Frequent Miler’s 2022 State of the Business Report


In 2020, I posted a series detailing how the Frequent Miler business was coping with COVID.  In the first post, at the start of COVID lock-downs, I predicted that revenue would likely drop to near zero for about 6 months but that I was committed to keeping the team going.  I had full faith in the business long-term.  In the second post, I showed the steep drop in revenue that happened, as predicted.  And in the third post, I showed that the worst was over: revenue was picking up and my 6 month prediction was spot-on.

Readers seemed to appreciate the peek behind the curtain and so we decided that it would make sense to publish an annual “state of the business” post.  This is that…

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In brief, the business is doing great.  Our team has grown and yet is more cohesive, and having more fun, than ever.  Blog readership is up.  Our podcast audience has grown.  And revenue is up.

Some of our recent success is probably due to an ever-swelling demand for leisure travel.  Mix that with higher travel prices and you end up with more interest than ever before in how to play the points & miles game.

I believe that our long term success, though, is a result of always putting the audience first.  Every decision we make is driven first by what we think is best for our audience regardless of revenue consequences.  The most obvious result of this is the way we only publish the credit card offers that are best for our readers.  That often means that affiliate links, and associated revenue, are left on the cutting room floor.  But our audience-first mentality also shows in many less obvious ways.  For example, many blogs have pop-ups that beg you to sign up for their newsletter, or video ads that slow down the page load.  I hate both of those things and so we don’t do them even though they would likely lead to more money for the business.  Similarly, we’ve often been asked to create a paid membership to give select people more access to our time and/or to secrets.  I’ve always said no to that because our time then would be taken away from doing what’s best for our overall audience.  I want us to be spending our time creating great content that is accessible by everyone.

The Team

a group of people posing for a photo
From left to right: Carrie, Nick, Stephen, Greg, Tim

Our team grew 25% larger when Tim joined us in January.  Actually, when measured by height, the team grew by even more than that (see photo, above).  Only Nick and I work full time on Frequent Miler, but I consider everyone to be equally part of what “Frequent Miler” is.  I absolutely love this team.  We’re all committed to making Frequent Miler great, and we have lots of fun.  Podcast followers already know how much fun Nick and I have bantering together.  Now, with our monthly Ask Us Anything series, you can get to know the whole team.

Audience Stats

We don’t do any advertising to try to increase our audience.  Instead, we just keep publishing informative and (hopefully) entertaining content.  And, as you’ll see below, people are discovering Frequent Miler in bigger numbers than ever before…


a graph of a bar chart

For a long time, our blog readership has hovered around 7 to 8 million page views per year.  That was great, but this year was significantly better with over 10.5 million page views!


a graph with blue lines and white text

Our Frequent Miler on the Air podcast audience has been steadily growing over time.  I don’t look at download stats often, but when I last looked I think we were hovering around 5,000 downloads per week.  Now we’re at around 10,000!

a graph on a white background

A free service called Chartable shows us our recent position on the Apple podcast charts.  The chart above shows the position of our podcast within the “Places and Travel” category in the United States.  As you can see, our show often comes close to being in the top 10.  But that’s the show overall.  If we look instead at specific episodes, every recent episode has placed within the top 10 in this category shortly after publication.  Unfortunately, I haven’t found a good way to make Chartable show this in a chart (it doesn’t seem to be chart-able, LOL).


a graph of a video game

While our Youtube numbers are tiny compared to our blog readership, video views are way up.  Overall our video audience appears to be about half the size of our podcast audience.


a graph with blue bars and numbers

Revenue is way up!  2019 was a decent year.  Thanks to the pandemic, 2020 wasn’t as good, but when you consider that nearly all revenue was from the first three and final three months of the year, it was actually pretty amazing.  Then 2021 was our best revenue year ever, and 2022 was even better than that!

Except for a few hundred dollars from video ads, all of our revenue to-date comes from the blog.  The podcast, Youtube, and social media postings contribute indirectly by leading people to discover the blog for its content or for our list of unbiased best credit card offers.

Within the blog, ads account for 13% of our revenue.  The rest of our revenue is from affiliate links, and the vast majority of that is from credit card affiliate links.  When a reader clicks through to sign up for a credit card on an offer with which we have an affiliate link, we earn a commission if that reader is approved.  Keep in mind, though, that we often do not publish our affiliate links because there are often better public offers available for which we do not get paid.  And we always show the best public offer.  Still, despite this policy, our credit card affiliate commission is our biggest source of revenue, by far.

Thank You!

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without you.  Thank you for reading, listening, and watching.  Thank you for recommending Frequent Miler to family and friends.  Thank you for your comments, emails, and Facebook group posts.  Without you, we would not have been able to reach this level of success.  We appreciate your continued engagement and thank you for being part of our journey!

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Denise in COS

I’m late to commenting here, but I want to give another vote of support for FM being an outstanding and reliable blog. I’ve been dabbling in points and miles since the very beginning of points and miles. I was so sad to see my original United Mileage Plus number go away in the Continental merger–it had a lot of zero’s at the beginning. Anyway, I’ve read a bunch of different blogs over the years, but I rarely read any now except for FM! I’m glad, Greg, when you gave yourself 6 or 8 months to make a living from the blog, you were successful!


Thanks for great resources and podcast, I have listened to every single one of them in 2022 and even got in the giant mailbag once 🙂 Looking forward for even better 2023…


I started following Frequent Miler this year and always wondered if its sustainable without selling us anything. This post is reassuring, I look forward to the podcast every week.


Congratulations to you and the team! It was a big leap of faith you took in 2012, and I’ve loved reading you since. All my applications (including P2) go through you guys as you more than earn them! Keep up the great work.

Jan W

You guys are the best! Thanks for keeping us informed and well traveled!


Thank you for the work you guys do. I’m not at the level of many of these experts, but as I’ve read several blogs throughout the years attempting to get better at this game, FM has become a go to for me. Thank you for everything you guys do.


Thank you for producing the most trustworthy content around!

Bilt shills

First Bilt article- Q3 2021. Revenues been streaming up since then…


Thanks to the FM team , I’ve been able to constantly travel in premium cabins and stay at luxury hotels for free or at least almost free. I am from Malaysia whereby we do not have access to the hotel or airline credit cards that earn easy hotel FNA or points or even air miles but because of the weekly travel hacks from the FM on the air, I’ve been able to use that knowledge to fit the Malaysia travel hacking method and earned myself the Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton and even IHG top elite status without breaking a sweat! The airmiles have been coming in pretty quickly along with the cash backs thanks to the teams daily tips and tricks 🙂 Keep up the good work, and you will not believe how many people are reading the frequentmiler blog from Malaysia 🙂


Absolutely love FM. I started in the hobby about 15 years ago reading many blogs, but over time have narrowed that down to ONE. Keep up the good work!


Congrats to Greg and the whole FM team on a great travel resource. Keep up the great work and all the best for 2023!


Glad to hear you’re doing well. As a FM enthusiast, I look forward to my Saturday morning podcast, and I’m still shocked that it’s add free. I’m definitely be interested in listening to commercials if it meant more great content on the blog or more frequent podcast.


Glad to hear, love the blog and will continue to keep supporting you all! Keep up the great work!


Glad to hear that your revenue is doing great! You guys totally deserve it, been following you guys for a while now. Honestly you guys provide the best info for the audience.
Keep up the great work! Here’s to a better 2023!


Congrats!! I am thrilled that you’re revenue is way up. You guys deserve it.