(Targeted) Amazon: Get $25 Or $50 Promo Credit When Adding Debit Card


Amazon has launched a new – and possibly highly targeted – promotion which is offering $50 in promotional credit when adding a debit card as a payment method on your account.

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The Deal

  • Add a debit card as a payment method on your Amazon account to earn $25 or $50 in promotional credit.
  • Direct link to offer (our affiliate link).

Key Terms

  • Sign in to your Amazon.com account.
  • Click the ‘Add a Card’ widget from the advertisement and enter your credit card or debit card details.
  • Upon successful registration of your card, the credit will be applied to your Amazon.com account.
  • To redeem the credit, make subsequent eligible purchase(s) using any valid payment method.
  • Offer limited to one per customer account and one per credit card or debit card.

Quick Thoughts

When clicking through to the link above, it’ll take you to your list of payment cards. If you were targeted, you should see it listed in your Amazon Wallet.

This offer appears to be highly targeted. Greg and I weren’t targeted, nor were the accounts of our wives. However, we all had at least one debit card already added as a payment method on our accounts, so that could well have had an impact on being targeted. I’ve deleted all the debit cards listed on our accounts and so will check the link each day in case we end up being targeted now that I’ve made that change.

h/t Doctor of Credit

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No luck adding my first debit card. I’ll give it a day too see if there’s a lag.