Capital One Venture X card: A strong ultra-premium contender


Update 11/9/21: Applications are now live. See more in this post.

Capital One’s ultra-premium credit card is out now. The Capital One Venture X card opened for applications on November 9th.  Is this the next big thing, or much ado about nothing?

Capital One Venture X Welcome Bonus & Key Details

Card Offer and Details
Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card
75K Miles
Earn 75,000 bonus miles after $4K spend in 3 months

$395 Annual Fee

Recent better offer: Expired 3/14/22: 100K after $10K spend in 6 months + $200 credit for vacation rental spend in first year

FM Mini Review: This card offers annual rebates that easily mitigate the fee for those who travel often and could be worth it for the lounge access and travel protections given the cost/benefit ratio. Authorized users are free and also get access to perks like Priority Pass, Capital One Lounges, Plaza Premium lounges, and Hertz President's Circle status. The card earns 2 "miles" per dollar on most purchases just like the Capital One Venture Rewards card, which are worth exactly 1 cent each toward travel. This makes the return on most spend similar to a 2% cash back card (though in this case you must redeem your miles to offset travel in order to get 1 cent per mile). One big advantage over cash back: Capital One allows transfering their "miles" to airline miles & hotel points.

Card Type: Visa Infinite


Earning rate: 10X on hotels and rental cars booked via Capital One Travel ⚬ 5x on flights booked via Capital One travel. ⚬ 2X everywhere else.

Noteworthy perks: Up to $300 in statement credits annually for bookings made through Capital One Travel ⚬ 10,000 bonus miles each year starting at first anniversary ⚬ Receive up to $100 application fee credit for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck® ⚬ Priority Pass Select lounge access ⚬ Plaza Premium lounge access ⚬ Cell phone insurance ⚬ Trip delay / cancellation insurance ⚬ Primary CDW coverage Redeem miles for travel at value of 1 cent per mile ⚬ Convert "miles" to airline miles & hotel points ⚬ No foreign transaction fees

Key Card Details:

  • $395 annual fee
  • Up to $300 back annually as statement credits for bookings through Capital One Travel
  • 10,000 bonus miles every year starting on your first anniversary
  • 10X miles on hotels and rental cars booked through Capital One Travel
  • 5X miles on flights booked through Capital One Travel
  • 2X miles on all other purchases
  • Unlimited access to all-inclusive amenities at the Capital One Lounge (currently slated to be at Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, and Washington Dulles airports)
  • Priority Pass lounge access with up to 2 guests
  • Up to a $100 credit for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck(R)
  • No fee for authorized users
  • Complimentary cell phone insurance
  • Complimentary Hertz President’s Circle status

Quick Analysis

When I first saw the details of the Venture X card, I felt disappointed. It offers the same 2x everywhere that the Capital One Venture Card card already offers, so why tie up an additional $300 per year in travel credits by spending $395 for this card over $95 for the Venture card?

However, Greg knocked some sense into me in discussion and I realize that I was looking at it wrong: the Capital One Venture X Card may actually be the best ultra-premium card on the market. Yes, the same Greg who had Capital One approve him, let him earn the welcome bonus and then mysteriously shut down his account and redeemed his miles for half a cent each was still able to look on the bright side and see what I was missing.

The Venture X card comes with a $300 annual travel credit. Unfortunately, you have to book through Capital One Travel to use this credit, but anyone who spends at least $300 per year on flights (or on hotels through 3rd party OTAs) will probably see that at nearly face value. The addition of 10,000 transferable points each anniversary (that can be redeemed for $100 toward travel at a base level or for more value with transfer partners) makes this card look nearly net-free or maybe even better depending on how you leverage partners.

At first, I was looking at it through the lens of someone who has too many $400+ credit cards already and asking myself why I would want another one that isn’t remarkably different from a card I already have (the Capital One Venture Rewards card). I felt like it wasn’t worth adding another $400 card to my wallet.

However, when I thought about it more critically, I wondered why I wouldn’t want to pay $400 for what is at a base level $400 worth of credits with an even better potential. As an avowed fan of Turkish Miles & Smiles, I know that 10,000 miles are more than enough for a one-way ticket within the US (even to Hawaii or Alaska) on United in economy class now that Capital One miles transfer to most partners 1:1. That can easily be worth far more than $100, making the card an easy win.

I expected that we’d see a bonus category or two on the Venture X, but truthfully 2x miles everywhere is already arguably better than what competitors offer on ultra-premium cards. While some competitor cards bonus travel spend in general (spent directly with providers) and Capital One only bonuses travel booked through them, those with a lot of unbonused spend may come out well ahead with the Venture X since most ultra-premium cards offer only 1 point per dollar as a base rate.

And for someone who wants to hold a single ultra-premium card, the Venture X comes with a lot of the right stuff. Priority Pass with access for two guests, free access to Capital One lounges, cell phone insurance, and free authorized users — the card ticks all of the boxes for a good ultra-premium card. The anniversary miles are particularly attractive, especially since Capital One is beginning to consistently offer transfer bonuses (like the current one to Air France) and partners are now almost entirely 1:1. That means you could turn those miles into 12,000 or more airline miles with the right transfer bonus.

Where Capital One still lags behind competitors is in two major areas. First up is approvals: it continues to be very difficult if not impossible to get approved for Capital One cards if you have opened many other cards and Capital One is the only major issuer to consistently pull reports from all three major bureaus.  The other area where they lag is in an accessible portfolio for a winning combination of cards. While they do have some cards that would make excellent companions to the Venture X (especially since you can transfer cash back to miles, even to other cardholders’ cards), once again it is difficult to get even one Capital One card no less multiple (and then there was Greg’s experience of getting the card and getting it taken away without explanation shortly thereafter). However, if you already have a good Capital One card or two in your household, you could potentially put together a pretty good combo or trifecta.

The things we don’t yet know at this point are about what kind of travel or purchase protections come with the card. If the Venture X will match travel protections found on other ultra-premium cards, that could make it really interesting. Update: View from the Wing reports that the card comes with primary car rental protection; lost luggage reimbursement; trip delay + cancellation/interruption reimbursement; cell phone protection; and extended warranty protection. We’re still waiting for more information about those details.

Hertz President’s Circle status is a nice little benefit to have. I recently enjoyed driving a Chevy Camaro SS for the mid-size car price on a rental in San Diego.

Hertz President’s Circle status can be fun.

It is worth noting that benefits like Priority Pass, Capital One lounge access, and Hertz President’s circle status all apply to the primary cardholder and also to authorized users and account managers. With no additional fee for adding authorized users, that is great.

While I wasn’t impressed at first glance, after a closer look I realized that the Venture X card will be worth it for those who can get approved and a reasonable alternative ultra premium card if it can provide travel and purchase protections that are comparable with the other players in the game.

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Can anyone point me to the official benefits for Roadside Assistance for the card? I’m curious if it is similar to the CSR where there is no cost up to a certain amount.


Just FYI, this still says “Update 11/9/21: Applications are now life.”


How is cap1 with MS? Yes there is 6months to spend but $10k is a lot of spend

Jan W

Any data points on whether having a Cap One Spark Biz card for my LLC (received in last 12 months) hurts or helps my approval chances?

k field

what about international fees? — a big deciding factor yet even some of the best cards don’t offer no international fees as a perk


I wish I would have kept my Savor card now, but they wouldn’t let me product change it to the No fee Savor One.


I’ve heard that a person can only hold up to two consumer credit cards with capital one at any time. Does that mean if somebody has two spark cards, they could still get approved for a Venture X?


I would not get a credit card just based on it’s generous welcome bonus. The benefits of this card are not much different than other cards on the market. The travel money needing to be used toward their travel center is a big drawback. Most of the other benefits are offered by other cards already.


14 personal cards with 4 in the last 2 years so I will pass. Also, will wait to see what happens with the B of A Premium Rewarsd card @2.6% cash back when they change the rules at B of A. 100K points sounds great but I have worked at building my relationship with Amex and Chase and plan to keep it that way.

Chris B

Does Hertz honor President Circle benefits if you book through Capital One’s travel? I would have thought Hertz would treat Capital One Travel the same as any other OTA and therefore wouldn’t honor Hertz benefits. It seems counter intuitive to give you access to President Circle but not let you combine it with their earning category if Hertz treats bookings the same as going through an OTA


What are the chances of getting approved if I already have the Venture? Thank you


“not approve most people who have many other credit cards”

what is a reasonable #? 15-20? assuming all else are in good standing & 800+

Last edited 7 months ago by ktc

thx for the quick reply, 12 chase over 8 yrs, easy 20+ including others, so i should take a pass. I do get c1 pre-approved flyer periodically but never pulled trigger due to 3 HPs.

It’s hard for me to imagine bloggers not having 15+. I guess they manage prudently & efficiently

Last edited 7 months ago by ktc

Hmm, first I’ve heard that Cap1 looks at number of credit cards. I have a medium number of inquires but 17 credit cards. Every other bank approves me and multiple, multiple times. But I’ve given up on cap1.

slightly curious if I can get a non premium card like the venture one and upgrade to the X at some point. But not going to be the guinea pig, that’s for sure.

Alex King

Your 800+ score works against your chances also


They like people with low credit scores?

Ed k

For the first time my wife hit 850 FICO and I’m close around 847. And, Cap has denied me when I was in the high 750+ range. Could be a lot of factors. I took a small break from getting cards, but 100,000 miles bonus is enticing. Do they allow transfers to AA?


Do Capital One business cards count against the limit?


Capital One still pulls all three credit bureaus for personal cards?


Can you freeze any single CRA? If one is frozen can you still hope for auto-approval or will it force a recon / verification call?

This looks like a great card, but being able to avoid a pull on my “busiest” CRA would make it much more interesting.


Which bureau did you freeze?


Does anyone know if you can book Southwest flights through Capital One Travel? I tried to check but I don’t have access to the site without being a Venture card holder.


Thanks for the reply. I do use UR points to book SW but I have to call the CSR travel number to do it. This probably isn’t possible with Cap1, but it would make the travel credit more useful for me.


I dont think so. They hadn’t for years but ik at some point WN wanted to get into the GDS. I think they permanently scrapped it with the pandemic.


No value beyond SUB.


Unless you know how to leverage CO’s transfer partners or you heavily use Priority Pass. Then this becomes a very compelling card. 2X transferable points plus PP with free AU’s, all for a net-zero AF is kind of amazing IMO. Yes, you’ve got to jump through some hoops with this card, but such is the way with premium cards now.


Sure if you can approved for this and really leverage that PP restaurant membership and you don’t have a CSR or want to dump it and you want to book through the Cap1 portal and you have 4 other people you want to gift PP membership to and you have no way to do better than 2x Cap1 points everywhere then this could be a good option. But if you already deep into the game this card doesn’t offer much beyond the SUB unless you want to go full into the Cap1 ecosystem.

Perhaps down the line things will change, but the way things are now it’s silly to have any non-bonused spend. So this card will end up sock drawered.

And let’s be honest, this card won’t stay this “generous” this long. It’ll get nerfed like the CSR did.

Last edited 7 months ago by Jags

And the Citi Prestige…


Anyone know yet if we’ll be able to upgrade to this card? I have a quicksilver and am constantly being offered an upgrade to both venture cards. Since it’s near impossible for many of us to get approved by cap one, an upgrade is probably my only path.

Last edited 7 months ago by Alex

Nick, is this card the “Ritz Killer”?


It could be. We have one Ritz card in our portfolio but with the declining value proposition of Marriott status it seems less and less desirable and the AF is more than this card. I think if we can get approved for one, we might cancel our Ritz card that we’ve held for years for the 50k cert, Gold status, and PP membership with unlimited guests. My concern is, however, that, just like the Citi Prestige, Capital One will attract customers and then gut the benefits, and take away, for example, PP for authorized users, etc, and then we won’t be able to get the Ritz card again.


This is very interesting. A net free card with 2x without FTC is a winner. This is actually cheaper than the Venture card after benefits.

I am not sure which card I would use for un-bonused overseas spend the new Venture X or the BofA premium rewards (2.6%).


I think that all depends on if you understand how to leverage CO points (do the still call them miles?) through transfer partners for more than 1 cpp, and if you value a bird in the hand more than 2 in the bush.


OMG, Nick, you’d fly economy ?


Definitely makes sense for a lot of people who aren’t deep in Chase or Amex setups and don’t really care about hotel chain loyalty.


I would have liked a +3 or +4 points per dollar on Grocery or dining.


If you can manage to get a Savor or SavorOne card to pair with this (and yes, that’s a big if), then that’s essentially what you would have.


No cap on grocery?


I have a really old CO Platinum card, would it be possible to PC to Savor or SavorOne?

Dick Bupkiss

I’ve heard it whispered that if you MS much on their cards they will quickly crush you like a bug. Maybe that’s exactly what happened to Greg (so not as mysterious as it’s referred to here, just impolitic to write about it here)?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes they’ll crush you like a bug, but nope I didn’t do anything that even remotely looks like MS. I used it for all regular purchases that weren’t otherwise earning a category bonus.


Is the $300 annual credit per cardmember year or calendar year?

Another Jeff

You actually enjoyed the Camero?
As someone barely north of thirty that car was trash. I now understand why people buy Camrys instead. It looks cool though. The Charger in that same class is much more liveable. Given the option I would take that or an SUV every time.


Is it a visa or mc? If it’s visa is it a infinite or signature? If it’s an infinite I would assume it comes with 6hr delay and $10k cancelation, not the lowly 12hr and $1500. Is the travel credit per calendar year or account year? Getting to the main points, we all know cap one isn’t going to approve people with great credit+high income who ostensibly know how to get the most value out of their cards. Flyertalk and reddit will be littered with reports of 800+ scores and $150k+ a year income getting denied for BS cockamamie reasons. Now let’s debunk this costing cap one so much money. The rewards for spending DO NOT COST MORE THAN THE REGULAR VENTURE. Why? So glad you asked, the 2x costs the same obviously, the 5x is a wash for their 5% OTA commission on flights, rental cars are I believe about a 10-12% commission so that’s a wash, and for hotels they earn a 15-20% commission so even though they’re handing out 10x they’re still making money. So that 300 yearly credit will only cost them 250 if you use it for a hotel. Also remember no southwest or ulcc thru a OTA. I could go on but it’s not worth it, just like applying for this card. I do think the PP and or free AU’s may be nerfed doe.

Last edited 7 months ago by Scott

It’s Visa Infinite.


I’m one of those people routinely declined by C1 in the past. I’ve held a QS for years, but haven’t used it in ages except for a few 0% APR balance transfers I’ve paid off. A few months ago, I started getting tons of solicitations from them to apply for a Venture card (which I hadn’t been getting before). Never took the offer since I didn’t want to take the risk of denial + guaranteed HPs everywhere. These offers don’t include any kind of pre-approved language, but do have a specific reservation number & access code. I’m curious if they start sending these for the new card if this is any indication that you might have a better chance of approval. Clearly they have criteria beyond credit worthiness, so maybe this is an indication that you’re on their “good list”? Or just wishful thinking?


same boat here, all kinds of c1 offers & never pulled the trigger due to 3 HP. might take it up for this one though

Mike C

What is HP?


Hard Pull on credit bureaux.

Iam Mclovin

Just wishful thinking. I’ve credit scores in the 800s and only 1 new card and 1 new inquiry in the last year and i just got denied for a savor card after biting on their constant pre-approval offers for having too many cards open. And yeah, HP everywhere…


Totally agree on benefits getting axed a couple of years down the line, which is why I’m reluctant to downgrade my Ritz card, which offers unlimited PP guests, for this. I’m afraid this will be like a Citi Prestige bait and switch-attract people with high signup bonus and benefits, then slowly nerf all benefits over the next few years. Then I’ll be stuck with a card that, after benefits are nerfed, that allows one guest, or something like that, and no benefits for AUs and won’t be able to get the Ritz again. Thoughts?


If you’re above 5/24 then “get in while the gettin’ is good” and just keep your ritz, especially if you already have multiple family members as AU’s. Get the venture x and see what happens for the first two years after launch.

Captain Greg

Do you know if the priority pass includes restaurants?


According to Lucky, it does.


Should also mention he says up to 4 auth users (with PP benefits) for no cost.


Wow, now that is a game changer.

Captain Greg

Interesting. To me the card this rivals the most is the Ritz card. P2 was just about to upgrade to her Marriott card, but now we might wait to see if she can be approved for this card. Both have a $300 reimbursement that takes a little bit of work to use but isn’t too complicated, both have priority pass with restaurants (restaurants are actually a game changer for us. We find that we use them much more than the lounges), and both offer free authorized users. So then it really comes down to, would you rather have a free 50k cert and better travel protections (although we don’t totally know the details of the Capone protections) or spend $55 less and get 10k points? All the other benefits are relatively minor, I think. I’ll be interested to see Greg do the breakdown in his value spreadsheet!

Captain Greg

Side note: I understand that the Ritz card has unlimited guests for priority pass, but with free authorized users on either card this point is mostly moot. Even if you’re a family of four or five traveling, 2 guests is more than enough per card holder considering that both adults will probably have the card. Sure, maybe there are rare circumstances where unlimited guests will be a benefit, but these are probably few and far between since AU’s are free.


Nice comparison. We have one Ritz card in our portfolio but with the declining value proposition of Marriott status it seems less and less desirable and the AF is more than this card. I think if we can get approved for one, we might cancel our Ritz card that we’ve held for years for the 50k cert, Gold status, and PP membership with unlimited guests. My concern is, however, that, just like the Citi Prestige, Capital One will attract customers and then gut the benefits, and take away, for example, PP for authorized users, etc, and then we won’t be able to get the Ritz card again.