World of Hyatt: Targeted bonus offers for points, free nights and suite upgrades


World of Hyatt appears to be haphazardly targeting some members for promotional offers of varying quality. This was originally thought to be something that was specific to Globalists as some folks were getting e-mails from their concierges letting them know that they had the promotion active in their account. However, WOH members of all elite statuses (and without status) are being targeted.

It looks like those members that are targeted are supposed to receive e-mails about their offer. That said, many people (including me) have been able to register without having received an email by using the links or shortcut below (h/t: DOC).

World of Hyatt Bonus Offers

All of the offers below are valid for stays starting 1/9/2023 and completed (checked-out) by 3/19/2023. You must register by February 28, 2023.

Free Night Award Offers

  • One Category 1-4 free night award after a 2+ night stay
  • One Category 1-4 free night award after a 3+ night stay

Suite Upgrade Award Offers

  • One suite upgrade award after every 5 qualifying nights (maximum 2 SNA’s)
  • One suite upgrade award after every 10 qualifying nights (maximum 2 SNA’s)

Club Access Award Offers

  • One club access award after every 2 qualifying nights (maximum 2 awards)

Bonus Points Offers

  • 2x points on all qualifying stays of 2+ nights (30K bonus points max)
  • 2x points on all qualifying stays of 3+ nights (30K bonus points max)
  • 3x points on all qualifying stays of 2+ nights (30K bonus points max)
  • 3x points on all qualifying stays of 3+ nights (30K bonus points max)

Fixed Bonus Points Offers

  • 1,000 bonus points every night (10K bonus points max)
  • 2,000 bonus points every 2 nights (20k bonus points max)
  • 3,000 bonus points every 3 nights (15K bonus points max)
  • 10,000 bonus points every 5 nights (50k bonus points max)
  • 10,000 bonus points every 10 nights (50k bonus points max)

World of Hyatt promotion eligibility “shortcut”

The rollout of this promotion has been extremely haphazard and there are tons of folks (including me) who had targeted offers on their accounts without ever seeing an e-mail. A Flyertalk thread gave a “simpler” workaround that avoids having to click through all of the direct links above.

  1. Log-in to World of Hyatt account at
  2. Go to your personal menu in the upper right corner and select “Account” on the dropdown menu. This will take you to your account summary.

3. Right click anywhere on the page and then select “View Page Source.” This will take you to a page full of html code.

4. Hit CTRL+F, which will open a bar that allows you to search that page for given terms. In this case search for “TARGET” or “TARGT.” I found “TARGT2X3” on mine. 2X3 is the code for the offer that I’ve been targeted for.

5. Copy into your address bar and replace the “codehere” portion with the code that you just found in your account (in my case 2X3). This should take to the promotion page and allow you to register:

I was targeted for double points on 3+ night stays.

6. Curse Hyatt for making this promotion such a pain-in-the-a**.

Quick Thoughts

This becomes the early contender for “Most Difficult to Access Promotion of 2023.” It’s hilarious (and a little frustrating) that so many people have been targeted for these promotions, but have no idea. Having people scouring the interwebs for links and/or searching Hyatt page code seems like a poor way to run a promo. I have to think that something’s going wrong with this rollout on the IT side for Hyatt.

Some of these targeted offers are very good, some just ok. The best are the free night award offers, the bonus points offers that only require 2 night stays and the offer that gives 10K points after 5 nights. The promotion that I was targeted for gives double points on 3+ night stays, which is certainly better than a kick in the pants, but not among the most desireable options.

Hopefully, Hyatt will get their IT together soon and make this easier to access for those members that are targeted.

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Any data points yet on the expiration of Suite Night Upgrades awarded under this promo? I received the “One suite upgrade award after every 5 qualifying nights” offer but expiration date will be a factor whether I give stays to Hyatt or Marriott for their promo.

Rich B

I received this post in my email on the 10th while we were staying at the Wailea Ekolu Residence by Hyatt in Maui (loved it). I received the registration email from Hyatt for a free night after a two night stay later that day so I registered. We checked out the 11th after a 7 night stay. I checked my Hyatt account a couple of days ago and found a free night certificate had been awarded. Looks like the last two nights of our stay, the 9th and 10th, qualified me for the free night. Thanks for the heads up Tim!


When does the certificate expire?

Rich B

It expires July 12, 2023.


I got 10K pts every 5 nights (“FLAT9”) but was also already registered for 1000 bonus pts for 2 night stays at a House or Place. Are the offers stackable, and if not how does Hyatt decide which to give you? Fine print is vague: “except as expressly stated…..”


Never received an email… Chatted with my concierge and got no help. Logged in this morning to try the source code thing but saw a link to register for 10k every five nights. Does anyone know if points redeemed nights count as an eligible night? It says if paying an eligible rate or redeeming a free night award but I’m not sure if points redemptions have counted in the past as a free night.

Carmelita Harley

This offer is outside of my planned trip to Europe in April. So sad…
I received the double your points per stay up to 30K points and the earn 1,000 Bonus Points at Hyatt Place and Hyatt House hotels on my Hyatt card.
Wishing it was a suite upgrade or free night awards that I could use in April.
I’ll have to do the maths to see if a mattress run is worth it.


No status, no points in account and no activity for the last couple of years due to Covid. Husband has the primary Hyatt account. Got an offer for Suite upgrade for 5 nights stayed. Can earn up to 2. Seriously thinking about some mattress runs.


On a Mac in Firefox, Control+F doesn’t do anything for me…anyone know what needs to be done?


found it, it’s command + F.


3,000 bonus points every five nights–does that qualify as just sad? Suite nights, cat 1-4 certificates and a meaningful number of points would have been appreciated.

c l

I got the same. This is awful.


I didn’t get the email but found the code attached to my account via the “view source” method. Mine is for earn double tier qualifying night credits toward tier status for every qualifying night, up to 10 bonus nights.


Susan what is your status and how many nights did you complete last year? Just trying to figure out who got targeted for those promos


I have explorist status and I had about 15 nights last year. I do have quite a few stays booked this year.


I just received the suite upgrade offer after 10 nights which, as a Globalist, has to be the worst offer. I have a lot of suite upgrade awards already in my account.


I got an email for suite upgrades every 5 nights, limit 2. Though after registration there’s no expiration date shown in the terms, should get interesting when they plop one on after the fact


I see [“10K90N22″,”HYCCHPHHBN”,”TARGETFNA1″ on my account. This is a completely speculative guess, but I’m guessing I was targeted with a free night after 2 nights stayed b/c I stayed 90+ nights in 2022.


Early candidate for “What Crazy Thing Did x Do” of the Year!


I received an email yesterday. My offer is for double elite qualifying nights on up to 10 nights. Not quite as good in some ways as a free night in a cat 1 to 4, but better than some of the other bonus point offers.


Could you share the link to the FT discussion? I have offer TARGTSRST2 but I just get an error when I put that in with the link you provided.


Mine is TARGTFLAT3. 1,500 points for every 2 nights up to 15,000 points.


How did you get to that link? Mine is flat3 as well and when I try to enter it in I’m getting error codes.


I got a direct email.


I got Free Night Award with 2 nt stay. In the terms, you can use an award night to qualify. I want to give the room to someone not local. Do I need to be the person that checks in?

Ed. C

I got 2,000 points per night for up to 10 nights. 20,000 points.


CLA2 is my code, but no link will take me to that offer.

{“promotionName”:”Special Offer Club Access”,”promotionCode”:”TARGETCLA2″,”promotionStartDate”:”2023-01-04″,”promotionEndDate”:”2023-03-19″,”registrationStartDate”:”2023-01-04″,”registrationEndDate”:”2023-02-28″,”requiresPartnerAccount”:false}

Biggie F

Yeah, I was even more excited to see “TARGETFNA2”, but when I go to the page it whirs and then tells me, Sorry, not eligible for this offer.

Biggie F

Ah, screw-up on my part … FNA2 is for the Free Night after 3-night stay, not two-night stay. I went back to the FT page and clicked on the FNA2 link instead of doing the substitution while logged in first, pasted my number in myself (rather than having it appear greyed out, when things weren’t working), and now I seem to be registered.


Got an email for a suite upgrade after ten nights. Hard pass.


I got no email but the link gave me a SNA for 10 nights. Not sure I’ll stay 10 nights before March 19 but maybe.


I didn’t get an email but I was able to use a link and got Double Tier Qualifying nights on every eligible night, up to 10 bonus nights. My code from “Page Source” on Hyatt site is “TARGT2XNTS”.


10 nights for 10K points. Definitely the worst promotion ever received.


I got TARGTFL:AT2 but typing in FLAT2 to the link in the post gave me an error page.


I got a FLAT8 and and error when trying with the source code.



When you go to the flyertalk page, it shows what the FLAT codes refers to. Mine was get 5k points for every 5 night stay up to 25k bonus points.

Bob K

I got the same thing, no email.

Wait, it finally arrived. 5000 miles for every 5 nights, up to 25,000 miles. Too bad I checked out yesterday on a four night stay. Fortunately P2 got targeted with a FLAT6, registered before checkout, we’ll see if she gets the extra 6k miles.

If reward stays count, could come in handy as she needs a few nights to complete the AA offer for Globalist. We’ve got a 3500 pt hotel nearby, which pays for nearly half of it.


TARGTFLAT6 means you’re targeted for 3K2.html. 3,000 bonus every 2 nights. I assume you can figure out the others.


TARGTFLAT5 no landing page




Do you really want to share your full Hyatt number with the whole blogoshpere? May want to edit that photo


Photo is corrected now. Originally it was on the one with the points balance

Repeat Offender Captain Greg

I got an email offer for 20% points back on reward stays, up to 30k.

Beth B

Thank you! I tried all the links, but ended up getting the Free Night after 2 night stay! This is great and I already have a stay book that will qualify.


+1 (no email)


I’m a Globalist and was able to sign up for the 2,000 points for every 2 nights promo. I haven’t received an email from Hyatt. This is certainly worthwhile “free money” for me. After signing on to my account, is there any way to confirm that I really am signed up for this promo and that Hyatt intends to fulfill the terms?


The Globalist Concierge who helped me was very unhelpful and said she wouldn’t be able to see the offer on my account, and that I might not have an offer, and that I would receive an email if I did have an offer. She made no effort of any kind to check if I had an offer.


Sounds like the type of (non)help I get from my Hyatt concierge — a problem that’s been discussed over the years on flyertalk. So I guess take a screenshot, wait for a qualified stay, and wait to see if I get the bonus points?