game changer.


because $5,000 spend gives 3x points or 15,000 URs that can be transferred to a CSR, etc, etc etc; $10,000 gives 30,000 URs & anything above that is manna from heaven.


Yes, but only half of the 3x is bonus. So you need $10,000 in spend to generate 15,000 BONUS UR points.


yes, and all I need is $20,001 to come out ahead which will be a piece of cake once I cancel my SPG AMEX in August


(enter the new point workhorse)


Right. My point is only that $20k spend for 30k UR points is not a great deal. Certainly if you have gobs of spend that can’t be put towards another signup bonus, or on category bonuses on a card earning 5x or 3x , this might work for you. But why not get 100k UR for $5k spend and $95 by signing up for the Ink Preferred?


Because I just got approved for the CBP last week along with the Cash in branch. I am all in on URs after the SPG beating, enhanced with Chase’s help! Fantastic marketing/timing on their end.


Wholeheartedly agree. I just think that to sign up for this card over even one of many other cards out there, you should be doing at least $40k-50k in unbonused spend a year. And if you can sign up for just two cards in place of this one, you should be doing around $100k in unbonused spend. Itks just hard to justify, unless you can’t get other cards (5/24, etc).


This is a NF card, guys! If something new and amazing comes along to shove URs to the side then it’s easy enough to shelve this card. As it stands, strategies must be put into play for constant & significant hotel/airline devaluations. I see the absolute most benefit with URs over MRs and TYs for protection against this ongoing corporate practice.

I am not a churn & burner anyways. I am certainly not one to turn away from a nice bonus here and there, but my motivation is, and always will be, with enhanced opportunities for spend. Like “Ralph” above, I am now sitting pretty for at least the next year and also positioned for new opportunities as they might arise.


Has anyone here actually had any success in getting this offer approved? I called Chase and was told that this is NOT a legitimate offer. I asked to speak with a manager and was told the same. The offer cannot be found when searching the Chase website.

Greg The Frequent Miler

It must be a legitimate offer because the link goes to the chase website and the offer is spelled out in detail there. It could be that it hasn’t been well communicated to staff or that it was accidentally released before it was supposed to be. If the latter, Chase has always honored such offers before.


Yes, that is certainly a possibility and one that I considered while on the phone with Chase for nearly 40 minutes as they checked and rechecked internally. What was the source of the link that you provided? Did you verify its legitimacy with Chase before publishing? Not a criticism, just trying to decide if it is worth my calling back Chase again.


I first spoke with a CSR CSR (that’s weird), and she was aware of this offer. Chase has 3 offers out right now: the regular $150, a statement credit, and this one. My husband also just got approved on the Chase website (along with a welcome email) with the new 3x terms so all is very, very good about the deal. . .


Are there any DP’s on if you can get this card (3X) if you already have an existing FU from PC of CSP with no bonus? Also, seems you must apply on line as there is no phone to call. Also, what procedure to apply if your credit reports are frozen? Please advise.


Nick, this new 3x card doesn’t have a “bonus” per se, does it? There are 1.5 extra points on spend but if someone had gotten a bonus on a CFU previously and then PCd it to something else, might they not be able to get this card again? Have no idea, just wondering your thoughts, thx!

Julie Drassinower

I am under 5/24 but I just got a Chase Ink Cash last week. How long do i need to wait to apply?

[…] if you’re a Chase Freedom Unlimited holder (or 3x everywhere if you apply now — see: Holy smokes… Chase Freedom Unlimited 3X everywhere first year), and those points can transfer to Hyatt if you have a premium Chase card (Sapphire Reserve, […]


If I’m at 4/24, should I apply for the Sapphire Preferred or this card? The CSP would give me 54K points with only $4K spend. The CFU would require $18K spend for the same amount of points.


Can you still pay mortgage via plastiq with a Visa card? I thought plastiq now only allow mortgage payment with MasterCard or discover.


What’s the latest word on manufactured spending w/ chase? By my math, this means I could be manufacturing UR points for .39 cpp instead of .58 cpp w/ an ink at an office store. Super tempted to get one and throw ~ $4k on it a month, of course having everyday spend on the card as well and no more than 75% bonus spend (this is what I do on my Ink cards, and has prevented any shutdown over the past several years)


Can I get your recommendation? I’m currently at 3/24. The only Chase product I have is the Slate card with zero balance. I want to apply for this Chase Freedom offer. Which other ‘premium’ card should I apply for? Which application should I complete first? Same day applications? Thanks!

Ed. C

I sent a secure message requesting this offer to be matched to my account because I only received the card 2 weeks ago. Chase responded “your account is not eligible for the new offer you requested.”

I also sent a direct message via Twitter to @ChaseSupport and got this reply:
“I’m very sorry for any inconvenience. However, we’re not able to change the offer you applied for. We are not able to provide the 3% bonus on your specific account.”

In my case, anyway, Chase isn’t matching the offer for new accounts even still in their first billing period.

[…] when signing up via the link below. With yet another 3% cash back option now on the market (See: Holy smokes… Chase Freedom Unlimited 3X everywhere first year), you could easily beat the fee when paying the rent for the next few months if you’re new to […]


Now I am actually excited about paying my son’s tuition! Going to be a freshman at U of Miami. They charge 2.5 percent fee but at 3x I think it is worth it.


Greg, any idea how long this offer will last? Trying to max out my amex SPG spend before being kicked off the island in August, so I want to hold off as long as possible.


Can I sign my wife up for this card and transfer the points to my Chase Ultimate account since she doesnt have one in her name?


Is using this card going to generate UR or cash back if I don’t have any other chase cards? Would I need to open up a UR earning card first or could I convert these earnings to UR if I open an Ink months down the road? Don’t want to hit up chase for two cards at the same time if possible. Thanks


My wife was Opt-out from receiving credit card offers for years. Yesterday I went to optoutprescreen.com and opt her in. It says that it will take 5 days to process the request.
Should we wait before applying for her Chase Unlimited or it doesn’t matter?
When we go through Chase Pre-qualify page, she gets message: “We are unable to locate any offers for you at this time. This may be because you have opted out of “pre-screened” offers from Chase and other companies or you have recently responded to another offer from Chase.”


I had previously done a PC from the Sapphire Preferred to CFU but never received a bonus for CFU. Would I qualify if I applied for a new CFU even it has not been 24 months since PC? Thanks!


Wanted to confirm the latest on the ability to have both the Freedom Unlimited and Freedom cards simultaneously? Thanks!

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes, no problem

Cheers mate


I love the site, read it all the time and while this seems like a great offer (3x) on everything, if $10,000 is just for a benchmark it seems to me that the simple freedom card can earn the same points on $6k spend. Yes, it has rotating categories and isn’t an everyday card but their bonuses have been pretty simple to maximize so far this year.

I’m all about the 3x coupled with a reserve/ ink preferred… can’t be beat. Just throwing it out there… keep up the good work.

And maybe if this offer sticks I can get it summer 2019

Greg The Frequent Miler

That’s true, but keep in mind that you could do both Freedom and Freedom Unlimited. The 10K benchmark is just to compare the two CFU signup offers. With under 10K spend, you’re better off with the 15K offer


Can you please clarify the math here? I would think you only need to $5,000 in spend to match the offer ($5,000 x 3 = 15,000). What am I missing here?

Greg The Frequent Miler

With the regular offer, $5K spend would result in 15K bonus points plus 7.5K regular spend points for a total of 22.5K points. At $10K spend, both offers result in 30K points. With any more than $10K spend, the 3X offer is better.


Thanks for the info Greg! My wife just signed up for it, I was trying to figure out what her last chase card for the next two years would be and this is a great choice.


Is it worth the risk to refer my wife and then SM for a product match?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Probably not, but you could wait t see what others report about their secure messaging success


Very clever of Chase, you have a bunch of soon to be SPG refugees looking around for place to put their un-bonused spend. CFU and EDP were both near the top of my list for SPG replacement but CFU just rose quite a bit higher now.

Greg The Frequent Miler

I was thinking the same!

Mos aza

If my wife has 2 CFU from downgrading cards. Can I apply her now? She never actually got a sign up bonus for the CFU

Greg The Frequent Miler

If she product changes her CFU cards first to CF cards then it should be possible

Mos aza

How long should I wait once making the product change to CF?

Greg The Frequent Miler

I don’t think you have to wait at all, but probably prudent to wait a few days just in case


Read the terms in the offer page, I thought I saw it said this product is available to you if you do not have this card and have not received a bonus in the past 24 months.


Can I “product change” a CSP to this card? (since another household member just got an additional CSP…)

Greg The Frequent Miler

You could product change to this card but then you wouldn’t get the 3X offer. You have to sign up new to get 3X


Oh, bummer – I’m 7/24…


Dw just got this card!! Chances of getting matched ?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Pretty good I think. Call or secure message to request switching to this offer

Ed. C

Same situation – I’m in my first billing period for this card. I’ll be sending a secure message requesting offer match asap!


That is awesome! Do you know if these points would be earned up front as ongoing 3x or like discover card that doubles your first year at the end of the year?

Greg The Frequent Miler

This one is better because you’ll earn 3X with each statement instead of doubling at the end of the year.