Which Delta card is best? | Frequent Miler on the Air Ep242 | 2-16-24


Which Delta card is best | Ep242 | 2-16-24In this episode, Greg gives Nick a lesson in which Delta credit cards are best (and which are best for a smattering of different goals.) His ultimate conclusion might surprise you.

(While Greg schools Nick on this topic, you may notice that Nick’s audio is a little subpar. We apologize for this and we’re troubleshooting that for next episode.)

Watch the full episode here, or click the timestamps below to navigate directly to a specific topic within YouTube. You’ll also find some helpful links below as well.

Which Delta card is best | Ep242 | 2-16-24

(00:00) Start

Mail bag:

(01:25) Cheryl is back! (Mail Bag)

(02:40) Whitney has a question about our “Mastering Avios” episode 241 (Mail Bag)
Read our Mastering Avios Episode 241 post here

Card Talk:

(09:20) Greg gives an AA Executive card update (Card Talk)
Find the American Airlines Executive Card episode here… 
Learn all about the AA Executive Card here… 

Crazy Thing:

(17:10) T-Mobile Magenta status is mostly a nothingburger (Crazy Thing)
Read our post on the T-Mobile Magenta status here

Award Talk:

(24:05) Turkish devaluation is real (Award Talk)

(26:26) Nick talks about his AA elite status mad dash (Award Talk)
Read about Nick’s mad dash to AA elite status here

(29:13) Greg talks about his Alaska match (Award Talk)

(31:58) Greg talks about his experience booking JetBlue Mint to London (Award Talk)
Read more about Greg’s JetBlue Mint experience here

Main Event:

(40:19) Which Delta Card is Best? (Main Event)

(40:31) Overview of Delta cards

(40:38) You might remember our episode on Delta’s Big Flip-Flop | Ep225 | 10-21-23
Find the Delta’s Big Flip-Flop | Ep225 here

(41:11) Delta Gold Card Overview
Find out more about the Delta Gold Card here

(41:49) Delta Platinum Card Overview
Find out more about the Delta Platinum Card here

(43:21) Delta Reserve Card
Find out more about the Delta Reserve Card here

(47:23) Coupons: Are any Delta cards free after rebate? Best card depends on what you value…

(00:58:56) If you value Delta miles…
Find out more about the Amex Blue Business Plus card here

(01:03:32) If you value free checked bags…

(01:04:08) If you value the companion ticket…

(01:04:54) If you value elite status…

(01:08:43) If you value Sky Club access…

(01:14:17) Conclusion: The best Delta card may not be actually even be a Delta card…
Find Greg’s post about which premium cards he’s keeping and which he’s canceling here

Question of the Week:

(01:15:30) “What happens if you apply for a credit card and then immediately after the offer increases? ” (Question of the Week)

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You both mentioned not knowing an easy way to get around being overcharged for tolls from boothless toll areas.

In most areas guilty of this that I’ve visited (FL, NY, MA), just bring your own EZPass from home. Then your plate doesn’t get charged and the agency has no excuse to charge you $40 for $3 in tolls!

Repeat Offender Captain Greg

Another great episode, but I would like to contend the notion that “elite light” is virtually worthless. P2 and I each have one delta platinum card and so far we are 3 for 3 on upgrades to comfort+. Our flights were popular routes too (FLL-BOS, BOS-LGA, LGA-MSY). While it’s not first class, we have been very pleasantly surprised.

Thanks as always for the great content.

Repeat Offender Captain Greg

Now 4 for 4 to comfort plus. MSY-BOS


Without listening to the podcast yet. The winner has to be Delta Gold Business. $150 with a $150 hotel credit.


So are these going to always come out on Friday now?

Nick Reyes

That’s the plan for now. You can get started on your weekend early!


As objectionable as the recent couponization of the Delta cards is for most people, the Delta cards can still be useful for *some* people. Especially if combined with the recent promotion that grants MQDs on hotel and rental car bookings via Delta’s portal. This combo actually makes Delta’s portal competitive with the best portals.