What’s the Best Hotel Card for Newbies? | Ask Us Anything | EP 32


What’s the best hotel credit card for newbies (15:01), and should a newbie bother going for Hyatt Globalist status (53:34​)? This week Greg and Nick think about the newbies in episode 32 of Frequent Miler Ask Us Anything, Live. Listen to the whole episode below or click the timestamps to navigate directly to each individual question in YouTube.

1:18 – P2 has been targeted for the 80k Alaska credit card offer. It’s 40k for $2k spend then 40k for another $10k spend. We don’t have a plan for these miles, but we like to grab the best offers when we can. ​P2 drops to 4/24 next month, 3/24 in August and 2/24 in October. Grab the Alaska offer now, or pass and start working chase cards next month? (FWIW, P2 can’t get approved for Amex cards ATM)

5:15 – ​Hey guys – If US Bank were to allow points transfers from the Altitude Go & Connect cards to the Altitude Reserve, could you make the case for a competitive US Bank duo or trifecta of cards?

7:20 – Hi Greg and Nick, on your Reasonable Redemption Values page, the values for Best Western Rewards, Radisson Rewards, and Wyndham Rewards points haven’t been updated since 2017. (It looks like you’re stuck in snow globes!)

12:00 – Regarding Simon gift cards- do you know if these can be liquidated via MOs at Publix?

12:38 – When using Delta GUC’s, can i apply it to an existing booking that I used Virgin or flying blue miles to purchase? Thanks

15:01 – Hey guys! Have a friend who is new to points and Miles, I wanted to know if you have any suggestions for a hotel starter a card? Thanks for the awesome content!

18:10 – MQD waiver counter in Delta app is lagging behind the Amex status boost tracker… in your experience how quickly will status be granted after hitting $25k (assuming MQMs already met)?

19:56 – ​I’m just curious about the Choice Visa Signature. I currently have one but would likely apply if I could get the 75k. The language on their website is ambiguous – any data points on multiple cards?

21:17 – ​i have amex gold, plat, and CSR and tons of pts. is it worth keeping the Citi Premier? i also have Doublecash and Rewards+. thinking about cashing out my 70k ty points and downgrading.

24:07 – What do you guys think of British Airways Club Suite? Booked SEA – LHR in 787-10.

25:22 – Hey guys! I’m holding my brand-spanking new Hyatt card…Do you think it is worth diverting all spend to achieve the 60K bonus. That would also earn a 2nd free night. Worth it?

28:02 – I don’t see anything about the $200 credit for purchases at a home decor store (HD, Lowe’s, BBB, etc) for AMEX Plat. I got card in April – am I not eligible?

30:31 – With 20k spend, is it worth getting the Capital one venture & using up a 5/24 slot vs Chase Ink unlimited or multiple sign up bonuses?

33:20 – Hi guys! Where do you think we are with respect to devaluations? Everyone kept earning on CCs during the pandemic but couldn’t spend so account balances are high. We already saw some devaluations but…?

36:16 – ​Good morning (from the West Coast). Any hints on looking for Hyatt award availability…such a paint! I’m looking at you Kauai.

41:19 – Morgan Stanley is not giving the $550 engagement bonus, what do I do?

42:27 – How good of deal is the DL 10,000 miles to ANC, JNO and KTN? Looks real good to me

43:46 – Hyatt Globalist status be worth less in 2021 due to the ease of obtaining it this year?

45:31 – Just opened new biz (2nd one); I “think” that means I can get new CC’s w/SUBs?? Any reco’s on strategy 4 cards yielding travel pts/perks? I’m 3/24 – chasing Delta status & have no hotel cards yet.

48:15 – ​If I pay for a flight now with my United Explorer card BUT product change it to the no annual fee card before I actually take the flight will I still get a free checked bag?

50:59 – What’s the best way to book United premium economy? Can we do that via Turkish?

52:50 – Any data points for getting approvals again from AMEX after you have started getting their infamous “no bonus for you” warning during a new application? Thanks, Gary

53:34 – Based on J’s question, should a newbie go for a Hyatt globalist status. If so, what’s the best strategy to do so?

56:25 – Hi guys, love the podcast, i listen to it on the beach in Miami, 🙂 If you had to pick one card to use internationally, which one would you choose. Also, is Hyatt Globalist worth it internationally?

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Regarding hotel starter card: Surpass is also what I immediately thought of, but if they are just getting into points, then this would count against 5/24, so maybe better to either go Hilton Biz if they are open to biz cards, or Hyatt if the SUB offer improves.

Mr. K

My experience is you lose the checked bag on United if you downgrade. But you will get the bag back if you upgrade again. I’ve had flights where I booked with a United free bag card (and my flight showed the free bag,) downgraded the card (free bag disappeared) then upgraded back and the free bag reappeared.

Also would mention that the best hotel starter card might be the Amex Plat because of status with two chains, ability to transfer to multiple partners, perks like lounge, offers, and currently a great SUB. It really is a great introduction to points and cards just because it includes so many elements with hotels being a part of that.