How to book Vacasa Vacation Rentals with Wyndham points [Video]


Sometimes I find myself staying at a hotel when I’d really rather be in a vacation home just because I’d rather spend points than cash. I imagine that’s even more true for large families or groups traveling together. But this is exactly why it’s appealing that Wyndham lets you use their points to book Vacasa Vacation Rentals. You can get a whole house for just 15,000 Wyndham points per bedroom per night, often a pretty good deal! (And it’s worth mentioning, Wyndham sometimes sells their points for around 1 cent each.)

In the video below, Greg will walk you through the easy process, and I’ll summarize the steps below.

How to book Vacasa Vacation Rentals with Wyndham points:

  1. In order to use your Wyndham points for a Vacasa Vacation Rental, the overall price must come to less than $350 per bedroom, per night. So your first step is to search Vacasa’s site for a property you like which fits within that price constraint.
  2. Once you find something, you’ll want to actually click through to the property’s summary page to see the full cost including fees, since the search results page won’t show those full details.
  3. Take note of that full price and do a little math to confirm you’re within the allowed <$350/room/night rate. (For all of you fellow non-mathletes out there, take the total rate and divide it by the number of rooms, then divide that by the number of nights.)
  4. Once you’ve got your property picked out and you’ve confirmed it’s within your cost constraints, visit the Wyndham/Vacasa landing page to find the assigned phone line to make your booking. (At the time of writing this, the phone number is 800-441-1034).
  5. Do a happy dance – you just booked a sweet house for your vacation!
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