Frequent Miler’s Most Popular Posts of 2020


Which Frequent Miler posts were most popular in 2020?  Below you’ll find the top 10 new posts and the top 10 updated posts in 2020.  Popularity was measured by the number of pageviews each post received…

Top 10 New Posts

1) The face mask you already own

At the start of the pandemic face masks were hard to find for purchase, but if you had an airplane amenity kit lying around, you probably had eyeshades that would work in a pinch.

2) COVID Credit Card Enhancements Ultimate Guide

In response to the pandemic, many credit card issuers offered temporary enhancements to their cards. These included bonus point offers, statement credits, extended validity of free night certificates, and more.  It would have been very hard to keep track of it all without this post which we’ve kept updated all year long (and we’ll continue to update it into 2021).

3) Wells Fargo Ending Instant-Issue Debit Cards, But There’s A Proactive Workaround

Wells Fargo ATM withdrawal debit card bank lobby cash

Apparently it used to be possible to stop by a Wells Fargo branch to get a temporary replacement for your lost or stolen debit card. No more. Luckily, there’s an easy workaround if you need to withdraw cash from the ATM.

4) Stop sleeping on the Cash App

In this post Nick almost convinced me that saving $5 here or there is worth the effort. Almost.  He did convince me, though, that the Cash App is worth having in order to get bank account bonuses that require debit transactions.  With the Cash App, meeting those requirements is super easy.

5) Bending Amex’s Lifetime rule

Despite Amex’s lifetime rule, I was approved for a Platinum card, and received the welcome bonus, despite having had the same card before.  Click through for details.

6) Chase Sapphire Reserve $150-$250 retention offer for some

Nick reported that Sapphire Reserve and Ritz cardholders were being offered $150 to $250 simply by calling and asking.  I followed this advice and raked in money for almost all of my Chase cards that have a fee.  See: My $575 phone call (complete in 20 minutes).

7) Chase Ultimate Rewards: More Ultimate than Before

In this Week in Review post and our podcast episode with the same name, we discussed the announcement that Chase would be adding Air Canada Aeroplan as a transfer partner and we discussed the discovery of some secret Chase transfer partners.

8) The amazing 250K offer

In this Week in Review post and our podcast episode with the same name, we discussed the incredible Amex Platinum offers that had recently surfaced.  It was equally amazing that the JetBlue 100K offers and the Chase Ink 75K offers weren’t even good enough to net a headline for our show!

9) Incredible Amex Plat Offers! 125K + 10x [targeted], 100K + 10x, 75K + 10X + $300

Quite a few variations of incredible Amex Platinum offers surfaced in quick succession.  This post shows how to get access to the best of these offers.  We’ve also updated our Platinum card guide with the same info.

10) Ludicrously easy path to Hyatt Globalist status (top-tier status for 2 years!)

Hyatt has been on a roll with one knockout promotion after another.  The combination of multiple promotions and the halving of elite status requirements for 2021 has led to an incredible opportunity to easily earn the best top tier status offered by any major hotel chain.

Updated Posts

The following are the 10 most popular Frequent Miler posts in 2020 that were originally published before 2020.  In every case, we have been keeping these posts up to date and republishing regularly…

  1. Best credit card offers. This one is always a favorite. We always list the best public offers regardless of whether or not we can earn a commission on those offers.
  2. Manufactured Spending Complete Guide.  This is an overview of all common approaches for increasing credit card spend.
  3. Best options for buying Visa and MasterCard gift cards.  Here you’ll find a list of options for buying Visa and Mastercard gift cards with a credit card.
  4. Amex Airline Fee Reimbursements. What still works?  Airline gift cards may not work anymore, but many other things do.  Here’s how to get full value from your Amex Platinum, Gold, and Aspire airline fee credits.
  5. Shortcuts to Marriott Platinum Elite status.  Want to earn status without spending lots of money at Marriott hotels?  Here’s how.
  6. Easy 5x: Fee-free Visa Gift Cards at Staples.  This deal keeps returning and so we keep republishing this post.  Earn 5X by paying with a Chase Ink Cash or Ink Plus card.
  7. Current Amex Offers.  This post lists all of the current Amex Offers we’ve found.  If you’re about to go shopping, this list is a valuable first step before checking to see which of these offers you were targeted for.
  8. Marriott Bonvoy Complete Guide.  Everything you need to know about Marriott’s awkwardly named rewards program.
  9. Pay taxes via credit card.  This is a complete guide with everything you need to know about earning points, miles and cashback when paying taxes.
  10. Last Chance Deals.  This post lists all of the deals that are ending soon.  We update this post and republish it every Sunday morning.
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Recent cash app wins: $50 of any purchase with DD, 15% back in BTC on 3 purchases max $7.50 each, 10% weekly on grocery max $7.50, these are just what comes to mind now.
Nice haul and definitely worth the effort IMHO


I totally agree. Plus the fact that you can easily add funds to the Cash App right when you need to makes it easy not to float the money for long. I’m glad I stopped sleeping on the Cash App 🙂


Cash app beats CVS. post roast. ^_^