I’m at 4/24 – what should my next card be? | Ask Us Anything | Ep 40


As usual this week on Frequent Miler on the Air, followers came in with plenty of credit card questions. One listener asked: “I’m at at 4/24 – What should my next card be?” (51:48). Watch the full episode below or click the time stamps to navigate to each question directly in YouTube.

4:27 – I added some dubious AU’s to my Bus. Platinum card for the 20k bonuses. I thought I don’t need to supply SSN for 60 days, but when I try to confirm the cards, amex asks for them. How can I activate those cards without supplying SSNs?

6:11 – Will be purchasing a home soon. What part of the home buying process can I put on my credit card?

10:49 – Hey Greg and Nick, with the new Pay Yourself Back feature on the Aeroplan credit card, which other Chase credit card would you like to see this feature available? Happy holidays 🙂

13:30 – Hi guys! My Sapphire Preferred annual fee just hit and I have no plans on travel coming up. Thoughts on downgrading to the regular Sapphire and then upgrading to the reserve later on next year?

15:03 – Hey guys! Flying to Greece this summer, would love to be on the direct flight from Boston to Athens with Delta. Best way to book this? Still learning!

20:00 – Do you know which cards are no longer subject 5/24?

23:10 – It’s almost impossible to use BA miles on AA domestically now since the low fares are always Web Specials. What should I use them for?

26:54 – Can only buy two $500 VGC at Walmart with CF? Tried it on different days, confirmed it right away in the email, but keeps giving me the “unable to perform the transaction” error, what should I do? I don’t think calling in is a good idea. Don’t wanna trip any alarms.

27:49 – Primary card did the referral, does $x apply to AU spend also

29:50 – Coming to the end of the year, I was checking out your out the amex platinum airline credits: what still works post, I saw the last updates were from many months ago, any idea if you will be updating?

32:50 – Thinking about 2+ player strategy for Venture. Know you can transfer points to other members but can you transfer to accounts in name of AU, like chase or Amex but not citi?

33:30 – How to redeem caesars reward credits transferred from Wyndham for booking caesars hotels?

36:05 – Is it possible to get both Chase SWest Biz cards within 30 days for the Companion pass? Already approved for the 80k Performance Biz card

28:18 – Do you have to keep the same card to receive extended warranty benefit? What happens if you product change or cancel and need to file a claim.

40:25 – Hello my wife was denied her southwest; how long do I have to wait to re apply for the companion pass? Currently, I have 1 per sw & 2 bus sw cards. Thanks so much!

44:59 – Been in the game awhile, but there is one thing that Nick always talks about that I can’t figure out. How do you liquidate Simon? I normally use GC’s for everyday use, but $10,000 is not everyday use.

46:46 – Also my wife has a Amex Biz Plat card approved last month, she got a invitation in the mailer for another Biz Plat card. is this safe to apply?

48:36 – Speaking of mortgages, can you use PayPal key to pay your mortgage with a visa through Plastiq?

49:23 – Hyatt Bonus Journey for 2022 has been very weak for a pandemic year,did you guys get any hint from Hyatt team that they would introduce something more interesting in February 2022?

51:48 – Just started playing the game this year (and not well). I’m at 4/24 (all in the last 10 months) and only have United Cards, Marriott Cards & the Amex Platinum. What card would you recommend next?

56:49 – What are your thoughts about the Capital One Venture card?? Worth taking one of the 5/24 slots??

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Love my AA no FEE Aviator card from Barclays bank.Got 60K points in like 35 days and is the fourth time I got it..Never EVER got a no from them and the card always works perfect in the EU too.I always spend like $.99 but this time I went way out there. Spent $4 on a website to buy the owner Coffee.


A suggestion…watching video takes a lot longer than scrolling through a transcript. Have you guys thought about an automated transcript app (e.g. otter.ai) to post the full text. (It is quite error prone but one can generally get the gist of what was said).

Larry K

I’ve been waiting for January 2022 to get to 4/24 so that I could apply for the Chase Hyatt card. Based on the idea that maybe some co-branded cards were getting approved I decided to apply today so I could hopefully get the 5 elite nights this year. Instant approval even though I am 5/24. YMMV, of course. But it is definitely more than a rumor.

Dave Hanson

Thanks for the very interesting data point Larry!


Hopefully someone can answer this question for me, I understand the 5/24 chase rule, but i also hear that you cannot apply for 2 cards within 30 days from chase. Is this two chase cards within 30 days or two credit cards from any company within 30 days?


Chase can approve you two credit cards max in a month.


so if i opened a venture x and a chase ihg, if i applied for another chase card within 30 days i would be denied?

Last edited 11 months ago by Mike

I do not think you will be denied since venture x is not from Chase.


I made the Venture X number 5 of my 5/24 just yesterday, but my situation was quite different. I have played for a while and did not have any immediate Chase cards that I wanted to add, plus I will be back under 5/24 in February assuming I do not add any more personal cards. I had thought about holding out for the rumored super-awesome Chase UR business card, but I finished up my other SUBs and decided that card could wait until Feb if needed. There is a chance I could miss a great SUB for a new card, but it would have to be a fairly short window so I went for it. My P2 is only at 3/24, but I have yet to face the wrath when she has to call in to downgrade/cancel cards with AFs.