(EXPIRED) Staples: Get Fee-Free $100 Mastercard Gift Cards (Limit 10)

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Staples is selling $100 Mastercard gift cards online with no activation fee. Not only will this save you $6.95 per card, you can stack with an Amex Offer and/or a Chase Offer to save even more.

$100 Mastercard Gift Card

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Limit 10 per customer.
  • Expires January 26, 2019.

Quick Thoughts

Staples hasn’t noted a specific limit for how many of these fee-free Mastercard gift cards you can buy. However, there appears to be a limit of 10 per customer based on the discount that’s applied in your basket. If you add more than 10 of these cards, you’ll see that a maximum discount of $69.50 is given. The fee on these cards is usually $6.95, hence the limit of 10 per customer.

There are a couple of ways to save even more with this deal. The 30% Chase Offer for Staples ends in a couple of days, although with a limit of $19 cashback you’ll effectively only get a discount on the first card you buy.

A better deal would be to take advantage of the Staples Amex Offer for 10% back. There’s a limit of $50 back, but if both you and a partner have the offer loaded to a card, you could buy $1,000 worth of Mastercard gift cards for a net cost of $900 by placing two orders with five cards in each order.

A couple of important things to be aware of before jumping on this deal. First, some readers have experienced issues with drained cards when buying Mastercard gift cards in the past from Staples. Second, these cards require activation before they can be used. The activation details come in a separate envelope, so you have to wait for that in order to activate the cards.

Gift card purchases are excluded from earning cashback through portals, but click through from a shopping portal anyway just in case the purchase(s) track.

h/t Doctor of Credit

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FYI, as a data point for future staples.com deals on gift cards, I ordered 10 GCs (the supposed limit). After waiting for a week, I checked the status of my order. It was cancelled by Staples, with no notice to me. When I called, the CSR said the limit was 3 when the GCs are on special, and the limit is 10 when the GCs are not on special. The CSR would not place a revised order and told me to do it myself as a new order. So far, so good (the $6.95 activation fee is still being waived as of 2/1/19).

sam rock

If I read the below, I might have not done my purchase. I went into the store in hopes of getting the same deal in a store. No such luck. I bought some other items and immediately received email from Amex saying i received my 10% Staples amex offer. I then went online and purchased 2 Mastercards — and i’m concerned it won’t stack with my Amex offer — anyone have any luck stacking staples and amex with mastercard deal?


GC’s are turning into a no deal for MS people . They should get it right then offer the GC not before..Enjoy a Good flip forget this stuff…CHEERs


I swore these off after the last activation debacle. I know folks keep saying you just need to wait for the letter, but I did and it was still several phone calls before they worked. And annoying phone calls. Like you would call and sit on the phone for a half hour while they “worked on it” and they would come back and say Ok they are all active now and then you go to use them online and they were wrong. So you’d call back and they say ok, now they are active and you go to use them and no they aren’t again. So you’d call them back and they say you have to wait a few hours, and you do, and they still don’t work. Seriously folks, save your time. You could make a better return on your time collecting recycling cans.


I never even received the gift cards back in Nov, so I then had to contact both Staples & AMEX for a refund. HUGE hassle, necer again online/shipped.


Sounds like Trouble I was Tinking about it But Thanks for posting ..CHEERs


Activation on these the last time was PAINFUL. Had to call three times to get them all set properly.


I’ve gotten screwed out of too much $$ from both in-store and online MasterCard deals at Staples. It is not fun dealing with getting a drained card replaced with…another drained card. You’ve been double-warned.


Anyone else been getting stuck on the chase pay splash screen when launching the app on iOS? I’ve had this problem for weeks now. Any workaround?


Has anybody done this deal yet? There are a whole bunch of negative reviews on the Staples website, saying it is very difficult to get the cards activated. What do you think? https://www.staples.com/mastercard-100-gift-card/product_2473138?akamai-feo=off