$20 Instant Rebate on $300 in Visa or Mastercard Gift Cards at Officemax



Officemax is offering a $20 instant rebate with the purchase of $300 in Visa or Mastercard gift cards through 11/28/15. There is a limit of 2 per customer/business, meaning you should be able to purchase $600 in cards in one transaction and receive a $40 instant rebate.

Update: The registers are taking off more than 2 discounts on higher denominations. For example here is what the receipt for $1,800 in gift cards looks like. The register has taken $120 off instead of only $40.


Deals like this are popular because it is possible to earn 5% back or 5X points with cards such as the Amex SimplyCash and Chase Ink. Purchasing 3 x $200 cards for example would generate a $19.15 profit plus 2,904 points if you use a Chase Ink card to pay.

Which Cards?

As you may know, variable load Visa & Mastercard gift cards are cash only at Officemax. Fortunately fixed value cards can still be purchases with a credit card. Most stores carry $200 fixed value Visa and Mastercards that work well with this promotion.


Visa gift cards sold by Officemax are issued by Metabank and Mastercards are issued by U.S. Bank. For more info on setting the pin on these cards and liquidating them, see: Beginner’s guide to buying & liquidating Visa & Mastercard gift cards

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Jeff Gaeto

A good new way to easily get cash for these cards is with http://www.prepaid2cash.com. I used to try to paypal the balance to myself but ran into issues. Prepaid2Cash will direct deposit the funds into your bank account or send you a check.


Can i buy online? No store anywhere near me.

[…] activation fees (as does Staples.)  However on purchases over $300, they have a promo giving you $20 back instant rebate per card right now.  They get finnicky about purchases over $2000 so best bet is to get $1800 worth of […]

James f

Dose Office Depot have the same deal?


Nice deal, Shawn. As always, thanks for the heads-up! Got $1800 and plan to go back. Hitting Kroger this afternoon.


My local Kroeger doen’t sell MOs,.. is it that some do and some don’t??

[…] you may have heard from a couple of different bloggers, OfficeMax has a great promotion whereby they are quite literally paying you […]


Went to only story in Nashville. Was already hit hard. Found 2 hidden 200s, 13 $100s and 2 $50s. Only made $20 street rebates but I’ll take the 9000 points which I value at about $125. Anyone know what day the stores get replenished?


Visited 2 OM in my area neither had $200 visas only $100
they carried a few $200 MC but those don’t have a pin .. right?


MasterCard GC have pin inside the packaging. How do you liquidate?


I use the cards … When Red was working I used that, I can’t find a place to buy MO with debit, Wmart didn’t work groceries stores
don’t work no gas stations will sell MO for debit etc. any suggestions?


Having hard time finding $200 gift cards, but was able to buy 3x$200, 3x$200, and 6x$100 for total of 8775 UR points. Not too bad.


Yeah so of course the closest store to me was “all sold out” when I called just now (central Calif.). Not worth an extra 1 hour drive to check as I suspect this is incorrect.) Any chance these could be purchased online for the same discount/rebate?


I’ve had no luck loading visa and mastercard gift cards to Serve Vip at Walmart since I punched in one wrong digit on one pin code . Serve says they have no block on my reloading. I have been liquidating by getting money orders at Walmart but heard you shouldn’t do too many of those. Any ideas how to restore the reloading ability? Is it true that too many money orders is a problem and how much is too much?

Penny Godwin

I just confirmed my local Office Max will allow $200 gift card purchases with a credit card. Only the variable ones had to be purchased with cash.


Just visited Office Max Woodridge, Il and could not buy any Visa cards with credit card only cash. Store Manager said the Visa Card will not, will not, will not ring up with credit card only with cash. In case I did not get it the first time. Lol


What quantity and demoninations were used in your picture receipt of subtotal $1,680?


Looks like… 9x $200 = $1800 – $120 (6x $20) = $1680

Fetty Watt

Worked in NM. Bought 3x of the $200 visas. Original total was around $620.85. Register took took $40 off instantly for about $580.85 out the door. I used a Chase Ink card to earn an extra 5% in points.


Just purchased 6 $200 master cards in Ohio and received the deal 4 times $80 off. Then bought 3 $200 more in another transaction. The clerk didn’t care how many I purchased so I bought the entire rack of $200! Sorry, but I couldn’t pass this up! Still a great deal if you buy $100.


I got 6*$200. Decided to get 3 more (last ones) and transaction could not get through. I was not denied by chase as I would get fraud alerts from them. Manager tried to push it through a few times and still no go.
I wonder who blocked the transaction?


Both transactions in under same membership card? Please advise me. TIA

will s

confusing indeed, and I’m not yet seeing reports of this elsewhere? (Happens to be identical to promo they ran last end of November at Office Max) I also was wondering how you would get two instant rebates on one transaction? Anybody actually do this? (and to do so with credit card — presume this only works with the fixed load amount cards….)

Will S

ooops, am now seeing reports of this elsewhere — including reports of the two rebates on one transaction (via DD) VERY interesting. 🙂


Just got 4 rebates ($80) on one transaction of six $200 cards. No issues


can we do it in two transactions? I have already bought 3 $200 this afternoon and hope to get three more? Do you need to use your OM membership card to get the discount? If so, it may prevent my further purchase with discount since I have already reached the max. Any thought? Anyone has them in two transaction under same membership card?Thanks.


Just stopped by my local OfficeMax in central VA-and they weren’t aware of any such rebate currently.

Sarah N

All of the Office Max stores in my area closed… can I get this deal at Office Depot (since they merged)?



Yes, please clarify ASAP. I thought OfficeMax NO LONGER ALLOWS gift cards to be purchased with a credit card; that the registers were recently hard-coded to only allow cash purchases.


They still allow credit card for the $200 cards? Just not the $500?

Josh F

Oh goody, I’m sure my store will hide their supply in the back…