Business Platinum 190K Offer [Targeted]


A reader received a mailer from Amex offering a welcome bonus of 190,000 points. That sounds huge, but the offer requires $30,000 spend in 6 months.

A better option, in my opinion, is to use a direct link to the Business Platinum application page (like the link found on our Business Platinum page) and try opening it in different browsers until you see the offer to get 150K points after $15K spend in 3 months, like this:

Sure, the 150K offer is for 40K fewer points than the 190K offer, but it requires half the spend.

Also this: If you already have a business platinum card (or have had one in the past), you might be able to get another one with a 150K offer.  Details here: Bypass Amex’s lifetime rule when you “expand your membership”.

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