New 75K offer on Wyndham Earner Business card (with high spend)


The Barclays Wyndham Earner Business card is out with a new offer for up to 75,000 bonus points. That’s a nice increase in the bonus, though it does require a hefty amount of spend to earn the full bonus.

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The Offer & Key Card Details

Click the card name below for more information and to find a link to apply.

Card Offer and Details
100K Points ⓘ Non-Affiliate
50K after after $4K spend in first 90 days, additional 50K after a total of $15K spend in first year
$95 Annual Fee
Recent better offer: None, this is best we've seen.
FM Mini Review: Excellent earning rate at gas stations and Wyndham hotels. Diamond status plus 15K annual bonus makes this card a keeper.
Earning rate: 8X Wyndham & gas ✦ 5X marketing, advertising, and utilities (telecommunications, cable, satellite, electric, gas, heating oil and water) ✦ 1X everywhere else
Base: 1X (0.88%)
Gas: 8X (7.04%)
Phone: 5X (4.4%)
Biz: 5X (4.4%)
Brand: 8X (7.04%)
Other: 5X (4.4%)
Card Info: Visa Signature issued by Barclays. This card has no foreign currency conversion fees.
Noteworthy perks: 15,000 points each anniversary year ✦ Diamond status ✦ 10% discount on free night awards ✦ Cardmember discount on paid stays ✦ No foreign transaction fees

Quick Thoughts

This card has been wildly popular for a number of reasons:

  • It offers complimentary Wyndham Diamond status, which matches to Caesars Diamond status, which has been a starting point for many free cruise offers.
  • It earns 8x at gas stations and 5x on utilities
  • It offers 15,000 points annually upon renewal, which can easily be worth more than the annual fee
  • Wyndham points have proven to be highly useful for Vacasa vacation rentals
  • It offers 10% off on awards, including Vacasa stays

I love the Wyndham Earner Business card and even recommended that family members apply under the weaker previous bonus.

This new offer requires a lot of spend at $10K in the first 12 months to unlock the entire offer. That said, if you can meet that spend via gas stations and utilities, you were likely already considering using this card and the extra points will be a nice bonus. Even if you don’t want to do the full $10K spend, the new offer adds 5K extra bonus points for $1K in additional spend over the previous offer (now 50K after $3K vs 45K after $2K previously).

Overall, I find this to be a solid offer on a card that many have grown to love. It isn’t the best offer ever, but it certainly makes it worth considering if you were thinking about going after the various casino matches and cruise offers.

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Dave Hanson

As the FM link above correctly notes, SUB is down to 45k.


I just noticed a note in TravelFreely app that this card is known to count towards 5/24 as of 2022. I haven’t seen anything about that on this site. Any DPs to share?

Tim Steinke

It was for a brief second earlier last year, you can read about it here. Those were fixed soon afterwards and I haven’t heard of anything since. None of ours show up on our credit reports.


What kind of biz info does/doesn’t work? Like…must have EIN? Must have been in business X months/years?


I just got it using SSN and reporting $0 revenue and in business 0 years. I think they just base it on the personal income reported.


Is this card churnable? Received card/bonus over a year ago


Anyone know if a referral is possible before getting this card? Or does referral only work on personal card


Any suggestions on how to convince Barclays to match this offer if I was approved for this card in the last 30 days?


Me too! Please post how to get a matched offer if possible. Thanks!


They told me no. I sent them a message through their website. Oh well. At least I’m not missing out on 75K Hyatt points!


Hey Nick does Wyndham routinely offer the 90k sign up bonus or do you think that was a one time deal?

Tony G

I am waiting on that offer too, hopefully it comes back

Points Adventure

Don’t remember seeing 90k again after the first few months of card introduction. Think 75k is the best we’ve seen since, albeit with lower MSR.


A little tough to get right now if you have recently opened multiple accounts.


This card’s ability to book Vacasa got me into points collecting. Strongly recommend.


Is this card really “wildly popular?” How did you measure this?

Joseph Robbins



I apologize for not filling out my survey.


Any DPs about getting a matched offer if I just got approved last week?


Me too! Please post how to get a matched offer if possible. Thanks!


They told me no. I sent them a message through their website. Oh well. At least I’m not missing out on 75K Hyatt points!