GiftCardMall no longer selling $500 cards?


We recently reported the news that GiftCardMall has reduced the monthly cap on orders that qualify for shopping portal rewards (from $60K per month in orders to only $2K per month in orders). Unfortunately, Cafes and Alleyways reports another bummer that we hope is temporary: they appear to not be selling $500 Visa Gift Cards at the moment.

a screenshot of a credit card

The load fee is the same $5.95 that it has long been for cards loadable up to $500. Hopefully, this is a temporary glitch or change that will revert to business as usual in the coming days.

For those curious, still appears to have cards loadable with $500 (and of course Simon still offers their $1,000 cards).

a screenshot of a credit cardH/T: Cafes and Alleyways

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Ed B

I would love to see their sales numbers after the first month with all these changes. 100% dead for MS.