Amex Clawbacks & Frozen Accounts, Bank Rewards Killing Miles, Travel Planning Routine & More!


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Welcome to the Frequent Miler Week In Review series. Every Saturday we recap what you might have missed from around the web. Enjoy!

This Week Around the Web

Caution: Why You Should Probably Be More Careful with Spending & Amex Bonuses (Clawbacks & Frozen Accounts) – American Express is clawing back bonuses from a specific promotion, but the terms allow them to do it on a more widespread level.

Are Bank Rewards Programs Killing Frequent Flyer Miles? – As airlines move to a revenue based model, will improved rewards currencies from banks like Chase cause them trouble?

Was PayPal Digital Gifts Hacked?!? Is It Safe to Buy Gift Cards From Them? – It definitely seems like some cards were compromised, but the company has yet to tell customers what is going on.

eBay Giftcards Can Be Used To Purchase 3rd Party Giftcards From September 13th Till October 13th – eBay has temporarily backtracked on their new policy after a ton of complaints.

ANA Mileage Club Cheat Sheet For Using Your Miles – A more obscure program, but one where you might find some opportunity.

Travel Planning Routine – Good travel planning tips and advice.

US Bank shuts down reader’s account because he applied for a new US Bank card – Banks can certainly reeavaluate their relationship with you at any time, but hopefully this is just an isolated incident.

Have a great evening!

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