Juicy Miles Search Engine Ending; Service Being Relaunched


A few years ago, a new award search/booking tool was launched called Juicy Miles. This provided a great way to see at a glance what your options were when booking award flights and included both airline programs and transferable currencies. See Juicy Miles: Finally, a Kayak-like tool for flight awards!

Well, there’s about to be a change on that front because Juicy Miles is going to be rebranding.

JuicyMiles Point.me

First, the bad news. As part of this transition, the Juicy Miles search engine will be going offline on July 15, 2021 at 12am PT (i.e. only ~12 hours after this post is published). If you’re a Juicy Miles subscriber who’s currently trying to put together an award trip, having only a few hours to get in all the searches you need could be a little frustrating, especially if you hadn’t already received notification from Juicy Miles about this upcoming change.

We don’t know at the moment the exact date when they’re planning on relaunching the service, although they’ve advised they’ll be soft-launching in mid-August. In the meantime, they’re still offering their full-service concierge award booking service – it’s only the search engine that’s ceasing operations tonight.

There is some good news if you’re a current Juicy Miles subscriber though. For starters, they’ll be automatically providing a pro-rated refund for any remaining days you have on your monthly subscription or 5 day search pass. You’ll also get a 30% discount on any concierge bookings during the transition from Juicy Miles to their new service. Anyone with an active membership will then get early access to the new service, along with a complimentary two month membership when the new service is launched.

We haven’t had a chance to check out the new service yet, but the new service will apparently provide details for award flights on an increasing number of airlines. If true, that could make it an even more useful tool, although we don’t know yet if there’ll be a corresponding increase in price.

While this is potentially good news, as noted earlier the fact that the current Juicy Miles search engine will disappear tonight without much notice could be inconvenient for anyone in the middle of planning upcoming trips. We’ll just have to hope that when they relaunch  that it’ll be bigger and better than ever.

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I used JuicyMiles engine and Booking Service/Concierge back before the pandemic and loved both aspects. Used concierge for my more complicated multi-stop internationals, and the engine for basic trips. Now planning first int’l trip post-covid and decided check into this and read that this new engine was written ground-up specifically by the point/net team, vs a licensed version they used as JuicyMiles.

So I decided to use the point.me engine to do some initial research on 2 upcoming simple itineraries, and also use the Concierge service for my multi-stop trip in June and July ’22. The engine seems to do a great job of displaying all the flight options available and you can sort results by ‘Quickest Flights’ / “Points low to high’ / and ‘Best Value’ (not sure how this is calculated but probably based on Retail Value vs number of points required. And you can filter all the results by Operating Airline (metal), Loyalty Program (for capturing good partner awards), Max Stops, and time of day for the flights.

I’m slammed with end of year work and since this is for a very special 25th wedding anniversary trip I didn’t mind paying the $200pp for the concierge service again to get it right and have them do all the points transfers and booking.

James again was excellent. He was prompt in responding by email and always included at least 2 or 3 flight options when available, and offered opinions on what he thought was the best fit/schedule or the best value, and why.

I ended up with a great itinerary for IAD-VENICE-NAPLES-ROME-IAD this coming June 2022 and will absolutely give a great recommendation to the new search engine and also to the point.me Concierge award booking service.

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I got an email from Amex saying that I can sign up for Point.me through Amex and get complimentary access until March 2022.


You need to enter the FIRST 6 digits of an eligible Amex card (My Amex Personal Gold worked)

Ryan del Mundo

I don’t recall being targeted (I can search for it I guess) but my Plat Biz worked to trigger it for free. What an awesome bonus!

Ryan del Mundo

I should also note, your link doesn’t work. Amex.point.me does work. It appears to be Amex branded as well.


Stephen, Thanks for the info. I completely missed the Juicy Miles notice and was surprised at the disappearance of the website.


Any idea when they will be back on line?????


I’ve been using award logic and it’s awesome


Juicy Miles needs to put this notice on their current web site that just offers the “we plan for you” deals. Very unprofessional. I used JM a few times and liked it. Would not have minded paying more, but if this is the way they do business without prior notice or explanations, I may not try again.


Agree. Juicy Miles really did and is doing a poor job handling this. Very inconsiderate to current users.

Peter Michaelson

Now that I see AwardLogic I feel better. I believe that’s the same software. Maybe the company just split in two or something. I wish I knew.

Peter Michaelson

Anyone know the inside scoop? I felt like JuicyMiles was my best friend – pre-pandemic.. In shock. Did they sell out? Not enough subscribers? Dang, dang, dang. They were my go to search.


I really love Juicy Miles. I always just paid the 9.95 each time I was planning a vacation. the site was amazing. Is there anything similar out there?


I was recently introduced to awardlogic.com . Looks pretty good and they offer the first month free. 


Wow. This looks so similar. It looks amazing. Thank you very much!!


No prior notice is really unprofessional. This also makes me look like a fool since I convinced one of my friends to sign up a few weeks ago… Early access and prorating is cool but early warning would’ve been better.


I wonder if they are increasing their price.


As a current Juicy Miles subscriber, I found the official notice somewhat lacking in clarity.

The most relevant bit on what point.me will actually be was:

You wanted more award flights on more airlines and clearer direction on how to book. You wanted a slicker, more intuitive interface. You got it! With Point.Me, we’re bringing it all together. 

Now, that could mean “everything Juicy MIles offered plus more”. Or it could mean “Something entirely different that we’re trying to make sound like Juicy MIles so you don’t get ticked off.”

I found a ton of value from Juicy Miles, so I’m really hoping the transition doesn’t ruin a great service.


Thanks for the info. I wonder if we sign up for Juicy Miles today, would we be eligible for the early access/2 free months of the new service.