Plastiq codes as a Small Business. Earn 2X paying bills: Plus Stack with Other Offers to Earn More


plastiq small business

Update: Plastiq reached out to us to confirm that all payments should code as small business payments.

According to a data point on Reddit, payments with Plastiq are coding as a small business. This means that potentially paying bills through the service could trigger 2X rewards as part of their end of year Small Business promotion.

Additionally, through October 31, Plastiq is running a discounted promotion for paying your mortgage. Normally paying with an Amex costs 2.5%, but if you lock in 6 payments in advance, they knock the rate down to just 2.25%. You can find more details on that here.

Finally, this may also stack with other spending offers:

As an example, I am targeted for the SPG Business offer. On that card I could potentially earn 2X Starpoints for my payment plus an additional Starpoint as part of the 5K bonus.

Name / LinkOfferFrequent Miler Notes:
PlastiqWhen you sign up for Plastiq (which lets you pay bills via credit card) with my link, you'll get $200 worth of fee free payments and I'll get $400 worth of fee free payments after you make a payment of at least $20Plastiq makes it possible to pay mortgage, rent, and many other bills via credit card. The usual credit card fee is 2.5%, but they often run lower-fee promotions.

HT: Danny the Deal Guru

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[…] Plastiq codes as a Small Business. Earn 2X paying bills: Plus Stack with Other Offers to Earn More […]

[…] Plastiq codes as a Small Business. Earn 2X paying bills: Plus Stack with Other Offers to Earn More […]


I have a ~$4k insurance bill due. Is it worth the $95 fee for 12,600 SPG points?

Greg The Frequent Miler


Gaspare Urso

Thanks Greg!! And this charge will still show as small business?

[…] Plastiq codes as a Small Business. Earn 2X paying bills: Plus Stack with Other Offers to Earn More […]


I paid my mortgage with plastiq and didn’t see the 2x for shop small on amex. Is this a YMMV situation, or should I call amex? I did get it for dining though.


I also paid my mortgage with plastiq and dont see the 2x points. I did get points coded as SPG AX Default. Maybe the same amount will post when my statement closes for the month.


This offer combined with the Sam’s club 20% back offer makes me want to renew my SPG Biz again!

Harlan V.

Wow, just got 2X SPG points on my SPG Biz card. I’m also under the 10K for $10K promo so this is basically 3X SPG points per $1 on $10K in spend – AWESOME!


I don’t see it on the shop small map. Did a payment using the SPG card. Will see if it shows up as double points.


It looks like I got a credit for about 2700 2X Shop Small points after paying my mortgage with Plastiq…very nice.


You’re welcome. I saw the points the other day and couldn’t quite understand what they were for, but after I saw your post I realized the Plastiq payment had to be it.


what does it say on SPG points page, “SPG AX MBR SPEND BONUS-OPN”?


I’m not using my SPG card, I’m using an Amex Platinum Business card. When I check my available points and see my history I see this:

“10/22/2016 Earned 2X Shop Small Offer 2,672”

The points were added to my MR balance quickly; I made the Plastiq payment on 10/17/16.


Regarding “coding as Small business”… how do you find out what your purchase is being coded as?
The grocery store I shop at has several locations but only in my area. How can I tell if they are considered a SB?

Jonathan S

American Express has a map feature on their website that shows what should code as small business:. Here’s the link:

Jonathan S

Also, try the “Search by Name” feature if you can’t find what you are looking for on the map. I’ve noticed that a lot of local businesses won’t show up when I look for them by zooming in on the map, but they will show up when I type the small business name in the “Search by Name” feature.