Remembering Nick’s visit to Santa Claus Holiday Village in Rovaniemi Finland [Video]


This Christmas Day, we can’t forget a core memory Nick created during his 2022 travels for the 3 Cards, 3 Continents challenge. If you aren’t already familiar, Nick cleverly turned a passing comment and joke from Greg into the defining moment of his trip for our 2022 team competition. Tasked with visiting 3 continents using the bonuses from 3 cards, Nick penciled in a visit to Santa above the Arctic Circle. And if you ask me, you could easily argue his Santa visit sealed the deal for his winning the whole challenge.

One commenter put it well, saying:

“I think Nick’s trip best demonstrates the bounds of what you can do with points and miles which is, after all, what we’re all here for. Plus the flex on Greg’s offhand comment about the North Pole and Santa’s workshop is just *chef’s kiss*.”

Another commenter agreed, saying:

 “Nick won on presentation. For the first half of the trip it was “guess where Nick is going next” and “just how far can he go on one ticket”? Then, the back half was “what’s this big finish he keeps advertising”? And Santa Claus at the end? That was almost theatrical, like the big karate match in the final act of the movie where the underdog wins.”

While Nick may have added this stop partially the shock value, he’s commented since then that it would make a good family trip. For anyone else thinking the same thing, his Bottom Line Review gives a good summary of the Santa Claus Holiday Village in Rovaniemi Finland. But you can also get a small idea of the experience by watching this quick video on the Santa Claus Holiday Village Ravaniemi Findland.

This is just a short teaser, you can also click the timestamps to navigate directly to a specific part of the YouTube video.

0:04 – Nick crosses the Arctic Circle.

0:09 – Nick’s room at the Santa Claus Holiday Village

0:18 – The private sauna in Nick’s room!

0:22 – Nick’s reindeer roast and squeaky cheese dessert at the Three Elves restaurant.

1:10 – There’s a reindeer petting area where you can pay ~5 euros feed a reindeer.

1:22 – And of course, you can visit Santa too!

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Merry Christmas Yoder, Good Post but post more..V Bernie


Nick on Santa’s lap was for me was the highlight of the Frequent Miler 2022 edition. The Northern Lights to boot.


We went there on a day trip charter flight out of Dublin Ireland, my wife’s home town. It was my mother in law’s childhood wish to bring the whole family there.

Mother in law was sick and it took her a week to get her condition stabilized for that one day trip with all of us. Great memories, thanks for posting.