Marriott Lowest Rate Calendar: Just in time for dynamic pricing


It’s the calm before the storm as we all wait for Marriott to drop their award chart and begin dynamic pricing next month.  It’s one of several changes in the points and miles scene that had Greg pondering the altered landscape this morning.  While he was looking through various hotels he noticed that you can now access Marriott’s Lowest Rates Calendar directly from the booking results page…just in time to let us know how good (or bad) a deal we’re getting when the award chart retires next month.

a calendar with numbers and a few points per night
Marriott’s low rate calendar now viewable directly in search results

Quick Thoughts

It used to be that the only way to see an award pricing calendar when doing a flexible dates search was to click through to each hotel’s page individually and then look at their rate calendar.  Not the end of the world, but it was a cumbersome process that could take quite a bit of time when trying to compare multiple hotels in one location over several days.

Now, once you do a flexible dates search from the landing page, you’ll see the following:

a screenshot of a hotel


Notice the “Lowest Rates Calendar” in the bottom left corner.  Once you expand that, you can look at the entire month directly from the search page.

a calendar with numbers and numbers on it

You can then scroll down and look at the other available hotels as well.  This saves a lot of time now, but will be even more handy once dynamic pricing kicks in, as you’ll be able to view night-by-night changes over a variety of properties quickly.  Normally, Marriott’s IT isn’t anything worth celebrating, but this is a great change to the booking process and will help out a lot in booking awards and redeeming free night certificates.

Now if we can just get the same thing to let us know whether or not we get breakfast.

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