JetBlue not on No more Amtrak transfers (hopefully temporary?)


An astute reader pointed out to us on Twitter that JetBlue is no longer listed on That means that, unfortunately, it is not currently possible to transfer JetBlue TrueBlue points to Amtrak Guest Rewards. I find that to be a particular bummer given that I’ve recently earned a bunch of JetBlue points with the intention to transfer to Amtrak once Greg reminded me that this was possible.

As you can see in the post “Opportunity missed: Don’t forget about that JetBlue to Amtrak conversion“, I transferred JetBlue TrueBlue points to Amtrak as recently as late March, though in my case it was a small amount as a test transfer since I had already missed out on using them for a last-minute train trip I needed to take. Since JetBlue rarely fits my travel plans but I happen to have a decent chunk of TrueBlue points, I had been quite excited to learn that they could become more useful to me as Amtrak points.

Since the transfer is essentially a one-way street and I didn’t have a near-term need to book a train ticket, I didn’t transfer points speculatively (figuring that I would transfer them down the road when I needed to book my next train ticket). I then went and earned a bunch more TrueBlue points feeling pretty good my prospects for using them via Amtrak.

Unfortunately, it looks like that may no longer be possible. We are hoping this is a temporary change and have Tweeted at for more information. If JetBlue has indeed left, that’ll be a big bummer since Amtrak has effectively cut ties with everyone over the past year or so (including Bank of America, so they no longer have a credit card, and other airline and hotel programs). This would leave Amtrak’s shopping portal as the last major path to earning Amtrak points apart from earning via paid train tickets.

We will certainly post any updates if we receive additional information.

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still no jetblue showing up on —- want to book amtrak for august trip but cant off much longer. .


There’s a 1:1 transfer from Audience Rewards ShowPoints, which can be purchased for 2.5 cpp. I haven’t done it, but it might be worth the hassle for sleeper-class Amtrak redemptions which have been going for 2.8 cpp lately. Not as good as JetBlue. I still rotate my Amtrak World Mastercard in for 2x on travel spend, and I’m quite curious to see if they work with a different issuer on a new card.


What’s this about Amtrak no longer having a credit card issued by Bank of America? I’m still earning Amtrak Guest Rewards points every month using my card. Maybe they have stopped issuing new cards? I hope they don’t close existing accounts.


Any update on this??? (The JetBlue piece that is.)

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