Caesars Rewards Downgrading Members From Diamond To Gold


The bad news about Caesars Rewards status matching hasn’t ended.

Nick reported the other day about how Caesars had added terms to their website stating that status matching from other programs where you’d status matched to those in the first place would no longer be eligible.

They’re now going one further by actively downgrading Caesars Rewards Diamond members to Gold status even though they’d recently matched them back up to Diamond status.

Caesars Rewards status downgrade
Live look at Caesars Rewards dealing with previously upgraded Diamond members

We started getting reports of this a few hours ago in the Frequent Miler Insiders Facebook group. Ghunbong shared that they’d been downgraded from Platinum to Gold and confirmed that they had matched through Wyndham and didn’t have the Wyndham Rewards Earner Business card (which gives Wyndham Diamond status).

Several other people have since confirmed that they too had been downgraded, with seemingly all of them being people without the Wyndham business card. A few other commenters have advised that they still have Caesars Diamond status, but they all have the Wyndham business card and so that does seem to be a differentiator to a large extent.

Having that credit card doesn’t seem to guarantee that you’ll be matched to Caesars Diamond status though. I got the Wyndham business card shortly after it launched in 2020 and so have Wyndham Diamond status from that. I tried matching to Caesars Diamond about 6 weeks ago but my account is still showing that I have Gold status. Now, it might just be that there’s a lag in them processing status matches, but perhaps having the Wyndham business card simply isn’t a guarantee that Caesars will look upon you favorably.

Data points from some of the Frequent Miler team are mixed too. Both Greg and his wife have the Wyndham business card; Greg’s Diamond status match went through and he’s retained that status, whereas his wife’s account is still showing as having Gold status much like mine.

Nick’s status has been downgraded, but his wife’s status is still showing as Diamond. She has the Wyndham Business card but Nick doesn’t, so those are another couple of data points suggesting that having that credit card is a key differentiator in your treatment by Caesars.

I’m not sure why Greg’s wife and I have been stuck with lowly Gold status, but I’m wondering if it’s to do with the date that we tried matching our status. I don’t know what date Greg’s wife tried matching back to Caesars, but I did mine a few days after Nick and his wife- around the time that Caesars updated their website to add the status matching exclusion.

It’s not a huge issue for me at the moment as it’ll likely be 2-3 years before we’re back in Vegas on our road trip. Having said that, we’ll be in New Jersey towards the end of the year and might end up in Atlantic City, so it could be worth me calling Caesars to see if they’ll upgrade me to Diamond status on the basis of me having Wyndham status via their credit card rather than via Wyndham matching my status from another hotel program.

If it’s looking like we won’t visit Atlantic City, I’ll give it a year or two before trying to match my Wyndham status back to Caesars in the hope that I have more luck in the future. My original Caesars Diamond status from a few years ago came about from a Hilton > Wyndham > Caesars status match, so perhaps that still shows up on their system despite me also having the Wyndham business card now. My hope is that waiting a while will help that previous match drop off. Greg and his wife only matched to Caesars after getting the Wyndham business card, so the fact that his wife still hasn’t been upgraded suggests I might not have any luck, but it’s worth a try.

Anyone else had their Diamond status downgraded today?

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Holo holo

I found out i was downgraded to gold when i was there retrieving my car from valet, (ask me to pay $50 & i didnt know they were downgrading people) so i went to the rewards center,ask what was going on,she said on the system it still showing that im a diamond.long story short she went to talk to her supervisor and came back and said she had make sure that it will stay the email of downgrade 10 hour later but stays diamond till now.IHG to Wyndham to Diamond TR.this is the third year

Carl WV

I’m still Diamond, but am not sure if it’s too early to feel safe. My Diamond is through the normal Wyndham match (submitted 2/1 and matched in about a week). Any updates as to whether it is likely Caesars is done yet?

I do not have the business card I did earn Wyndham Diamond status through stays in 2018. I have about 100K of Caesar Rewards credits from Wyndham point redemptions. No recent play at Caesars. I mainly do poker tournaments (which don’t seem to earn tier points, etc.).


Yep, had my status downgraded yesterday. I had my Wyndham match pushed through in Vegas when I was there the beginning of February. I had Diamond until yesterday afternoon when I got the email that it was being downgraded.


Downgraded. Caesar wrote to me: “Veni vidi vici”

Last edited 2 years ago by SamBam
Retired Gambler

Good! About time this ridiculous end run to get Diamond benefits (although you can’t get in lounges free w lowly Diamond) got stopped. I EARN Diamond Plus or Diamond Elite every year and now maybe the El Dorado mgmt team will do something for us that actually earn our status. BTW in addition to what you get at Diamond and lounge access for a Diamond Plus I rarely pay ANYTHING for a room and have junket offers (plane/hotel/transportation) all over the country.

Before you say gambling is crazy my variance (I win some years) is up or down around $5000 a year. Considering I spend 30-40 nights a year in their hotels free (gambling and travel is my main activity) that alone would cover losses then you get comps (I have over $1600 in comps on my account currently and use them all the time) and other benefits it works out nicely. I may even take them up on the free nights at Caesars Dubai this year.

Now off to Atlantic City to bet the first weekend of March Madness

Alex G

Sarcastic Slow clap

John Little John

Well good for you.. Yet you have all this resentment complaining..


You can always use MGM to match Caesars Diamond at Atlantic City.


I have the BIz card and was gold but after trying 3 times to match over the last month I checked today to see I’m diamond.


Let me confirm for you that I do indeed have the Wyndham Earner Business card, and then was also downgraded. I have no idea when. I checked after seeing a post on the Caesar’s Facebook group only moments ago.
Sorry today folks, but they are doing this, and not even warning people in advance.


I was just downgraded from diamond to platinum. Hilton – Wyndham – Caesars matcha a few years ago, and kept carrying it over

Stanley Roper

Is there a guide for best practices to get accepted for W biz card if you don’t have a business. I’ve heard you need to register for a tax id, etc. and I’m not sure how much effort I want to put into this just to hopefully get to CR diamond status.


You don’t need to register a tax ID. Apply as a sole proprietor, all you need is your SSN. That worked for me for the AA Biz. Now I’m considering the Wyndham Biz, but I’m waiting for a higher SUB.


I got downgraded and have the biz card. I rematched and it said diamond will be back in 7 days.


it says that to everyone

Quo Vadis

Maybe Caesars should add these new status levels:
— Bronze status: for travel mercenaries who would kill for more points
— Iron status: for all slaves of the points & miles game

For the poor souls shackled to these lower status levels, rue the day when Caesar gazes at you and then turns his thumb down.

Marty dee

I got a we’re sorry message for upgrading you and claiming we have to “earn” Wyndam status for Caesers to match. I was upgraded for about a week.


I was Diamond CR since 2020 and last year stayed comped and played plenty at their properties mostly Vegas and Laughlin.
Christmas 2020 got the celebration dinner, this last christmas 2021 we did not. Rewards desk said i needed 12k points. I even emailed customer service after our stay as to what happened and they said sorry u dont qualify. ???
So Feb 1 2022 asked for match with Wyndham (no activity or CC). It took a month but got my Diamond CR. Today I got this email:
“It looks like we tier matched your status through our partnership with Wyndham Rewards. However, we will be downgrading your account because you must have an earned Tier Status with your loyalty program to be successfully matched.”
Good bye Caesars…it was a fun ride! MGM all the way now!


I boked an Atlantis stay for August using the Diamond benefit. (Matched on Feb 7th). Now I’m back down to Gold. Does anybody know if they will honor the already booked stay?