Frequent Miler’s 2020 Recap | Video


By now, it’s a tired trope to describe 2020 as “unexpected”, but going through Frequent Miler’s Youtube content to create our 2020 recap video makes it hard to use any other word. We happily and naively speculated about the miles and points patterns we expected to see this year for instance, happily and naively booked travel and, like everyone else, “didn’t know what to expect” when a global pandemic turned everything upside down.

But for all our faulty predictions, we found new projects and priorities worth our while. We focused on SEO (search engine optimization), did a site redesign…then redesigned that redesign, and created more useful resources like the COVID credit card enhancements guide.

And even though you didn’t see our faces in person at FM To Go’s, you might have seen our faces more often with the initiation of regularly scheduled live “Ask Us Anything” videos and our “StayCay to Far Away” video challenges.

Maybe you didn’t get to book those impressive overwater bungalow redemptions this year, but I hope you learned more about the ever changing miles and points landscape and met a few other goals. (Maybe you even learned how to turn a newspaper into a self defense mechanism and how to protect your belongings with dirty underwear!)

We’ve had fun this year, despite the challenges. Take a look at our recap video and hopefully you’ll have a little fun too!

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Jan W

Oh, yes, the famous dirty tightie whities. The best protection for your jewels, especially chocolate diamonds! Thanks to all at FM for keeping us motivated and travel-sane (a special kind of sanity!). Here’s to actually traveling this year!

[…] Frequent Miler’s 2020 Recap | Video […]


Great video Carrie, happy New Year to you and Drew 🙂


Thanks Carrie for putting this together. Greg cancelled several big trips. It would have been great to see the new 40K far away challenge.

Billy E.

Hahahaha love the FM team! Happy New Year!