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Sears gift cards and the mysterious case of changing terms and conditions

Sears has been offering amazing bonuses through shopping portals recently.  First they offered up to 16 miles per dollar through the MileagePlus Shopping portal,...

Finally, a new portal mega deal! My thoughts on today’s 37X opportunity

It used to be the case that lucrative portal offers were common.  In fact, I used to post every month about the latest and...

Maximizing the 2 day Sears/MileagePlus 16X promotion

As I reported earlier today via my QuickDeals page, Sears is currently offering 12 miles per dollar for shopping through the United MileagePlus Shopping...

When to convert United miles to Marriott points

And, when to convert Ultimate Rewards to Marriott too...  In one of my recent posts about United and Marriott's new "RewardsPlus" partnership, I...

Hacking your way to Marriott Platinum and United Silver status

Here's how to go from no status to top-tier elite with Marriott and first-level elite with United... Recently United Airlines and Marriott announced...

Why I’m excited about United and Marriott hooking up

While its unclear who proposed, you've probably heard by now that United Airlines and Marriott got married, and their new union is named RewardsPlus. ...

Ultimate Rewards Mall, Feb 2013 Edition

Another dull month in the Ultimate Rewards Mall…  Every month, the Ultimate Rewards Mall has new month-long specials. Last month, I wrote about...

Is the United card worth keeping?

Every couple of weeks, I get an email like this one inviting me to earn up to 65K United Miles for signing up for...

I get by (and to Alaska) with a little help from my friends

In my recent post “Where to?” I mentioned that my family had scrapped plans for Paris in favor of either an Alaskan cruise or...

Where to?

This weekend, long-held vacation plans were thrown out the window.  Not one, but two itineraries now compete to replace the original.  Months ago,...

United Airlines offers to take your money. Say no.

United has unveiled a new service in which they will let you trade gift cards to them in exchange for miles.  If you’re interested,...

Save money with one way flights

A few days ago I decided that it would be fun to join my wife on her business trip to DC.  She already had...

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