Credit Cards

The new 95K Sonesta credit card. My lazy review.

Bank of America is out with a new credit card: Sonesta World Mastercard.  Sonesta is a small hotel chain with only 74 participating properties, all of which are in the Americas.  You can find...

Is the new Bonvoy card good for anyone?

Chase has unveiled a new fee-free Marriott Bonvoy card: Bonvoy Bold.  Is the new card worth getting?  Is it worth keeping?  Let's dig in... Confusing Bonvoy card names Why do credit card companies love alliteration?  This...

On my mind (Venture only? edition)

If for some reason you could only have one credit card, Capital One's Venture card would be a solid choice.  But is it the best choice for everyone?  Lately I've been wondering whether it...
Ink Business Preferred

Plastiq 3x Is Dead Again

Lazarus has died again. Back in August 2018, we shared the bad news that Plastiq transactions no longer coded as 3x with the Chase Ink Business Preferred card. Greg subsequently shared his suggestions for alternative cards...

Amex Gold fights back with Boxed.com, and worldwide dining 4X

As expected, Amex publicly announced today that the Amex Gold Card now offers 4X points at restaurants worldwide rather than only in the US.  They also threw in another enhancement...  Remember that $120 per...

Amex Gold lost its shine (for me)

The Amex Gold Card has become relevant again now that it will offer 4X at restaurants worldwide as of June 6th (previously it offered 4X only in the US).  That's a nice improvement to...
Gammon steak at a Beefeater restaurant in the UK

Amex Gold Card To Earn 4x At Restaurants Worldwide From June 6

When American Express updated the Amex Gold card last year, one of the changes was that restaurant purchases would earn 4x Membership Rewards. There was a fairly large drawback for international travelers though - 4x...
Alaska Airlines Companion Fare

New Alaska Visa Benefits (in-flight rebate & lounge pass discount)

Starting June 1, 2019, the Alaska Airlines Visa will offer two new benefits: ·         20% back on Alaska Airlines in-flight purchases (including food, beverage, and Wi-Fi) ·         50% Lounge day-pass discount Neither benefit would be enough to persuade me to get the...

Virgin Atlantic World Elite Mastercard Deep Dive: Maximize Earnings and Status

The Virgin Atlantic World Elite Mastercard is easy to overlook.  Most of us in the US rarely fly Virgin Atlantic, so the card seems like an odd choice for an American audience.  And if...

Why I’m passing on Zerocard, but it might be right for you

In 2016 I wrote about this hybrid debit/credit card named Zerocard from a company named Zero. "Zero" refers to the card's lack of fees.  Zero says that it's possible to earn up to 3%...

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