Ink Rumor Confirmed


Last month I posted a rumor that said the sign-up offer for the Ink Plus was going to improve (see “Ink Plus better offer is on its way“). As of last night, the rumor seems to have been proven correct. On Chase’s Ink signup page, you’ll see that they now offer 50K points after $5K spend instead of $10K spend as with the previous offer. This is true for both the Ink Plus and the Ink Bold. The Ink Classic and Ink Cash spend requirements also dropped (from $5K to $3K), but so did the point bonus (from 25K to 20K).

I expect that these new offers will be available for a while. Maybe a month, or maybe until the end of the year. Really, this is just my best guess based on what little I know (which is really pretty little).

As of right now, the new offers are only available directly through Chase. Affiliate links available to bloggers (like me) still show the old offers (which could be advantageous for those who want the 25K signup offers for the Ink Cash or Ink Classic). I expect that blogger links will get updated sometime next week. While, for many people, that’s not a good reason to wait before applying, there is a reason you might want to wait a day or two, at least. Several people in the comments of this Million Mile Secrets post are reporting that they go through the entire application process only to be told in the end that the offer is no longer available. It sounds like Chase has some technical issues to clear up.

For those who signed up for the Ink Bold or Ink Plus recently and want the better offer, I’d suggest calling Chase and referring to the new public offer (which can be found here). Ask them if you can be matched to that offer.  It seems to be hit or miss whether Chase is allowing the bump to the new offer.

See also: How to sign up for the Ink Bold (or Ink Plus)

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Anyone ever had luck applying for both Ink bold and Ink plus together.

@FM – do you think it is worth a try with 90%+ chances of success?


GMASH: I don’t know. I haven’t heard any stories of people trying it. If you do go for it, please let us know if it works!


Great to see your rumor was confirmed. I had applied just before you posted the rumor and was kicking myself.
As a data point,I called today and a nice Chase rep verified my acct had been opened less than 93 days so they would match the offer.
Best of both worlds, got the best promo and was able to use your link 😉
Thanks for all you do!

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It didn’t work for me in Chrome, but worked in Firefox. My application requires further review. I’ll probably call in a day or two.

Marty dee

I applied thru google chrome and I got a message stating offer no longer available but after applying thru safari I got a pending decision. Last time I had to move credit lines to get approved for the Hyatt card.

Frequent Miler

Mariana and Chris D: Great!

Kane: I haven’t heard of that happening before, but maybe their system is more backed up than usual right now


The “this offer is not available” is happening with several applications, including those on Chase’s own site for the Freedom card. Just call in. They have no problems processing the applications with the appropriate bonuses there.


I applied and got a pending decision. I have 3 cards with Chase (all personal cards) and the last one I applied for was 18 months ago.

I called their reconsideration line to answer their question but they said that my application was not in the system yet and that I would need to wait 24/48 hours so it can enter the system and then call back…is that normal?

Chris D.

I received my Ink Plus this week. Called to ask about moving to new offer. It was a hit. Rep sent a message to their marketing to put me on the 5k. She told me to call back in a week to confirm.


I just called Chase since I recently (1 week ago) applied for the Chase Ink Plus with the $10k minimum spend. The rep suggested I call or secure message them once I spend $5k and ask them to honor the current offer. It sounds like a plan. I already spent $3k so should be able to do it at the beginning of month 2.