15% back at Viator via Capital One Offers


Capital One offers a public shopping portal (Capital One shopping) and also has non-public shopping offers that cardholders can find within their Capital One accounts called Capital One Offers. Confusingly, Capital One Offers also function like a shopping portal, but you need to be in your Capital One credit card account to find them. In the non-public offers you can find when logged in to your Capital One account, there is currently an offer for 15% cash back at activity-booking site Viator. That could be an excellent offer if you’re looking to book activities.

The Deal

  • Capital One is offering 15% cash back as a statement credit for purchases at Viator when logged in to your Capital One account, clicking through the link found under your card, and checking out with an eligible Capital One card.

Key Terms

  • Earn 15% back when you make an eligible purchase at Viator.com.
  • Not eligible for purchases made with coupon codes not found by Capital One Shopping.
  • To earn 15% back, you must be a Capital One credit cardholder, logged in to your account on capitalone.com or the Capital One® Mobile app, and pay for a qualifying purchase using an eligible Capital One credit card.
  • You will receive your rebate as a statement credit to your Capital One credit card account within 3 billing cycles.
  • In no event will a statement credit be applied to a Capital One checking or savings account. Your credit card account must be open and in good standing at the time the rebate is awarded to receive your statement credit.
  • In the event you have more than one Capital One credit card, we may apply the statement credit to any active credit card account that is open and in good standing.
  • To make a qualifying purchase, you must click the button above, and then complete a purchase at the selected merchant’s site, in the window opened by the Capital One Offers tile, within 24 hours, using your eligible Capital One credit card. Offer is not valid by any other method.
  • Use of other coupons, cash back, or promotional websites after selecting an offer and before making a purchase will invalidate your offer.
  • Rebate is calculated using the subtotal amount of your eligible purchase, which excludes taxes, shipping, credits, and other fees. A
  • statement credit earned through this offer is in addition to any rewards regularly earned with your card.
  • See offer for full terms

Quick Thoughts

For those new to Capital One, note that these are not card-linked offers. You have to click through the link you find in your account like a shopping portal (but as noted at the top, don’t confuse this with the Capital One Shopping portal that is available to the public — these offers are found within your credit card login).

Keep in mind that the 15% cash back here is on top of credit card rewards. Assuming you’re booking with a Venture or Venture X card, you’re looking at a total return equivalent of 17%. We have previously seen an offer for 18%, but this is pretty good nonetheless.

That can be a great deal, though beware of Viator’s customer-unfriendly policies. I wrote about how I had booked a hot air balloon tour in Dubai and just a couple of days before the tour the operator cancelled my tour and increased the price significantly. Not only was Viator unwilling to help, they explicitly allow that in their terms. See more about that here. Short story, I’d hesitate to use Viator again.

However, I am glad to report that I did eventually get the credit from Capital One offers, so if you are planning to book something through Viator, this could be an excellent return.

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There is a mix of 15% an 18% mentioned in this article. You might want to clarify which one it is


Have you had experience in receiving the credit? I just signed up for the Venture X card. Main question is if you will still get credit if you use a coupon that’s from merchants website?


Thank you for the quick response. That was my fear, without the confirmation email like other Airline portals (United) or credit card viewable portal tracking (Chase), I think will not rely on the CapitalOne offers portal to make new purchases.

I did make quite a few purchases for Black Friday with the Venture X to meet my $10K spending requirement, we’ll see what happens in 3 billing cycles …smh