Business Platinum 190K Offer [Targeted]


A reader received a mailer from Amex offering a welcome bonus of 190,000 points. That sounds huge, but the offer requires $30,000 spend in 6 months.

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A better option, in my opinion, is to use a direct link to the Business Platinum application page (like the link found on our Business Platinum page) and try opening it in different browsers until you see the offer to get 150K points after $15K spend in 3 months, like this:

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Sure, the 150K offer is for 40K fewer points than the 190K offer, but it requires half the spend.

Also this: If you already have a business platinum card (or have had one in the past), you might be able to get another one with a 150K offer.  Details here: Bypass Amex’s lifetime rule when you “expand your membership”.

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Hey FM. I have two offers. Biz Plat AMEX for 150K w/ $15K spend ($595 annual). Or personal Plat AMEX for 150K w/ $6K spend. ($695 annual). Meeting threshold is not an issue. Thoughts? #frequentmiler


Didn’t get this but got a targeted offer to get BBP. Problem is that I think I’m maxed out on biz cards (I have Biz plat, Marriott biz, Hilton Biz, Delta plat biz and then am an AU on my work’s Marriott biz.) The only card that’s <1 yr/able to be cancelled is the Biz plat but that would disappear all my points. I’ve been getting pop up on personal cards for nearly 3 years now…I give up


Your authorized user card should not count towards your 5 credit card limit. Additionally, the Biz Plat is a charge card, and so it does not count towards the 5 card limit either. As long as these are the only AmEx cards you have (you don’t have any personal credit cards which count towards that overall 5 card limit the same as your business cards) then you should be free to open up the BBP. Did they send you the 50K offer on the BBP?


I also have a Hilton personal. Been afraid to close it since 1. been getting popup for 3 years on all personal cards, nothing seems to help 2. it’s my oldest CC. The BBP card offer I got specifically says $500 cashback and not 50k MR points. TBH I have a lot of spend to do rn but if closing the Hilton will help at all with personal amex approvals, I’m all for it.

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Ah, I don’t really know if the $500 offer is really worth the slot then. Regardless, you should still have one open AmEx slot.


Amex could just, you know, hate me also

[…] Reportedly, American Express is sending postal mailers for Business Platinum cards in the mail with a sign-up bonus of 190,000 Membership Rewards points. I haven’t heard […]

[…] Business Platinum 190K Offer [Targeted] by FM. […]

[…] There’s no direct link for this offer as far as I know. It was sent out by mail and first reported by Frequent Miler. […]


My annual fee is upcoming in January for the vanilla AMEX platinum card I got about a year ago for 100k + grocery spend bonus. Anything wrong with canceling this one and applying for the Business platinum? Would this trigger a review and clawback from AMEX?

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Cool! Would I get a refund of the annual fee if I’m already charged for it? Assuming I’m approved for the Business platinum can I just transfer the 90k points I have on my regular Amex platinum to the business platinum?

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Awesome thanks Greg!

[…] There’s no direct link for this offer as far as I know. It was sent out by mail and first reported by Frequent Miler. […]


Greg, in your opinion, how many businesses American Express platinum cards is too many for the same business? I currently have two.




I have two as well. I received 150k for $15k spend on the first one this summer. Then received a second offer for 150k for $15k spend a few weeks ago, highlighting the “new benefits” as a reason to apply. Approved no problem, just finishing up the spend on the second card. Thanks Amex!


RE how many businesses American Express platinum cards is too many for the same business?

I currently have 8 I am primary on and use another 10 where the other business owners are primary and I am an AU. All for the same small business.

We spend 7 figures on these Amex business cards.

If we didn’t spent a lot, I would be more concerned about Amex not liking the number of cards we have.

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