Huge Sears 100% back in points deal on dozens of items. In-store only.


Through December 30th, Sears is offering 100% back in points on many items in-store.  The trick is finding them.

I received an email from a reader who had bought $275 worth of items, and walked out of the store with $285 worth of points.  She wrote up her find here: Massive 100% Back in Points, In Store Only – YMMV (read the post to see photos of items she found).

On Friday I went to my local Sears and hunted for these items, but couldn’t find any.  I did find a few fixed amount awards, but they weren’t 100% back in points:


Finally, I asked a supervisor.  She went to the back and returned with 10 pages of tiny print showing items that are included in the deal.  She wouldn’t let me take the pages with me and so no to taking pictures.  So, the list didn’t really help except to give me a general idea that these deals were all over the store.

She told me that they hadn’t put up many of the signs yet and that it would still take them several days to do so.  I suggested that I could come back in a few days when the signs are up.  She nodded in a non-encouraging way.  I took that to mean that it would likely take them much more than “several days’ to get those signs in place.

Your store may vary

The same person who tipped me off to this also posted her experience to SlickDeals (found here).  At this point it seems that stores vary in whether or not they’ve posted signs and in which items are available for 100% back.

Finding items

The supervisor that I spoke with said that she thought they had put up some signs in the linen department.  That turned out to be a good tip:


Which items count?

Do all of the items on the shelves behind those big blue signs count for 100% back in points?  I don’t think so.  I found these small blue signs on several specific items:


Here’s an up-close view:


Is it a good deal?

Not necessarily.  If you don’t actually want the junk that’s on sale and you don’t have plans to sell it or donate it to charity then all you’re doing is replacing cash (or Sears gift cards) with points that expire in 30 days.

If you do want that stuff and if you’re sure you can use the points effectively before they expire, then yes it’s a great deal.

You can enhance the deal with Sears coupons and with the current Amex Offer: Spend $50, Get $10 back.  For details on maximizing the latter, please see: Extreme Stacking the Sears Amex Offer.  The short answer for those who don’t want to bother reading another post:

  1. Go through the best online shopping portal for Sears
  2. Reload an existing Sears gift card with $50, pay with your Amex card that is enrolled in the Amex Offer
  3. Use that gift card in-store to buy these items.

One way to get coupons is to sign up with a Sears personal shopper.  The same person who wrote up the original post about this Sears deal says that you can select her as your personal shopper and she’ll send you coupons such as a $15 off $150 purchase.

Reasons to wait

You might want to wait a bit before going to buy these items, for a few reasons:

  1. Your store might not yet have signs in place
  2. Sears may offer a bonus gift card deal that can be stacked with this.

In the next few days I’ll publish a new post with more info about stacking Sears deals.

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