The 100K Referral Theory | Ask Us Anything | Ep 24


Once again Greg and Nick tackled reader questions in our Youtube Live Ask Us Anything, Greg calling in from a Hyatt beach resort in South Carolina and Nick from the ice and snow in the middle of nowhere, (where not even deliveries can be made).

You can watch the full episode here, or click the timestamps below to navigate directly to each question within Youtube.

3:25 – ​Good morning Greg and Nick, happy inauguration eve. With all the temporary spending bonuses and increased category bonuses, what cards are you currently using for gas, groceries, and restaurants? I feel like we have an embarrassment of riches with all the cards to choose from. Thank you.
12:25 – ​Hello, do you have any tips for opening bank accounts for the bonuses? I have (IMO) good credit, not too many open card/bank accounts, but still get declined more than I get approved. Nowhere near ​Nick’s success rate. Thanks in advance!
15:21 – J Rome​do you think the altitude reserve is worth deviating from chase to get for someone perpetually at or around +/- 5/24???
20:00 – A couple of podcasts ago, Greg indicated that Paypal key was “mostly” no good any longer. Is there a small hint there, or was it just a figure of speech?
21:05 – Hi Greg, did you get your amex plat 100k bonus yet? TIA
24:49 – In response to Nick’s recent post, I still cant decide if waiting around to get under 5/24 in order to get the companion pass is really worth it? Please help.
28:24 – l​Would either of you MS cash back to purchase airline miles that aren’t easily MSed like AS?
30:55 – Where is line between being a points enthusiast and having an addiction? Asking for a friend.
31:39 – What is the favorite Hyatt that each of you have been to
35:17 – There’s been conflicting reports stating the jetblue 100k card are ending today and others January 31 or feb 7 do either of you have insider information and know the exact end date
36:12 – ​Do you think it is really worth mattress running 12 nights for Hyatt Globalist even for the “limited” Globalist that you get for the 30 elite nights?
39:53 – ​Are the Hyatt milestones levels based on the 2x earning stays, meaning you need only 15 ( I think) to get a 1-4 cert? Or the actual number of stays, meaning 30 stays?
41:22 – I’m looking to get the Citi Double Cash and I’ve heard you say before to get the AA card and then downgrade after a year. Is that still your advice? More interested in cash now than points.
44:37 – Thoughts on the upcoming Aeroplan card from Chase later this year? Are you planning on getting it?
47:57 – What are your thoughts on the current state of MS (gift cards, prepaid cards etc.) among Chase and Amex?
50:36 – What is the best way to get AU bonuses for Amex cards?
52:48 – Hyatt double elite night promo: if I book 2 rooms in the same hotel for the same night, do I get credits for 2 nights? It not, booking 2 separate hyatt on same date, work?
55:00 – Hi, given the state of the pandemic and Marriott’s double elite night promotion going into April, what do you think the chance of Hyatt further extending double elite nights earning past 2/28? Thanks.
57:39 – ​Where does Nick live with no delivery lol
58:27 – ​Regarding gift cards with amex platinum and possibility of claw back, does it make any difference buying from stores that do not collect level 3 data?
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I wish this was on spotify. I like to listen to you guys but watching means you can’t be doing anything else. So while I listened to every podcast episode I don’t think I’ve listened to a single AMA.

Either way I can’t wait for a way to listen while doing something else

Jo Jo

DP: got the 100k platinum sub within 2 weeks of getting the card in November and I didn’t get targeted for the 30k/100k referral.