Save 20% for life with T-Mobile Insider Hookup (on Magenta Max)


Many readers probably have T-Mobile service due to plans that include data access abroad and/or the popular posts I have written during the pandemic about adding free lines (like this one where I got a $200 Costco gift card for opening a free line, this free line promo, and this one) or the targeted offer to save $100 on service last year. I’m a couple of weeks behind about writing about the current T-Mobile Insider Hookup Deal, but if you’re on the T-Mobile Magenta Max plan or have thought about switching to it, you should definitely get in on this deal. You can save 20% on your T-Mobile bill forever.

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Insider Hookup

T-Mobile ran this “Insider Hookup” deal several years ago. It was pretty popular then and I have long seen people at Slickdeals gloating about their Insider Hookup discount for years as they’ve stacked it with this deal and that deal. When I saw the promo come back earlier this month, I was definitely interested.

This time around, you need to get a code from an employee. As I understand it, each T-Mobile employee has received one code to share with an existing customer and one to share with a new customer switching from another carrier. Either way, the code takes 20% off your T-Mobile bill for life (note that I don’t know how long that will mean in reality and won’t be surprised if you’ll eventually want to switch to some other plan and lose the discount, but I imagine you’ll be able to enjoy significant savings for a long time).

The catch of course is that you need to be on the Magenta Max plan. That just won’t make sense for some people given the plethora of cheap MVNO options on the market where you can get cell service for next to nothing.

In my case, I live in a rural area and use my data all the time, both on the phone and tethering from it. Just last week, I drove to Columbus, Ohio and back to buy a new car (and take down half a million Amex points with the purchase) and I worked from the car for the 9hr ride each way (my wife drove — she’s a saint!). Having 40GB of mobile hotspot per line and otherwise unlimited data with no throttle cap is huge for me. I just don’t often use Wi-Fi.

Thanks to those free line promotions during the pandemic, I’m already getting a deal with which I’m pretty happy. I have Home Internet through T-Mobile (grandfathered at $50 per month, though also grandfathered into only 4G LTE speed on that) and I have 7 lines on Magenta Max (completely unlimited unthrottled data on the phone and 40GB of hotspot per line) and I pay a total of just over $235 per month with small charges for a couple of financed phones (note that you can’t get that same deal today as it relied on adding free lines during the promos referenced above).

If this Insider Hookup promotion works as I expect, I believe that I’ll get about $47 off per month, which works out to nearly $600 per year. Note that I’m not positive that the discount will also come off of the Home Internet (which is billed on the same T-Mobile bill). Even if it doesn’t discount that, I stand to save about $37 per month. Either way, that’s going to really add up over the next few years.

Finding a T-Mobile employee

For those who are already on Magenta Max or would be happy switching to it, the second challenge is that you’ll need to get a code from a T-Mobile employee. Unfortunately, it seems that all chat / Twitter team employees have been out of codes since a day or two after the promo launched.

However, my wife recently had to pass by a T-Mobile store, so she stopped in to chat with an employee and ask if they had a code. None of the employees in the store had heard of the promotion, but one of them knew that they sometimes receive emails about promotions. A couple of employees got on their computers searching for the email and one of them quickly found it. I think the email was dated January 1, 2022. If an employee searches “2022 T-Mobile Insider Deal”, I imagine they will likely find the codes — one for a current customer and one for “switchers”.

In my wife’s case, the employee was happy to just hand over the code, though I’ve read stories online of people offering to pay $100 or even more for a code given the substantial long-term savings.

Once we had the code, I just had to go here to enter the code online along with my information. It only took a few minutes to submit.

I immediately received a confirmation page and text message confirming submission that said I would get a status update indicating whether my eligibility was approved within 24 hours. It seems they have hit a big backlog as it took just over a week for that final confirmation to come through and I’ve seen reports of the same from others. The Twitter team reassured me that I had done everything right and it was just a matter of waiting for the promotions team to run through the backlog. I was excited when I got the final text confirming that I would see the discount on my upcoming bill.

Bottom line

This promotion is scheduled to run from 1/6/22 to 4/6/22. The biggest challenge will be finding an employee who still has a code to share, so you’ll want to get on this sooner rather than later since you’re starting a little late (sorry about that!). Still, if you stand to save hundreds of dollars per year, it certainly may be worth stopping in to find someone with a code.

H/T: Jman100 on Slickdeals

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