(EXPIRED) (Targeted) Buy Alaska Airlines Miles From 1.925cpp

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Alaska Airlines is targeting some Mileage Plan members with an opportunity to buy miles from 1.925 cents per point (cpp). What’s strange about this promotion is that if you’re targeted for it, the number of miles you can buy is restricted by how many miles you earned in the last few months.

Alaska Airlines point sale

The Deal

  • Buy Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles from 1.925cpp with a targeted offer.

Key Terms

  • This Accelerate discount offer is an exclusive, non-transferable offer for the intended recipient only and may not be forwarded.
  • Eligible members may accelerate qualifying Mileage Plan miles earned during November 29, 2021 – February 20, 2022 by purchasing bonus miles at a discount, as indicated in the offer e-mail.
  • Eligible members must accelerate the total number of qualifying Mileage Plan miles earned during November 29, 2021 – February 20, 2022 , up to a total of 35,000 miles. Eligible members who have accrued more than 35,000 Mileage Plan miles during November 29, 2021 – February 20, 2022 will be shown a maximum of 35,000 Mileage Plan miles available to accelerate as part of this offer.
  • The customer offer indicates the number of qualifying Mileage Plan miles that may be accelerated through this offer. Mileage Plan Miles earned by flying with Alaska Airlines or any of our global airline partners or any of our non-airline partners qualify for this offer, up to a cap of 35,000. Miles earned by spending with the Alaska Airlines Visa® card, bonus miles earned from flights, purchased miles and miles granted as customer service gestures do not qualify.
  • Transactions must be completed between 6:00 AM PST March 2, 2022 and 11:59 PM PDT March 13, 2022 to be eligible for this Accelerator discount offer, and are limited to one transaction per eligible member.
  • Mileage Plan Miles purchased by Canadian residents are subject to GST/HST. QST will be charged to Canadian residents.
  • Mileage Plan Miles purchased through this offer are non-refundable and do not count toward MVP®, MVP Gold, MVP Gold 75K status or MVP Gold 100K.
  • Eligible members may purchase up to a total of 150,000 Mileage Plan miles in a calendar year. MVP, MVP Gold, MVP Gold 75K and MVP Gold 100K Mileage Plan members have no annual purchase limit.

Quick Thoughts

This Alaska miles sale works differently to normal. The somewhat normal part is that the more miles you buy, the greater the discount.

The weird part is that the number of miles you can buy depends on how many miles you earned between November 29, 2021 and February 20, 2022. As you can see from the screenshot above, I earned a gigantic number of miles during the period – a whole 180 of them. Somewhat interestingly, those are earnings that came from their shopping portal which were subsequently clawed back. I therefore didn’t actually earn any miles during that three month period, but for the purpose of this mileage sale Alaska Airlines thinks I did.

If I buy 180 miles, I’ll get a 20% discount which would cost $3.96, so 2.2cpp. If I buy double that number of miles, I’ll get a 25% discount which works out to be a cost of 2.06cpp. The best value is buying quadruple the number of miles I earned; doing that would give me a 30% discount which works out to be a cost of 1.925cpp.

I’m not at all interested in buying Mileage Plan miles right now, but if you happened to earn a substantial number of miles from November 29 to February 20, buying miles could make sense if you’re confident you can redeem the miles for better value than the cost you’d be paying for them.

There’s no direct link to see if you’re targeted for this offer. Instead, you’ll need to use the link that’s in the email sent to you if you’re eligible. The landing page for my offer is specific to me and it doesn’t seem to be possible to strip out any of the URL slug to find a generic offer page for this promotion. The email I received from Mileage Plan had the subject line ‘Boost your miles by 1x…2x…or up to 4x!’, but there might be other variations of the subject line.

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