(EXPIRED) Stack for up to 77% back at 1-800-Flowers

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Update: Ebates is no longer offering 32% cashback, but many portals are still offering high payouts and so it’s still possible to stack offers for high savings.

Ebates is offering 32% cash back on 1-800-Flowers orders today. That’s a really nice deal if you’re looking to order flowers/gifts as it stacks with the Current Amex Offers and should also stack with the Dosh app for a pretty significant savings. Note that portal Lemoney has increased its rate to 35%, so you could potentially get an even better deal. However, I’ve read mixed reviews as to Lemoney’s reliability – YMMV.

The Deal

  • Ebates is currently offering 32% cash back on orders at 1-800-Flowers. That stacks nicely with a couple of other deals for big savings.
  • Direct link to sign up for an account with Ebates if you’re new to Ebates (if you’re new, you can earn a $10 bonus when you make your first purchase of $25 of more)

Quick Thoughts

This deal makes for a nice stack with either of the Current Amex Offers for 1-800-Flowers. Some (business) cards have an offer for 10% back at 1-800-Flowers. Other (personal) cards are targeted for $15 back on $50.

Furthermore, you can link your Amex card to the Dosh app for an additional 15% back on 1-800-Flowers purchases.

While the Dosh app makes it look like you need to tap their link to shop, they previously announced that online offers no longer require you to shop through their links (which I confirmed with my own orders in December), you just need to link your card number to Dosh prior to purchase — See: Dosh: Now stack card-linked offers with portals. If you’re new to Dosh feel free to sign up with my referral link (code: NICHOLR92) with my thanks. In the past, I think you could receive $5 when you signed up and verified a credit/debit card and so would I. However, it’s no longer clear on my end whether or not you will receive a bonus for signing up. Dosh makes this deal better, but my calculations below do not include any bonus for signing upUpdate: Reader Neil confirms that he signed up for Dosh with my referral and still received the offer to get a $5 bonus when linking his first card. That makes this deal even better if you’re new to Dosh.

Assuming you have the offer for a $15 statement credit with a purchase of $50 or more, you could save a total of 77% off. Here’s how:

  • Sync the Amex Offer to your Amex card
  • Link that Amex card to your Dosh account
  • Click through Ebates to 1-800-Flowers
  • Make a purchase of $50 (before taxes, shipping, etc)
  • Earn $16 cash back from Ebates (32% back)
  • Get $15 back from the Amex Offer
  • Get $7.50 back from Dosh (15% back)
  • Net cost = $11.50

If you were additionally new to Ebates, your net cost comes down to $1.50. If you’re also new to Dosh, this is a $3.50 money-maker (before considering tax & shipping, which can surely make a difference).

While the flowers and gifts at 1-800-Flowers and associated brands may be overpriced, paying $11.50 for $50 in flowers/gifts certainly doesn’t sound too bad if you’re looking to get a gift delivered.

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Allan, Flower Market Brisbane

This is a pretty amazing deal. Too bad, it is too late. Looking forward to another discount.


Has anyone gotten their Dosh payout?

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Ebates cash back is down to 20% as of 2/9.


Promo code SW67 will net you 1750 Southwest Rapid Rewards on a minimum $34.99 purchase through 2/15/2019.

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Ernest S

I deleted the EBATES promo code when I placed my order to take advantage of Shoprunner, and the Cash Back from Ebates/Rakuten looks like it has gone through. Amex quickly notified me that their offer had gone through as well. Haven’t gotten anything back from Dosh yet.


Can you erase the promo code and still get paid by the portal?


Nice find. It enters “EBATES” as a promotion code automatically, then says, “We are sorry, the promotion code you entered is not valid for any items in your cart.” Does that mean the 32% won’t apply, or any bonus promotions EBATES may be running won’t apply (which I’m fine with)?


Will this stack with the T mobile offer of $15 off select items?

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Eddy Cue

Another potential stacking opportunity is an Amex offer of 10% off 1800 flowers purchases. However not everyone may have this (ie both offers on the same card).
I got both the 15 off 50 and 10% on one card which i (unfortunately) used earlier this week at TCB for 22% CB which stacked together and triggered emails from Amex. It’s probably mostly on business cards – most of my biz cards had either one or the other but i got lucky on one card to get both. So check before purchasing


One easy way to find shoprunner free shipping items is to go to shoprunner. c o m and sign in and find 1800 flowers and they have a list. The prices don’t always match but they’re always free shipping.


What did you buy?


So if I add a basket of harry and david and make the purchase at 1800 flowers, would I get the cash back? Or do they count them separately. I know Amex Offer count them all the same, but not so sure about ebates.


Perfect. Thank you.

Matthew @ airsicktravel.blogspot.com

Hey Nick, your referral code ‘NICHOLASR92’ is not valid per Dosh’s app.


Thanks, signed up with your link and FYI I did receive the offer to get $5 for adding the first card.


I think this could be slightly improved by buying a $40 for $20 or $30 for $15 voucher for 1-800-Flowers on Groupon.

I did a similar stack for Teleflora yesterday (perfect timing for Valentine’s day!). Bought a $40 Teleflora voucher for $10 on Groupon with a 50% off Groupon local coupon through mypoints.com (+8 points cashback per dollar), then used Topcashback to click through to Teleflora (12% cashback). Ordered a bouquet totaling $90 after shipping/taxes so I could use my $40 Groupon voucher and $15 off $50 amex offer (on Gold Business card). If my math’s right, this works out to roughly 63% off/back excluding credit card points earned on my amex card, plus I also used a Groupon GC that I bought at a discount that I suppose would would further reduce my net cost (alternatively, check out 16% off Groupon through Samsung Pay). Did something similar with Sheri’s Berries with a previous Amex offer a while back.

FYI, good luck finding anything on these sites for $50 that’s worth giving, especially after shipping/service/taxes.


Thanks Nick, I came back here to ask about this very same thing but you already answered it.


Because 1-800-Flowers runs their affiliate setup as promo codes, you can’t use ShopRunner to avoid shipping charges. That’s killer when you want to do local delivery that they charge $15 for.

When you did it before, Nick, did it tell you that promo codes couldn’t be combined with ShopRunner (and it still tracked anyway)?


Ebates goes in as a promo code (Promo code Ebates). Does it track separately without the promo code?

Matthew @ airsicktravel.blogspot.com

It was pointed out by Linda above but I want to confirm you cannot use Shoprunner with the ebates code, the order simply won’t go through. So you have to pay $15 shipping. (and that’s for standard delivery, if you want delivery on 2/13 or 2/14 it’ll be extra on top of that)


Yeah, realistically, I got two dozen roses for 54.99 + 14.99 shipping + 5-6 for taxes so my order was $75.64 said and done. After all rebates and cash back (plus 10 first time Ebates user) total cost should only be $27-28. And for 2 dozen roses that’s not too bad. You save time doing this versus going to the stores/costco which will be picked over.


Does the linked card to Dosh have to be under your name? ie do you have to link your own card to Dosh?


Ordered a Junior’s Cheesecake for $49.99 but was too chicken to see if AMEX would still give me the $15 so I had to add a $12 pair of socks. Still though, got an expensive cheesecake and a pair of socks for $22. Thanks!


I knew that too. Just got confused by all the stacking. Thanks.


Does this apply if you have the Celebrations passport?


I’m trying to check out with shoprunner shipping, and it won’t allow it. It says that the Ebates promotion code will not work with shoprunner shipping.


Not sure about Celebrations Passport conflicting with Ebates, but I just tried using the 30 United miles per dollar code and it won’t let me, saying it conflicts with my Passport benefit. Cancelling Passport, as it’s worth far less than the United miles.


Business owners send flowers to all your female employees/customers/suppliers. Then write off the expense.


There’s also an Apple pay offer for $15 off $50 (got it in email this morning I think). Could you further stack this? I’m not sure how the Apple pay promo is applied, but it is out there.


I’d like to know this as well. I figured it will be worth a shot, went ahead and added my Amex card (with the Amex offer) to Apple Pay. I think the Apple pay purchase is limited to items in their special “gift collection.” Was going to sign up for Dosh but I see a comment below that Nick’s referral code isn’t working. Nick?

Dale R

Great post. Will use this. Thank you!