[Expired] 125K + 15x Platinum via Resy!

Update 1/20/22: Unfortunately, this offer has expired. The new offer does not include the Shop Small bonus. See updated offer information here.

Just a quick post to alert readers that we updated this morning’s post about the new changes to the Platinum card. There is now an even better offer available via restaurant reservation website Resy that’s good for 125K points after $6K in purchases in the first 6 months plus 15x at restaurants worldwide and when you shop small in the US on up to $25K in combined purchases in the first 6 months. If you were able to max this offer out, that would be 500,000 Membership Rewards points from a single credit card. That’s bananas.

The Offer & Key Card Details

For more card information and to find a link to apply, click the card name below to go to our dedicate Platinum card page.

Card Offer and Details
The Platinum Card® from American Express
150K points
150K after $6K spend in 6 months. Terms apply.

$695 Annual Fee

Info about this card has been collected independently by Frequent Miler. The issuer did not provide the details, nor is it responsible for their accuracy.

Alternate offer: Resy Offer: 100K after $6K spend in 6 months plus 10x dining for 6 months on up to $25K spend. Terms apply.

Recent better offer: 125K after $6K in the first 6 months + 15x when you Shop Small in the US and at restaurants worldwide on up to $25K in eligible purchases in the first 6 months [Expired 1/20/22]

FM Mini Review: This card is absolutely loaded with high end perks. Depending upon your situation, those perks may be worth the annual fee or much more.

Card Type: Amex Pay Over Time Card


Earning rate: 5X points for flights booked directly with airlines or with American Express Travel ⚬ 5X points for prepaid hotels booked through American Express Travel

Noteworthy perks: ⚬ $200 Airline Fee Credit. Up to $200 a year in baggage fees and more at one qualifying airline ⚬ $200 prepaid hotel credit annually valid on Fine Hotels & Resorts and The Hotel Collection bookings. ⚬ Up to $300 in Equinox credits. ⚬ Up to $20 per month rebate for select digital entertainment services (NY Times, ESPN+, Disney+, Hulu, Peacock, Sirius XM, Audible) ⚬ $189 CLEAR fee reimbursement annually. ⚬ Up to $200 for Uber rides annually. Credit and Uber VIP status for Basic Member only ⚬ $300 credit when buying a SoulCycle bike directly from SoulCycle (up to 15 bikes per year) ⚬ $12.95 monthly credit for Walmart+ monthly membership subscription credit. ⚬ Complimentary Uber Eats Pass Membership for up to 12 months (must enroll by 12/31/21) ⚬ Up to $100 in credits annually for purchases at Saks Fifth Avenue (up to $50 in credits semi-annually, enrollment required) ⚬ $100 Global Entry fee reimbursement or $85 TSA Precheck reimbursement once every 5 years ⚬ Airport lounge benefits ⚬ Rental car elite status ⚬ Marriott Gold status ⚬ Hilton HHonors Gold status ⚬ Free Gold card AUs. Terms Apply. (Rates & Fees)

See also: Amex Platinum Guide

Quick Thoughts

This offer is absolute insanity. The big increase in annual fee is more than compensated for between the additional 25K points and the fifteen points per dollar spent in the bonus categories. This could be downright amazing if you are planning a wedding that is catered by a restaurant (or a small business!) or the company holiday party at a restaurant or you otherwise spend a lot of money with small businesses. I wonder if any car dealerships code as small businesses and would take a credit card for the full purchase price of a car (before you say no way, I’ve written about that before — while some details in that post are out of date, the fact is that you can indeed find some dealerships that will take a card…). If you manage to max it out with $25K restaurant and small business spend, you’d end up with:

  • $25K x 15 = 375,000 points
  • 125,000 points from the welcome offer
  • Total = 500,000 Membership Rewards points

Based on our Reasonable Redemption Value for Membership Rewards points, that’s worth roughly $7,500. It could obviously be worth tons more via transfer partners in the right situations. That’s incredible.

While I know that number won’t be realistic for everyone, even if you only do $6K in purchases at small businesses and restaurants to trigger the welcome bonus you would have 215,000 points. Anything else is gravy — and at 15x, that gravy train has a lot of steam.

If you have ever thought that maybe the Platinum card was a good fit for you, this is an offer not to pass up if you’re eligible. I know we’ve thought the same thing for the past 7 or 8 months with the previous 100K + 10x offer and I know that supermarkets and gas stations may have been easier categories in some situations, but given a bonus that’s 25% higher and earnings that are 50% more in the bonus categories, this is really just a massive offer with huge potential. I don’t know what will happen if you spend money at a business that is both a small business and a restaurant — I assume you’ll just get 15x. Imagine saying that a year ago — just 15x on a restaurant purchase. Wow.

H/T: John in our Frequent Miler Insiders

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Is the Resy offer still better than the vanilla Platinum? I see with Resy the potential to get up to 500K (125K + 375K) points if one can max the benefits whereas with the vanilla platinum the max would be 400K (150K + 250K). Having said that, are there any exclusions on the Resy Platinum compared to the vanilla platinum, and are there differences between the two beyond the first 6 months? Any reason one should take up the Vanilla platinum in favor of the Resy?


Thank you Nick. I have the 150K points pre-approval for the 6K spend on the regular platinum hence wanted to confirm before applying the Resy with 125K. Looks like I still should go for the Resy ?

Adventure NML

Despite being an existing cardmember, I’m not getting the popup on this offer, even when I login and have it auto-fill the application. Does that mean I’m eligible?

Adventure NML

Ah, interesting. I was hoping the popup was the new arbiter of whether you could get a bonus again. Good to know it may not always be reliable.


I am sorry if I have missed it, but is there an announced expiration date for this Resy Amex offer? Trying to juggle multiple possibilities. Thanks,




Anyone know if “small businesses” online count? I was looking for some terms of what Amex considers to be a small business and it seems like be based on less than $5 million in amex swipe a year and less than 250 locations if franchised

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes online businesses count

Geoff Stuart

I sent my wife a referral link from my generic Plat card, but she does not see this offer. Is it referrable?

Last edited 1 year ago by Geoff Stuart
Greg The Frequent Miler

No, it is not referable. You have to choose between getting the best welcome bonus or getting a lesser bonus and a referral bonus. The best option in my opinion, is to sign up for the Resy offer directly, and then once you get that card, refer someone else from that card to another Amex card (any Amex card) so as to get the +4 referral offer on top of the Resy welcome bonus. You have to do the referral before 12/1 though.


I’m actually in the market for a new car now in DFW area and looking for a Kia Telluride. I did find one dealer so far that has not set limit for Amex but unfortunately they are not categorized as “small business” but 80% of all the other Kia dealers around are categorized as “small business”. I emailed around, 1-2 came back saying 2.5-3k limit but will check others. Most places will up it to close a deal but now days with shortages, it may not be likely. Worst case, I’ll even pay up the merchant charge for the 15X amex points. But many factors are involved from the right inventory of the car available, the minimal Markup above MSRP and the Amex limit they will take.


I know that the Small Business Map is far from a complete source of all businesses that are coded as “small businesses”, but is there a consensus that if something IS on the map it definitely qualifies as a small business for the 15x?

Greg The Frequent Miler

I’ve assumed that to be the case, but I don’t actually have any datapoints to say


I did not say but I’m sure you discussed, can I get this if I already have the personal platinum card? Will I get sign up bonus?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Note too that the Schwab Platinum and Morgan Stanley Platinum do not have access to the other deals: with those cards, you can’t get the +4 referral deal nor the 20K for adding an AU.


Wow, good to know! I was about to put it under mine ( I have a vanilla Plat ) luckily can P2.

Incredible work on the other article on this, thank you!


Is everyone eligible to apply through RESY. Amex warns about not awarding points if you are not the recipient of a targeted offer? Why wouldn’t a person go through RESY? When something is too good to be true.

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes, everyone is eligible to apply. The Resy offer is a public offer displayed on Resy’s public website. The only reason some people don’t go through this offer to get this Platinum card is that they don’t know about it


That annual fee though…


I doubt it’s a typo. The 15x on $ 25,000 is too insane.
Let’s compare the 2 offers.
15X by 10X is !50,000 bonus points plus 150,000 points going through RESY. That totals $ 300,000 points.
10x by $ 25,000 is $ 250,000 plus 100, 000 points, the current offer. That totals $ $ 350,000 points.

The offers are therefore comparable, whether direct or RESY.

The RESY offer is better with limited small business spending.


I retract my post. People have reported getting 500,000 points.


Nick is there a way to use this deal to get a biz Plat? I already had the consumer so I assume lifetime language would screw me


Probably no way to combine this with a referral bonus?


I have the 45K referral bonus to refer P2. I have been contemplating the Resy or referral bonus at 10X. I am not sure if I can hit 9K spend at 15X (maybe yes or maybe no), should I do the retsy offer or the referral bonus offer? Thanks in advance.

Greg The Frequent Miler

Tough call! If you think there’s a good chance that you won’t do $9k or more spend at 15x then go for the bird in hand (e.g. the 45K referral bonus)


Anyone know how long this offer will be active?


“This offer is absolute insanity.”

But wait, there’s more!

Call now in the next 54 minutes, and we’ll double the insanity,


Last edited 1 year ago by escot

here is another idea for people in a heat wave inflicted place. Central air conditioner. I was browsing the shop small map and selected services in small businesses. landscaping and plumbing, heating and AC came up. Electricians, a greenhouse builder, door installers. Lots of times those types of businesses will also do general contract work. May be a good time to buy a deck.


What in heavens name is Amex doing??? This is absolutely insane. Even cashing in points for 1 cent per point…., this is a slam dunk. Is this the proverbial Monopoly game version of “(Federal Reserve) Bank Error In your favor!”??? Sheesh!!! Oh and my calendar is wide open for all the impending nuptials. Message me @monstermooch…..

Captain Greg

I wonder if there are sneaky ways to rack up spend here. Although not as profitable, it seems like the 10x at grocery and gas is easier to create spend.


My wife had the regular AMEX Platinum card and canceled 4 years ago. Is she not eligible for any welcome bonus on any personal Platinum card or just the regular, non branded one?


So is there no recourse with Amex if I just signed up late last night (early this morning)? They won’t match, right? Got 125k+10x at the original AF.

MB Sorensen

I have the Platinum card. Is this current sign up offer available on any other versions of the Platinum? So I could apply to a different version and get this bonus?


My son is getting married later this year and my daughter next year so this is perfect timing for us! I just got approved and I have screenshots of my pre-approved page with the 25x language on it so I went ahead and got it. I may have my husband get one too. Thank you very much!


Does your comment mean I can’t get married now because I already have the card and am a fool for not waiting 25 years for this offer?


OK, I’m dying 🙂

Bryce F

Is it common knowledge that being an authorized user keeps you from getting the welcome bonus? This seems nuts and needs to be a red flag to NEVER add an authorized user. Here’s a screenshot.

Bryce F

Thanks – I thought I stepped on a landmine with AU and appreciate you clarifying. That’s so annoying when customer service values efficiency over accuracy… I’ll put some spend on the other accounts and see what happens!


My daughter had no problem getting approved for Platinum. She’s an AU on mine.


The terms also specifically say “Purchases at restaurants on the Shop Small Map will only earn an additional 9 points.”
So…. extra 14 points at restaurants, extra 14 points for Shop Small, but if restaurant is both, then only 9 points.

Joe C


they updated the resy page to correct the $6k vs $25k language, but it still read that restaurants that are also on the small biz map will only get 9x extra points (as opposed to 14x). This still has to be a mistake right?


Just downloaded Tinder with the hope that it will lead to a wedding soon.


Any way to apply for this Resy Platinum card without a SSN? I have a few Amex cards, all of which were applied for by phone and identified by my foreign passport…


Wow, I never thought of that. I have a second passport…….


Well this changes wedding planning completely–500k points will be very useful!


Apparently I am pre-approved and I stopped at one click away from getting the card through Resy. However, I am seeing the same thing as Joe C. In one location, it says “Earn 15x points on eligible purchases with your new American Express Platinum Card at restaurants worldwide and when you Shop Small in the U.S., on up to $6,000 in combined purchases, during your first 6 months of Card Membership. That’s an additional 14 points on top of the 1 point you earn for these purchases as a benefit of the Card.” In another location on the same application page, it says: “Plus, earn 15x points on eligible purchases on your new Card at restaurants worldwide and when you Shop Small® in the U.S., on up to $25,000 in combined purchases, during your first 6 months of Card Membership.† That’s an additional 14 points on top of the 1 point you earn for these purchases.†”

Greg The Frequent Miler

I’m 99% sure that $25K spend is intended since that’s what is on the 10X offers. Someone creating the fine print for the Resy offer messed up. But, as Nick wrote, definitely take screenshots if you apply!

Joe C

Thanks guys — very helpful and appreciated.


Just checked again. Terms and conditions are fixed now. Shows $25K, not $6K.

15x Membership Rewards – Shop Small, Global Restaurants

Earn 15x points on eligible purchases with your new American Express Platinum Card at restaurants worldwide and when you Shop Small in the U.S., on up to $25,000 in combined purchases, during your first 6 months of Card Membership. That’s an additional 14 points on top of the 1 point you earn for these purchases as a benefit of the Card.”


In the application, it says the offer is not available to anyone who has or have had this card.


So does the $200 airline credit stay then?


Thanks. I’m still denied the welcome bonus on the Schwab card. I was hoping today’s new version will reset something, no luck. That prompts me to ask, if P2 applies and gets approved, is there any way I can transfer my MR points to the P2’s account?


I get conflicting reports from googling on this. Some say No Way, others say you can do it if you make P2 an AU on your MR card.

Joe C

The actual terms for the Resy offer say the small biz/restaurant spending is on only $6K even though it is advertised as $25K. Anyone else see that?


yes… maybe a typo, we’ll see if they fix it? “Earn 15x points on eligible purchases with your new American Express Platinum Card at restaurants worldwide and when you Shop Small in the U.S., on up to $6,000 in combined purchases, during your first 6 months of Card Membership. “

Joe C

In your opinion, is it worth it to apply now and assume it is a typo/will be fixed on the back end? Any precedent? Every advertisement says on up to $25K of small biz/restaurants but the terms all state on up to 6k. I have the CS card so I am concerned if they update the terms they’ll say no to people who have other versions.


For a potential 285k delta in points between the 2 terms, I don’t think it’s worth the risk. I’d just wait until they clarify it, it’s only day 1 after all.


That’s not just bananas, that’s a whole boatload of bananas!