(EXPIRED) Match Caesars Diamond back to Wyndham Diamond

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It’s that time of year again: if you currently have Caesars Diamond status but your Wyndham Rewards status has dropped back down to “Blue” (i.e. no status), it’s now time to match back from Caesars to Wyndham. I just did this match myself and my Wyndham status was immediately updated to Diamond.

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The Caesar’s/Wyndham Match is back!

The Wyndham status calendar has re-set

As a reminder, Wyndham’s status year calendar runs on the calendar year. That is to say that if you did not requalify for Wyndham Diamond status during 2022, your Wyndham status would have dropped back down on the first of the year.

That’s exactly what happened to me. I had Wyndham Diamond status last year, but since I didn’t requalify, my Wyndham status dropped to Blue.

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I could simply open a Wyndham Earner Business card to keep Wyndham Diamond status (the path my wife has taken to Wyndham Diamond), but thus far I haven’t done that, so my Wyndham status was returned to the base level.

Caesars status year runs through January 31st

While the qualification period for Caesars Diamond status runs from January to December, status does not change over until February 1st. In other words, if you had Caesars Diamond status last year but you didn’t requalify for status last year, your Caesars elite status would be set to drop down on February 1st.

My Caesars account still reflects my current Diamond status through January 31, 2023.

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Match status from Caesars to Wyndham now

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If you find yourself in a similar situation, now is the time to match your status:

Match your Caesars status to Wyndham Rewards

You’ll want to click the button that says “I’m a Caesars Rewards member, Match My Status”. That will bring you to Wyndham Rewards to log in and enter your Caesars account number and birthdate.

After submitting my information, I immediately received notification that my Wyndham status had been updated to top-tier Diamond. The status match-go-round continues….for now.

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Will the status match-go-round finally end?

Those who did not requalify for Caesars status who are matching back to Wyndham will no doubt wonder whether it will be possible to once again use their Wyndham Diamond status to match back to Caesars Diamond again when Caesars status updates in February.

You may remember that last year, Caesars took their sweet time matching and then granted status matches and then took Diamond status away, essentially saying that they didn’t want to match people whose Wyndham status had come from a match. They later backpedaled on that and granted the match, though it sounded like they were suggesting that 2022 would be the last time they would allow those with matched Wyndham status to match back to Caesars. Of course, many people were probably thankful that Caesars granted the match since it has meant a lot of free cruising for some.

So will the match-back to Caesars work again when status drops in February? Time will tell how this will work in practice. I could see this going either way, but as I have often said in the past, you’ve gotta be in it to win it. You hit 0% of the balls at which you do not swing. I matched back to Wyndham Diamond totally planning to take another crack at Caesars Diamond. If it doesn’t work, I’ll probably eventually open my own Wyndham Earner Business card and I expect that status matching to Caesars will probably work again after that, but I’ll hold off on that mostly out of curiosity about whether or not I’m able to pull off the match-go-round for 2023.

Bottom line

If you currently have Caesars Diamond status and you do not have Wyndham Diamond status, you may as well match statuses while it is still possible and instant. While this match back and forth has worked for several years, we never know when the status match-go-round will run out of steam. I’d recommend matching from Caesars to Wyndham sooner rather than later since there isn’t really any reason to wait. We’ll see whether or not Wyndham Diamond turns out to be useful — but I’d rather have it than not.


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Does the matching Caesar Diamond from Wyndham includes the $100 celebration dinner currently? TIA!

Yul B

Goal: Caesar’s Diamond Status

Currently Marriott (Gold Elite) and IHG (Platinum) waiting to status match to Wyndham to get Wyndham Diamond status like it used to be 2021′ prior.When will Wyndham web site allow status match to MB Gold/IHG Plat as it says Keep Checking Back?

Does Wyndham Diamond status match to Caesar Diamond still exist?Found an article dated Jan 2023′ says Wyndham Diamond to Caesar’s Diamond still exists but a poster denies this option.Does Caesar’s Diamond still include the $100 dining credit as again a poster claims need to have 100 tier points at Caesar’s to get $100 credit.

Last edited 1 year ago by Yul B

I just matched Wyndham back to Caesars (Caesars showed back down to gold) and my caesars now shows PLATINUM and not diamond.

Didn’t this happen to some of us last year?


I feel like I got platinum, somehow then matched again to diamond, downgraded to gold like others, then back to diamond. Somehow I remember sn incorrect platinum last year at some point, too.

Regardless, I emailed to see what’s up with it a few min ago and I’ll update with what they say.

BTW, who all you betting to get straight up platinum by sports wagers? . #Ringer


I also have platinum just from gambling, have tried matching Wyndham Diamond to Caesars Diamond (have the wyndham business credit card) but nothing has changed on Caesars side yet. I did it on 2/1 and tried again later on. Anyone else have any other luck yet?


I submitted again around the 4th. Still platinum. Also no response from email I sent Caesars


Thanks Nick. Just sent them a message on Twitter


I’m still platinum 🙁


Status updated to diamond today


From Caesars Twitter:

We heard back from our team:

The guest does not qualify for a tier match because of a competitor tier match for their Wyndham status.

You can view the terms here under the “match my status” options:

Last edited 1 year ago by Mrredskin

You can also get Caesar’s Diamond by being a http://www.founderscard.com member.

Rosemary Lindley

I just matched my Ceasers Diamond to Wyndham Diamond and got immediate status .My question is do I wait til my Ceasars Diamond bumps back down to gold on February 1st before I match my Wyndham Diamond status back to Ceasars?


mine said allow up to 2 weeks for your Casear rewards status to be updated. My Wyndham is still showing Blue and Ceasar Diamond


I don’t have the Wyndham Business Card, but I am a new Hyatt Globalist. Am I able to do this “backwards” by matching to MGM and then Ceasar’s and Wyndham?


I think so.


I got the Wyndham Business card and I have been waiting for Caesars to match my status going on 2 weeks now. I called and they were not help. Caesars Rewards told me I needed to wait and that it could take up to 45 days for my status to match from Wyndham. Has anyone else experienced this?

Joseph Giorgianni

My wife signed up for a Wyndham Earners Business Card last July and by mistake we put in my Wyndham ID. We called and had her credit card account switched to her Wyndham ID. However, since then we have been fighting with them to change her from Blue to Diamond with no luck. So I just matched my Caesars Diamond status to her Wyndham card and she is now Diamond. I hope it sticks.

Joe K

Instant match for me.


Instant Match to Diamond.

michael belisle

it keeps saying to complete all fields. i have no idea what it is talking about

Teresa Henning

I used incognito mode when I got error.


Had the same issue the zip code extention was what was keeping me from doing it, after I removed the extra zip numbers it worked.

michael belisle

now it says my total rewards number could not be verified. guess i lost my account


I have s question only remotely related to this topic.
I have tried to figure out how to use my Wyndham points for vacasa, but have been unsuccessful. Can anyone give insight on this topic?


You have to call Vacasa and book it on the phone. You cannot do it online. Tell them you’re using Wyndham points. I Was able to book it that way. It’s a hassle but the only way I’m aware of.


Thanks! I have definitely only looked for ways to do that online.
I have a nice number of points that I need to use, but never stay at Wyndham properties.


I wish they had a better system but unfortunately it requires calling. Be prepared to have at least 5-10 properties to enquire about because not every property on Vacasa’s website is available to book with Wyndham points. So have several ready to ask about. and there’s no way to “filter” Vacasa properties to only show those available to book with Wyndham points.

It’s a hassle but you can get some really good value out of it if you’re willing to invest the time.


I am ok with that. It is better than having points expire after 4 years even if you have the card.
Thanks for the input. I have only once received an answer from the author.


Anyone else getting the message: “The Total Rewards number you entered could not be verified. Please try again”

Teresa Henning

I received same message

Juergen Ritz

This is when you entered a wrong zip code … can be checked with a dummy reservation on Caesar’s website when logged in and afterwards on the cancel site the system tells the saved zip. Mine was off by on number

Teresa Henning

Thank you. It saved my zip code as 9 digits not 5 digits. I never would have figured this out.
I am matched. The Carousel continues.

Happy rewards

Thank you very much. As someone also indicated my zip code was using 9 digits not 5 digits. I created a fake reservation from caesars.com and it auto populated my “billing info” where I was able to spot the zip code info.


It seems that the fields that were auto-populated from either the Caesars link or signing into Wyndham can have wrong info. Re-type all the fields with your correct info. After I re-entered all my info, it finally processed. I think the info at Caesars and Wyndham have to match, exactly.

Last edited 1 year ago by JohnB