Pay bills online with debit and prepaid cards


A new online bill pay service called Evolve Money launched in September of last year and evolved into something useful in November (see their launch blog post here and their November post here).  This service has a few unique features that make it particularly interesting to mile and point collectors: free bill pay; pay with debit card or prepaid card; or pay with reload cards such as RELoadit Packs or EVOLVE Pay Bucks.


I’ve tested this service for a few weeks now and found that it works well if you can find the company you’re trying to pay.  They do not yet publish a full biller directory, so you’re at the mercy of their barely adequate bill search function.  Of the bills I pay regularly that do not allow credit card payments, I was only able to find one available through Evolve Money, but it was a good one: my mortgage (via Wells Fargo).  If you’re lucky, you may be able to use this service to make car payments, loan payments, Education Savings Plan payments (529 plans), utility payments, local tax payments, and more.

Making Payments

Assuming you can find the biller you want to pay, the process of making a payment is dead simple.  Select the biller, enter the amount you want to pay, then enter your debit card / prepaid card information.  I’ve successfully made numerous payments with a prepaid reloadable card and with Visa and MasterCard gift cards.  One great thing about being able to pay with gift cards is that you do not have to register the card first (the card does need to be activated first, though, of course).  Within Evolve Money, I simply enter in my name and address along with the Visa or Mastercard gift card number and the payment has gone through fine (most of the time – see Problems, below).



UPDATED 6/11/2014:

  • For each unique account that you pay via Evolve (such as a car loan, for example), you can make no more than 4 separate payments per calendar month.  I’ve confirmed that it is calendar month.  So, it should be possible to make 4 payments near the end of one month and then 4 more payments at the beginning of the next month.
  • Even if you and your spouse have separate Evolve accounts, no more than 4 payments per month can be made to the same biller account (e.g. to the same car loan).
  • If you have multiple accounts with one biller, you may make up to 4 payments per account.  For example, if you own two homes and have mortgages on each with the same bank, you can make a total of 8 payments per month to that bank: 4 to each mortgage account.
  • Each individual payment can be no more than $999.
  • Each biller account can be paid no more than $1000 per day.
  • Payments made with “cash” (via EVOLVE Pay Bucks™ or RELoadit™ Pack) are not subject to the 4 payment per month limit.


I’ve encountered a few small issues so far:

Billers can’t be found: I mentioned this earlier, but it bears repeating.  I would like to use this service to pay all bills that can’t otherwise be paid by credit card, but most of my billers are not yet available through this service (or I haven’t found them through their search function).

Failed payment: One of my attempts at using a gift card to make a payment failed without explanation.  For several days, the gift card showed zero funds available, but eventually the hold on the money went away.  I tried again with the exact same gift card and the payment went through without a hitch.

Mortgage applied to principal: My Evolve Money mortgage payments initially show up in my Wells Fargo account as “unapplied funds”.  Then, after a few days, the funds get automatically applied to my mortgage’s principal.  This would be fine if my goal was to pay off my mortgage early, but it won’t help to cover my monthly required payments.  I believe that I can call and ask to have the unapplied funds assigned to my monthly payments instead.  That’s what I intend to do going forward.

Use for real spend, not manufactured spend

Some enterprising individuals found that it was possible to manufacture debit card spend (for the rewards) by using Evolve Money to fund an education savings account and then immediately withdraw the funds.  Rinse and repeat.  Not surprisingly, the powers that be are actively working to stop this practice.  On Saturday, The Free-quent Flyer posted his amazing interview with a Vice President at Evolve Money.  My takeaway from this interview is this: Evolve Money is happy for us to use debit cards or even gift cards to pay legitimate bills, but they will most likely shut down those who try to use the service to manufacture spend.

Other quick takeaways from the interview include:

  • Free Bill Pay is a loss-leader for the company.  They plan to make money with same-day payments (for which there is a fee), and by directing customers to opportunities to save money (and Evolve Money will earn an affiliate commission when the customer switches services based on their recommendation).
  • Paypal’s debit card (the one that earns cash back for signature transactions) does not pay cash back for Evolve Money payments even though the transactions are listed as signature transactions.
  • There are no plans to allow customers to add their own billers
  • The ability to pay credit card bills is coming eventually, but they will limit how they can be paid (e.g. possibly no gift cards) and will charge a fee of some sort.  Note: some “retail store cards” are already available for payment including: Amazon, Disney, Sears, and more.

Wrap up

Evolve Money is a terrific new service that can be used to earn rewards for paying real life bills that are not usually amenable to credit card payments.  The simplest approach is to use one of the few remaining rewards debit cards to make your payments.  Alternatively, you can use one of the many reloadable prepaid debit cards in which it is possible to directly or indirectly reload the card with a credit card.  Or, if you find a place to buy RELoadit Packs or Evolve Pay Bucks with a credit card, you can use those.  Finally, you can use your credit card to buy MasterCard or Visa gift cards and pay your bills with those.

UPDATE 6/11/2014: For updated information about Evolve Money, please read: Evolve Money talks

Hat tip: Free-quent Flyer and FlyerTalk

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[…] In most cases, your total fees (for buying gift cards and paying taxes) will come to around 1.6%.  While this is lower than the best current fees offered for credit card payments, it is not dramatically lower.  So, I’d only recommend using Visa or MasterCard gift cards for tax payments if you have found a way to buy them with very low fees or no fees, or if you buy them at a merchant in which your credit card earns a category bonus.  For example, if you have a credit card that earns 5% cash back at drugstores and you buy OneVanilla Visa cards with a 1% fee, then you have already profited by 4%, so the additional .6% fee for paying taxes in that case may be worth the cost.  That said, there are other ways to use Visa and MasterCard gift cards that may be both easier and less expensive.  For example, some stores will let you use debit cards to pay bills and/or buy money orders.  And, at Walmart you can use debit cards to reload American Express Bluebird cards for free.  The easiest option, in my opinion, is to pay bills online with Evolve Money (see “Pay bills online with debit and prepaid cards”). […]

[…] I’ve written before (see “Pay bills online with debit and prepaid cards”), the service Evolve Money can be used to pay many types of bills that can’t usually be paid […]


I have a question as far as using the Evolve Pay bucks to pay your mortgage. Where you able to call the mortgager to have those “unapplied funds” applied to your monthly payment? thanks.

[…] other cards at Walmart, nor can they be used to buy money orders, get cash back at the register, or pay bills online or in-store.  As a result, people often look for ways to buy Visa or MasterCard gift cards with […]


For the visa GC, you mention that they need to be activated first before using. Does that apply to vanilla ones bought at Office Depot/max where you set your pin on the first use (not prior)? Can those work for a bank payment if you want to use the full $200 amount on the card? Or do you already have had to use it once with an established pin? Thanks


I just got an email today that evolve is limiting the number of payments per billet to one as of Sept 1.

[…] those that always wanted to earn miles for paying their mortgage, there are two important discussions about Evolve Money that you should read. The idea here is that you can buy gift cards, and use […]

[…] which are issued by Metabank are pin enabled, you can definitely do that.  Frequent Miler has a great post which fully explains Evolve […]

[…] can’t usually be paid with a credit card.  I first wrote about Evolve Money in the post “Pay bills online with debit and prepaid cards.”  Last week, in the post “Evolve devolves,” I wrote about a rash of “shut downs” […]

[…] written a few times before about the online service Evolve Money (see, for example: “Pay bills online with debit and prepaid cards”).  Evolve has been a great service for paying bills with debit cards (including Visa and […]

[…] week, a number of blogs revealed that Evolve Money accepts credit cards for payment.  In my opinion, it was irresponsible to blog about it, and […]


Jana – you’d want to use DEBIT cards. Evolve doesn’t take CREDIT cards technically.

Yes, there’s discussion elsewhere that a glitch might currently be letting some get through. However, if you use your credit card, proceed with caution as folks are reporting these are hitting as Cash Advances. The interest on credit card rates on $100k would be substantial.


So if i want to pay off $100,000 on my mortgage, I can use my credit card and make $1000 payments for the next 100 days through evolve. I actually want it to credit towards my principal only. Wells Fargo


Yes. Safest way would be to use credit card to buy Visa or MasterCard gift cards and use those to pay off your mortgage.

Dana McMaster

For those of you who took advantage of the $200 Visa gift cards from Staples, how long after the cards arrived did you receive the activation codes. It’s been over a week and I’m beginning to get worried. Thanx.


The activation code letter(s) should arrive within a day of the cards. Otherwise, you should call GiftCardMall. They can activate them for you.

Dana McMaster

Thanx. That’s exactly what I did and they are activating them as we speak.


Even if the $2k hits on the sane day, it won’t help most, since it will show up as 4 payments of $500… while the bank’s computer is looking for one payment of $2000. Most banks will assume any money LESS than the amount due is an extra principle payment from the PREVIOUS month.


Many people have had success in doing this, so it is probably not correct to say that most banks would apply the money to principal. I’d guess that some do, but it seems as if most apply it to the monthly payment if you pay in full even with several separate transactions on the same day.


JP Morgan Chase was able to square it away with multiple payments over a period of five days, after I sent a secure message indicating how the money should be applied. They didn’t seem happy about it though, and recommended that I not do this in the future.

Next month I think I’ll pay in a way that adds up to the “amount due” on my statement and see if that automagically gets applied properly. Last month I ran it up over that amount to include extra principle, so if the computer was looking for an amount equal to my payment due… it never found a sum of money that equaled that amount. Plus, some of the payments hit prior to the 1st of the month… so perhaps the computer assumed that since there was no “balance due” that those amounts must be extra principle from the prior month.

If that doesn’t work I’m thinking I’ll make the regular statement payment from my checking account and then just use Evolve for the extra principle amount I pay each month.


I have a mortgage with Wells Fargo. I just called them up and asked for any payments I make to be applied to monthly payments as I often go away for long stretches and pay a couple of months in advance.
Also, if you then do want to make a principal payment you can do it in a bank branch with a form they provide.

William Charles

For those doing mortgage payments, sometimes it’s possible to make a two payments (one on Sat, the other on Sun) and they should both process on the Tuesday meaning you can get up to $2,000. Won’t help most people because their mortgage will be more than 2k per month, but might help some.

[…] Evolve Money has made it easy to use Visa gift cards for payments to loans, mortgages, education savings programs, and more. […]


@Taro Huang: What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

Taro Huang

So how do the Amazon or Sears gift cards work on Evolve? I don’t think the store gift cards allow name and address registrations. Does anyone have experience with store gift cards on Evolve?


I believe the answer is “they don’t”


I agree with RJP


anyone been having issues with evolve, lately?

i’ve had 2 GCs fail to process through evolve (even though on, it shows evolve has withdrawn the $ from the GC). however, the bill does not get paid.

when i look at the “history” on evolve, it says “attention required”


Put two MC GCs through yesterday, and another this morning, with no problem.


No problems running 10 of the Staples $200 MC GCs through over the course of today and yesterday in 4 separate payment batches. I had to make 4 separate trips to Staples so I could get the $20 rebate 4 different times since the manager wouldn’t let me split it to 4 separate transactions. Luckily it’s close by.


I used my citibank credit card on Evolve and it got through without asking me anything? I’m gonna be charged or something?


That’s interesting! Log into your Citi account to see whether it shows up as a cash advance or not. It might not show you one way or another until the charge goes from pending to actual (I’m not sure)


J: Evolve Money says that US Bank GCs are now working.
Dana: I had to create multiple accounts to get around the $1K per day limit


I can confirm the US Bank GC’s working on Evolve.


JH Preferred?


No idea what that means. I used a US Bank variable load ($20-$500) MasterCard. The kind that is gold/purple pack and shows a GC with a picture of a giftwrapped package on the card.


With only $1000 allowed per day, how are you paying your mortgage (I’m assuming you’re like the rest of us with over $1000 per month mortgages). ?


Another confirmation that MC US Bank GC’s are not working. Tried registering it online even, getting a pin over the phone, all to still get the “this is not a debit card” error on Evolve. Visa (unregistered, no pin) goes through in a heartbeat without issue. Weird. Hopefully they fix this soon.


Is it possible to pay credit card bills such as citi or barclay with evolvemoney?


No, except for some retail store credit cards, most cards can’t yet be paid for with Evolve Money. That said, they claim that they’re working on that functionality, but will charge for it.


I just deleted their website from my favorites and drained my JH Preferred card which seems only to be good if you are paying a Citicard bill……that worked for the 10k drain but since I won’t be staying with AA the card has little or no value left as it is so limited with bill pay………now to just find some VR cards for my Bluebird……


FM- Just had the same issue with Wells Fargo mortgage, and they would not apply it toward my monthly payment. They insist they do not accept partial payments and will not “hold” money until they receive the full amount. This is such a bummer. Did you have a different result when you spoke with them? I emailed evolve, as this really makes this payee useless with their 1k limit per day.


J: I also got nowhere on the phone, but I have been able to make monthly payments. I had to create multiple Evolve accounts to get around the $1k limit so that I could make the full payment all in one day. When I did that, Wells automatically applied it to the monthly payment rather than principle
WARNING: Evolve has begun to shut down the ability to pay biller where people use multiple Evolve accounts to overcome the $1K per day limit.


FM- That’s fantastic! So the assumption being, if they get the full amount in one day even though it’s in partial increments, they will apply it properly? My payment is $3,100, this is going to be interesting… Thanks


That’s right. I’ve done that successfully twice in a row now. Currently Evolve is having some issues with certain gift cards, though, so it might not be a smooth process


FM- Interesting. I had luck with Visa (mygiftcardsite version) but notice my local grocery store only has Mastercard these days. Any fault with MC you know of? What have folks had issue with?


Just got “this is not a debit card” just now too, on a prepaid mc.


I got the same error with an MC GC…I had to do it with my regular debit. At least I saved $5 w/ a promo code I found online. How do you know they’re having technical issues if my regular debit worked?


They told me that they’re having technical issues with accepting gift cards but that they’re committed to fixing it.


Any guidance as to which specific GCs can be use through Evolve to pay bills? I have access to AmEx, MasterCard (US Bank), and Visa (MetaBank) variable load GCs with no fee/charge. Any help appreciated. Just tried a $50 fixed-amount MasterCard and got back a “This is not a debit card” message when tried to submit payment. Greatly appreciate any specific details on how to make Evolve work. Thanks!


All MasterCard and Visa gift cards should work. Amex cards should not work. Currently they are having some technical issues so you probably got caught in that. I’d suggest trying again in a couple of weeks if you can wait that long.


@RJP, which GCs are no charge to load? Are they re-loadables? If so, do you buy GCs to load the re-loadables? Where? Which ones? Sorry for all of the questions, but your post intrigued me since I buy 500 Van Visa at CVS & 200 visa at office supple, but all cost to buy. Thanks.


@Marshall – using both MC and Visa GCs. Mostly $500 non-reload. I’m fortunate in that I have access to MC and Visa GCs with no fee. (actually, at a $3 discount from face value) so there’s no cost whatsoever for using Evolve. (I’m making money actually)

The only squirrelly payment is my mortgage, as they really don’t like receiving multiple payments over a period of days. Each month I need to call them and tell them to apply multiple payments to the amount due on the payment due date. (Using multiple accounts to pay on the same day, as mentioned above, won’t fix this as they would still be multiple payments.)

Marathon man

Further evidence of large banks being bad. Here you have a mortgage company that wont let you pay it. Gee what a great way to extort money


MM – no evil banks here. It makes sense that I would need to call them to explain that the 8 payments of $500 – for a total of $4000 – that they received from me via Evolve on April 28, 29, 30, and May 1 needed to be applied to the $3588.11 regular payment due on May 1, with the balance being applied to “additional principle.” How would they know otherwise.

Marathon man

Ohh, thats not squirly. You said so squirly so i thought of cases ive heard where mort companies and loans wont allow unscheduled payments at all


@RJP How do you get the GCs with no fee? BTW, are you going to be in Charlotte this weekend? Love to get together and talk about MS strategies.


Register at my local grocery store spits out a “$6 off your next visit” on any gift card purchase over $200 and a “$3 if you fill out a survey” coupon on every order. $505.95 – $9 = 496.95 per $500.

No Charlotte for me.


Is there a credit check involved with opening an account with Evolve Money ?


No. No credit check


All, I reached out to Evolve Money and was told that they are currently having problems, but (and I quote) “We’re committed to bill-pay with gift cards and are working hard to resolve them.”


i checked with evolve re: the MCs. here’s the response:

We have had recent updates with Evolve Money. If you are using a credit card and/or gift card, these payment options may have been effected by this change. We do apologize for the inconvenience. Going forward you would need to process payments with a different debit card option.


Do you know if they accept the BofA Alaska debit card or if it earns points?


Before anyone else buying in large sum…can you confirm if Evolve Money made any changes to their website.

I am not able to load my $500 visa debit gift card.
It throws an error saying I am not using a Debit Card.
1 week back, I bought the exact same $500 gift card and made a payment to my Student Loan. It worked like charm.

Can you please confirm if its working for you guys?

Appreciate your reply !


Which card are you using? According to FT and the CSR I spoke with they are no longer accepting MCs for payment.


Oh wow…this might be the reason.

Thanks Hank !
I want to correct my statement in the prior comment.
I actually bought a Mastercard and not the visa.

But Mastercard change is a big one. I am glad I did not get any big number of cards.


Also, Can you confirm if the Visa Debit gift card works?


Just signed up for Evolve. I want to maximize my points earn by getting VISA gift cards at Staples with my Chase ink Bold card. I have a $2000 mortgage payment. I can easily buy $2000 worth of gift cards, but Staples only has $200 cards. Anyone find it easy to pay 10 separate payments with Evolve to one company? I read above the 5 minute rule, so this is a bit of a chore to make happen. However, the prospect of earning 20,000 UR points for total of $70 in VISA gift card fees is quite compelling.


How do you figure 20,000 UR points? $2,000 * 5 = 10,000 UR points. Am I missing something?


Oops! 10,000 is correct. Bad math day. 🙂


@Nvtech, @HaleyB — I am experiencing the same problem at the moment while trying to use a $100 MasterCard Debit with a 02/22 expiration date.


Nvvtech I’m getting the same error. Tried two cards. They are both older ones with 02/20 expiration dates, I was worried that was my problem but there are other reports of the same thing.

I think it is unintentional and they just need a codemonkey to get on it.


For some strange reason, when trying to do a bill pay using a Mastercard Debit, I am getting an error message


“Card entered is not Debit e(727

Did any one face similar issue?


All: recent evidence suggests that Suntrust is no longer paying miles for Evolve Money payments.


E: Yes, it shows up negative one one line and positive on another


My first WF mortgage payment just posted (5×200 and a 125 amount) through evolve for a total of 1125. It seems WF accepted it as a full payment, however the last set of $200 shows a negative unapplied funds -925 (200 – mortgage payment amount).

Is this how yours shows up as well?

[…] Evolve Money is an online service that allows you to make many types of bill payments (mortgage, student loan, car payments, etc.) for free.  The best part is that it allows you to pay with Visa and MasterCard gift cards.  So, buy Visa or MasterCard gift cards as cheaply as possible (with your credit card), and then use them to pay bills online.  You can read more about this service here: “Pay bills online with debit and prepaid cards.” […]


Does anyone have any issues logging in to I am trying to log in from Ecuador and I can only ever get to the first page of the website… when I click Login or Guest User, the next page just won’t load for me, even when I try it through Hola and a US IP address. I got it to work once when I was in another city several hours from here, but I’ve had no luck from my own city no matter what internet connection I use. I can get to every other website I’ve tried, so I don’t know why this one is so difficult. Any ideas?


In regards to your Wells Fargo mortgage payment, were the first three digits of your account 116? Mine loan number doesn’t start with those three digits so I am not sure if I want to send a large sum of money. Your help is greatly appreciated.


No, the first 3 digits are not 116. I saw that language appear after I had made initial payments through Evolve and took a chance and used it anyway for new payments and it still worked. YMMV

[…] (Hat Tip to Frequent Miler’s post: Pay bills online with debit and prepaid cards) […]


hi FM
Question. It sya here that you can use a prepaid card to pay your bills. Can I use Amex For Target , as it is a relodable pre paid card. When I put in my number, it says invalid number. is there something I am missing?


No, you can only use MasterCard or Visa prepaid cards




I read about this 5 minute rule and completely forgot when I started using up some Visa/MC gift cards. Glad I reread and now I’m waiting days (quite a few now!) for my pending holds to release. I’ll remember next time to wait 5 mins in-between!


Hi FM, thanks for the tip.

In my case, my 4th $500 payment to provident funding failed, I see the charge posted on the VGC and then reversed immediately. Anything I did wrong that lead to this? Thanks.


As others have mentioned here, if you make multiple payments of the same size (e.g. $500) make sure to space them out at least 5 minutes or you risk the system thinking it is a duplicate payment. Aside from that, I had one err out without any apparent cause as well. I tried again and it worked. No idea why


I can now report success with Wells Fargo. I used multiple different log-ins to Evolve in order to pay the exact monthly payment. That is, the sum of all of my Evolve payments made in one day added to exactly the required monthly payment. When I logged into WF, I saw that the payments were applied to the monthly payment.


Great sleuthing FM! I had the same problem – full payment needed or would be applied to principle.

My “problem” is I can’t try this solution for a few months – not with all those Citi TY mortgage redemption checks coming in every month…


So multiple accounts isn’t against the T&Cs? Seems like a good way to get around the $1000 daily payment limit!


I just talked with Wells Fargo and was told that the only way to get my payments to be applied to my monthly bill is to send in the whole payment at once (which is a challenge with the Evolve $1K limit). I’d like to try to hang up and call again approach but their automated line says that they have a call center office closed due to inclement weather so this isn’t a good time.


Sounds like you can avoid the $1,000 limit by using multiple accounts/email addresses. Doubt it’ll fix the principal vs regular payment thing though.


If you were doing this with paper checks you’d just write something in the notes section of the check about how you want it applied. “Apply to principal” or “Apply to monthly payment” or whatever. I presume that if you did the same with say the notes field in Bluebird that that would work as well. Problem is I don’t think there is a notes field in the Evolve payment process…


Well, it sat for two days showing pending but near midnight on the 2nd day, the “date of delivery” they quoted when I submitted the bill, it now shows “delivered”. And calling in on the card says its now $0. And logging in to WF shows the $500 was applied to my principal on 2/11 actually. Interesting. Since my real estate taxes are going up this year, putting a little down against my escrow in the first half isn’t a bad idea actually. Might do this again.

So this is a $0 fee PayPower reloadable that I picked up at Safeway. All I did was call in to assign a PIN. I did not set up the card with my name or address or zip code or anything via the web site or anything else. Just the PIN.


Where can we find the locations that sell evolve pay bucks? A few people on FT seem to have found the list but I can’t find it on their site


Follow this how to guide to change your Gravatar image:

P.S. I graduated CSUF in 2012 🙂

[…] Miler has a post about Evolve Money. There is a long thread in Flyertalk too. I am getting warmed up about the coming avalanche coming […]

Any way to load the HGIC giftcards on to here? I am still holding onto $1k that I need to unload. Any tips appreciated!

Ooh, that would be awesome. I doubt it would work, but I’ll give it a try just in case

Awesome thanks!

Tried the HI gift card. It didn’t work.


Is it me or is everyone who thinks this can last naive? There is no money in allowing you to pay your CC bill or Mortgage with a GC or debit card. This company is looking for new accounts and hoping people stick after pulling the rug. Debit cards will be accepted for things like pa power bill you can already pay by CC etc etc. All their money is gonna come by you buying their cash card and using that to pay your bill.


If you search for credit cards to pay from their site, it will show you a ton of store branded credit cards. I couldn’t find any bank (like Citibank or Chase) on that list though. I tried a $1 sample payment to PayPal Buyer Card, which might be a PayPal Extras MasterCard, but I will have to wait and see if the payment shows up in the right place.


Interesting. I’m looking forward to hearing how that turns out!


The Evolve payment posted to my PayPal Extras MC bill. Check your email.

marathon man

Say my Equity line at some bank listed in Evolve’s swaths of Billers has a $30,000 balance.
Say my wife and I each sign up for Evolve. 2 people, one account each.
Say we each use some anonymous debit cards to pay down this balance going only to max $1k a day. That’s $2k a day going into the account–15 days and it’s paid down.
Is this churning or MSing? Or is it just paying the darn bill? Who knows the difference and how can anyone tell? It appears subjective and random and presumptuous if someone says that our desire to pay this balance is anything but just paying down the balance. Whether we GET something out of doing it or not shouldn’t even be anyone’s concern. Then again I have no idea. Does anyone? I think not. Oh, and why would someone do this? Why pay off the balance? Well, that’s the business of the account holder is it not?


As you know, if you want to avoid being shut down by a service like this the key is to use it as expected. If you push the envelope that will make it more likely to be shut down even if what you are doing is technically completely within their advertised “rules”.

Marathon man

Thays right. And as with many bancorp products, that line is never clear and therefore very misleading. Bad design.

Marathon man

(And I know evolve is not bancorp but its acting as such)


Taking a shot at using one of the new $0 fee PayPower reloadable cards. Picked mine up at Safeway today. Tried just calling in to activate. If need be I can associate my address etc with it I think, though suspect if this attempt doesn’t work I’ll have to wait 48 hours before trying again.


Great. Let us know how it goes.


Regarding partial mortgage payments, I wonder if you make a payment late Friday evening and then one on Sat. and if needed one on Sunday. They should all arrive at your lender on the same day. Perhaps they would apply it as a monthly payment.


@Adam Currently it looks like the app is only available for Android


Heads up for Provident Mortgage, it automatically takes any payment under amount and applies it to balance as opposed to monthly payment. The guy was able to manually adjust this months payment, but didn’t seem keen to do that in the future.


Flagstar bank, anyone using it? It did have it on system but does not like the acct # I entered, although it is correct #, it keeps saying invalid #.


“….some “retail store cards” are already available for payment including: Amazon, Disney, Sears, and more.”

I’m not sure I follow – would I be able to buy GC’s from these places then somehow use them to “load” my Evolve account? If so, this could be VERY lucrative for people that don’t have a good way to fund other billpay services (like bluebird or serve) with a credit card.


how can I change my pix? please let me know! Thanks!


Sign up a Gravitar:


I cant find my student loan “Great Lakes Borrower Services”

Do you know how can I find it? I live in Orange County, California. I studies at California State University Fullerton.


Yeah, another CSUF Titan Alumni! Are you trying to change your gravatar image attached to your email address?


Yes, I tried to change it but dont know how! Love CSUF ^_^


Follow this how to guide to change your Gravatar image:

P.S. I graduated CSUF in 2012 🙂


Great Lakes Educational Services is on there 🙂


Has anyone been able to find their app in the iStore?


Can anyone check to see if Kia Motors Finance is one of the available payee options? The service sounds cool, but Kia Motors Finance is about the only company I could pay with this. Thanks!


You can login as a guest user without signing up and see the list of payees.

My question is: can you not enter a simple name and address and have a check cut to a payee that’s not on the list? Most bill pay services let you do this. Not this one?


Thank you! For the record, Kia Motor Finance is not there, but Hyundai Motor Finance is. They are both processed by the same payment processor with the same address so I’m sure that would work. Also, my local utility is on the list, which I really didn’t expect to see. Currently, if I choose to pay them with credit card, I pay a fee. Worth a look if anyone else is considering.


Quick questions:

1. Can you combine gift cards to make a larger payment, or is it one card = one payment?

2. There’s no way to “charge up” an account with Evolve and then use the account to pay bills?


LarryInNYC, sorry I forgot to answer this earlier.
1. One card, one payment
2. Not that I’m aware of

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I see our car lease provider on there, which is good news. Happy to find another way to drain Visa gift cards bought at Staples.

One question: What does the system do with extra funds? Say the bill is $63 and you add a $100 gift card. What happens to the balance – can it be applied to the following month?

I wish they’d raise the monthly limit – then it would go from a help to a gamechanger.


I’ve paid a few bills using gift cards at Evolve. I also ran into the “duplicate payment problem” when I was trying to get rid of a bunch of $100 GCs. The second payment to the same merchant failed, and the hold was placed on the GC funds. I called and they said their system treated it like a duplicate payment. She said if I had waited 5 minutes between transactions, it would have worked. She offered to conference call the GC folks and we did that, but there was no way to immediately release the funds. After 48 hours the hold expired, and the GC funds were again available for use.


It’s great to know the 5 minute rule. Very helpful


Any idea if Amex gift cards would work with this?


No, Amex cards won’t work


Thanks for addressing the PayPal debit card problem, that was my first idea. I think I will pass on Evolve for now. Can you follow up on the PayPal debit card in a few weeks and see if anything has changed?


Will do!


This is great! It’s got our car loan on it, which I can’t even find on bluebird. And I’ve been having more and more trouble with my local WM. This is a nice alternative way to use up those debit cards. While it lasts…
Thanks! I’ll be giving it a shot later today.


Seems like paying any mortgage over $1,000 would be a problem as you would have to make two separate payments over several days. Hopefully this will improve.


It’s a great service, but it does have another huge flaw. It won’t let you make back to back payments to the same company without an error. For instance I was using multiple cards to pay my mortgage. The 2nd card was rejected because I entered the info too soon after card 1. They require a ~3-5 minute gap but don’t mention it. Very annoying since funds are frozen for days?, and it’s important to make mortgage payment all at once if you want it going to the principal.


David, thanks, that must explain why I received that one error. I’ll try spacing out my payments by 10 minutes each to see if that works better.


FM, longtime lurker, first time poster. I ran into the same issue at WF Mortgage when I was testing out blue bird. WF is setup to treat payments that are less than the monthly minimum to go directly to principle regardless if you made any payments that month already. Do let us know if your call to them worked!


I did not have this problem with WF. My monthly payment is $3100, and I made seven payments (six of $500, one of $100) over four days that properly went toward the monthly payment. They showed up as unapplied funds until the seventh payment that put the total at $3100.

How did you all structure your payments?