[DEAD] WOW! Get a Google Fi phone & travel gift card worth the phone’s price

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Update: A member of our Frequent Miler Insiders posted that his order from the Google Store triggered an Amex Offer good for $100 back on $500 or more for advertising. This offer is widely available on many Amex business cards. Sure enough, my purchase triggered the offer. We’ll see if it credits, but I suspect it may.

Google Fi is running an unbelievable promotion today. Anyone who likes to travel should take note, whether you are a current Google Fi customer, you’ve been thinking about it, or you just want to reduce the cost of a trip. That’s because today only (11/28/18), if you buy a Google Fi phone, Google will give you a Delta, Southwest, AirBnB, or Hotels.com gift card in the amount of the purchase price of the phone. That means you could go all out and get the most expensive phone for $999 and get a $999 travel gift card. Whether you want to try Google Fi or not, that’s well worth it as you could probably later sell the phone for a huge discount on the travel gift card if nothing else. If you prefer to bring your own phone, you can get a $200 service credit — but I’d not even consider that with how hot this deal is.

The Deal

  • Get a new Google Fi phone (whether porting a new line or buying as an existing customer) and get a travel gift card of your choice worth the same amount as the price of the phone
  • Direct link to sign up (You get a $20 service credit for signing up through a referral. This is Greg’s.)

 Key Terms

  • Limited time offer applies to any qualifying device purchased from fi.google.com from 11/28/18 12:00 AM PT through 11/28/18 11:59 PM PT, or while supplies last. When you purchase a qualifying device on fi.google.com, you can redeem a travel gift card in the amount you paid for the device, excluding taxes (details below).
  • To qualify for this promotion, a device must be activated within 15 days of device shipment and remain active for 60 consecutive days within 75 days of device shipment. The device must be activated within the same group plan that was used to purchase the device. Activation must be for full service (i.e., activation does not apply to a data-only SIM).
  • This offer is available for new Google Fi customers as of 11/28/18 12:00 AM PT and existing, active Google Fi customers. If the customer is new to Google Fi, the customer must transfer (port-in) their current personal number over to Google Fi during sign up. The number being transferred must be currently active and have been active with the previous carrier and the customer since 8/28/18 12:00 AM PT.
  • If Fi service is paused for more than 7 days or cancelled within 120 days of activation, the value of the gift card will be charged to your Google Payments account to match the purchased price of the device.
  • Limit one per person
  • Link to full terms

Quick Thoughts

First thing’s first, this promo is insane. While many carriers will offer a subsidy when you agree to be bound to them for a couple of years, Google is giving you a gift card worth the full cost of the phone that you can use independently and not have a long-term commitment to Google Fi.

That said, there are a couple of “gotchas” if you will:

  1. The device must be activated within 15 days of shipment and remain active for 60 consecutive days. You can’t just get the phone and immediately resell it – you’ll need to open the box, activate it, and keep it on the network for 2 months.
  2. If you’re new to Google Fi, you’ll have to port in a number that’s been active with another carrier since 8/28/18. That means I don’t think you’ll be able to port in a Google Voice number or buy a number to port from somewhere else. You’ll have to port in a real number. From my reading of the terms, existing customers do not need to port in a new number or add a line.
  3. If you pause service for 7 days or more or cancel service within 120 days, they will charge the full value of the gift card to your account. This makes it hard to count on selling the phone as prices are likely to change significantly in 120 days. That said, if you buy with a credit card that offers decent price protection, that might be be a big issue. Thanks to reader abey for pointing this out.

So if you’re new to Google Fi, you’re going to need to have a number you’re willing to switch to Google Fi. That might not be impossible for some folks who have traditional postpaid service and have an additional line that isn’t being used (not that uncommon thanks to various promos for adding lines). If the only line you have is the one you regularly use, you’ll have to see Greg’s previous posts (and the numerous comments) to see if you’d like to try Google Fi:

That said, this is an awfully strong argument for trying it. The most expensive phone, the Google Pixel 3 XL, costs $999. Right now, I see that model (unlocked) on Swappa from $740. The price is bound to drop a bit, but even if you keep the phone for 2 months and sell it for $600, you’ve gotten yourself a huge discount on a $999 gift card to Delta, Southwest, AirBnB, or Hotels.com. Phones start at $199 and go all the way up to $999, so there are quite a few options.

If, on the other hand, you want to keep the phone, you could sell the gift card and have gotten a huge discount on the phone.

If you actually want both, I can’t imagine a much better deal.

I live in a rural area. My hang up on this is that Google Fi phones do not yet support T-Mobile Band 71, which is the main rural coverage band that is expanding to new areas. But I have an extra line on my plan and I’m pretty darn tempted.

One thing that’s not clear to me: if you port over a single line, are you then an existing customer? Can you then buy additional phones without porting additional numbers? I’m not sure. Update: The promo is limited to one per person.

If you’re interested in Google Fi, you’ll get an extra $20 Google Fi credit by signing up through a referral link. Again, here’s Greg’s.

In Greg’s experience, paying the monthly Google Fi bill codes as a 5x merchant via Chase Ink Cash, but buying the device coded at 1x. Long term, you’ll want to use a card that offers cell phone insurance to pay the bill, like the Chase Ink Business Preferred or Uber Visa. For the purchase of the phone itself, consider a phone that either offers purchase protection or price protection. The best option may be the AT&T Access More card if you have it. This may code at 3x on that card (online purchase) and qualify for Citi Price Rewind. That could make for an awfully sweet deal.

Update: As noted at the top, a member of our Frequent Miler Insiders alerted me to the fact that a purchase from the Google store would trigger an Amex Offer for $100 back on $500 on advertising. Sure enough, it seems to have done so. Time will tell if it credits.

Run, don’t walk on this deal.

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Hello folks. In the process of ensuring that I am NOT moving my Google Voice number to the new Google Pixel 3 XL phone I got on this Travel Promo – I got a new number transferred but in the process I lost my Google Voice number. And now there is no way to get it back. Foolish me !!! Google Voice will redirect you to Project Fi once you port in a number.

If you want to keep using the Google Voice number you had before – THEN you have a couple options:
1. Sign up for Google Fi with a Google Account that’s not linked to your Google Voice.
2. Transfer your Google Voice number to a different Google Account (as long as it doesn’t already have a Google Voice number) before you sign up for Google Fi. There’s no cost to transfer between Google Accounts.

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Any ideas how to have a friend receive the shipment? Travelling during the time.

Si Tang

I bought the pixel 3 from the promotion, and I am planning to port over my current ATT number to Google Fi. However, my wife’s phone is dying, and she is on Verizon. Can I activate Pixel 3, port the number to google, and then give Pixel 3 to my wife so that she can replace her old phone? I have an iPhone X from ATT (not fully compatible with Verizon network,so my wife can not use it), and I plan to use it on Google Fi after my number is ported to google fi. Do I need to insert back the Fi SIM card back in Pixel 3 every so often so that google can think that my Google Fi plan is kept active on the Pixel 3 that I bought on 11/28?


I was wondering if inserting the google fi sim back into pixel 3 and powering the phone on for a while everyday (when my wife and I get back home from work) would considered as ‘keep it active’?

I thought keeping the service active would suffice, no need for the phone to be active under the service plan. What if someone bought through the promo, activate the phone and plan when receiving it, and then leave for a trip to a country where google fi has no coverage for, say, 30 days? So his new phone will be power-off during this time (as seen by Google). Does him satisfy the first 60-day requirement?


Just got an email from google detailing the travel card process, and it contained this language which is pretty BS:

“If you initiated a trade-in with your purchase, you will receive the gift card value less the stated trade-in value of the phone.”

I was going to trade in my pixel 2 out of just for the ease of not dealing with ebay, but google fi offered a good amount less than market value (by $50-75 I would guess). So now they are going to deduct that from my gift card? That wasn’t in the original terms, and is completely ridiculous because if it were in the original terms I absolutely would not trade anything that is worth something for essentially zero dollars.


Great news that Google has opened Fi up to iPhones and other Android phones as well. I’ve been using the service for 2 years now and it’s been great. Traveling overseas and not having to worry about massive roaming charges or having to buy a local sim card has been awesome. I’ve also been able to call my cousin and brother who both live abroad and it only costs $0.01/min. Definitely happy I switched!

[…] Google Fi ran an incredible deal that ended up being pulled early (See: WOW! Get a Google Fi phone & travel gift card worth the phone’s price). That deal was so good that it caused me to make an unbelievable impulse purchase: a Google Pixel […]


How do I know if I got the travel gift card promotion? My order showed placed 6:50pm PST.

Casey Mitcheltree

I got it. Looks like I had to order before 7pm PST… which I did.


Looks like they killed the deal. “Thanks for the interest in Google Fi today—those travel gift cards flew off the shelves. We’re out of gift cards, but not to worry, we have other exciting deals for you.”


Blah why did I decide to put the kids to bed first… 🙁


Had it in my basket but didn’t pull the trigger right away and now this is what they are offering in the check out screen…

Pixel Holiday Promo
$100 future Fi credit. Terms apply
$20 Fi credit added to account. Terms apply

However if I go back to the screen that started with it still says that they will match the price of the phone you purchase with travel gift card as follows:

Today only! Receive your choice in travel gift card(s) equal to the phone purchase value. Terms apply

If you click on the Term Apply link it doesn’t say anything about a gift card. Did it before?

Never mind…restarted from the beginning and the gift card offer wording is gone. Oh well…


I have 2 phone lines and want to get 1) phone with gift card, and 2) $200 credit for porting over phone number. Can I do that with both of them under the same account, or do they need to be separate accounts?


deal is dead….


I tried searching on Citi’s price rewind site and just getting Verizon models. Any recommendations?


I have an Apple Watch LTE which has a phone number associated to it in my Verizon account, any thoughts on if porting that number would work to get gift card?


Wouldn’t that be the same number as your regular phone? Or can you have a Apple Watch with a different phone number?


In the terms it is stated, “Limit one per person.” I have multiple people’s lines on my account. Since I ordered a phone for each person’s line on my account, would I qualify for a gift card for EACH line?


After your reply Nick I found the Official Google Fi promo FAQ. It stated that it was one per person and that everyone on a family/group plan could get the Travel Credit.


although i have a CIP for phone insurance, decided to pay for a pixel 3 with amex for $100 stmt credit; just hope phone won’t be defective or have any issues


My cell phone bill AmEx offer was 10% back every time up to $40; did you get a $100 upper limit?


The $100 is because he was targeted with the Amex spend $500 on advertising get $100 back offer. Google store orders trigger this Amex offer.


Had no idea that was the case, thanks for letting me know!


lol, too many different dan on here…


Hahaha, I debated changing my SN to ‘Other Dan’, but I’ve been Dan my whole life!


I am confused. What’s the difference between keeping your phone activated for 60 days and not allowing to cancel service for 120 days? Is it not then the 120 days of service that’s my higher cost?


if you’re right, then I can sell the phone, and use my old iphone to keep the service going.


So with the $20 credit, and minimum of $20/month for the google fi service, we would only be out $20 for two months of service?


I just got a new phone on Google Fi. Do I quality if I add a new line and buy a new phone?


Do we have to sign up using the purchased Google Fi device or can we use a different one?

John L Caruso

I used your link but to finalize purchase it asks for a referral code. Does this mean your link did not populate the code number?


Couldn’t you sell the phone immediately? Just pay for the service and not use it?
Then cancel after 120 days.


The phone has to be activated for 60-Days.


Thanks, but what I mean is activate the phone but never use the phone. So sell it immediately. Or are you saying Google tracks to make sure your phone is turned on and used?


Hal, I suspect Google requires the phone to stay on your account for 60-days, thus keeping you from being able to sell it to someone else.


In the early days of Google Fi, they were able to track and identify your phone on the plan and you had to keep a phone on it or else it would close the plan. So, I would imagine they are able to do that at a much higher level all these years later. This is Google, after all. 🙂


I already signed up, I’ll confirm with a rep and report back.
Instructions from Google on how to port Google voice number: https://support.google.com/fi/answer/6242352?hl=en


Thanks, definitely agree. Many people seem to be equating “I was able to sign up with my GV #” with “I qualified for the promotion by signing up with my GV #.” I’m afraid they’re unfortunately going to be very disappointed.


This is actually not true. Many people on SD have reported that they’ve talked to customer service and said porting over GV qualified.


DP from SD: “I asked rep my self during chat. Then, being cautious, signed in from my husbands gmail account and asked a different rep. Both reps said google voice numbers held from before the date listed in the promotion do qualify for the promotion terms. However, why not ask chat yourself – then you can have a permanent copy emailed to you that references your specific account should you have any problems getting the gift cards”


Kinda odd I selected to port my non google voice number, and it still makes me delete my google voice number. Ugh…confusing.


Hey Nick, I agree with you. The language does sound like it wouldn’t accept porting from a GV #. I’m not looking to Argue either, just providing my experience with it.

I chatted with them and they also stated if I had an active google voice number since at least 8/28/18, then it would qualify for the promotion, I feel I have some confidence it will work. I went ahead and screen shot the conversation to be on the safe side.


Maybe my brain isn’t firing altogether after a long day of work conference calls. Does anyone have a best approach for getting the credit/gift card for 2 people? I know I could setup separate accounts but I’d be paying more per month for at least the first 4 months until I canceled one and added it to the other one. Thanks!


Dr. of Credit has many data points that people have been able to port over Google Voice numbers over to get the promotion.


How do they know, when they only get the gift card after 75-90 days?


The people on Dr. of Credit seem to be saying “it let me sign up by porting my Google Voice number” and they are interpreting that to mean that they are eligible for the promo. I am skeptical that they’ll actually get the gift card. For example, it lets me sign up too with a brand new number, and that seems to clearly violate the terms of the promo.


Sorry if I’m being dense but where/how do we generate our own referral code?


What is the part about needing a number to transfer? I went through the signup process and I’m given the option to either a) move my google voice number over, b) use another number I own, or c) get a new number.

I’m thinking about trying it out but only if it doesn’t affect my existing service (Verizon) in any way. Are you saying that I can’t get a new number?


Oh, never mind – I thought you meant that your only option was to port your number. I see now that that’s just a requirement for the deal. Oh well, dealbreaker for me. I’m surprised it’s not a dealbreaker for nearly everyone – or am I missing something?


I signed up using my Google Voice number, I don’t see why it won’t work.


It says: ” If the customer is new to Google Fi, the customer must transfer (port-in) their current personal number over to Google Fi during sign up. The number being transferred must be currently active and have been active with the previous carrier and the customer since 8/28/18 12:00 AM PT.”

It’s not clear to me that a Google Voice satisfies those conditions, but I’m not super familiar with it (I’ve had one forever but never use it). Is a Google Voice number considered:

a) a current personal number,
b) currently active,
and c) active with the previous carrier?

I would have said that a Google Voice number has no relationship with a carrier, and thus C makes no sense. And thus the promo is only intended for people porting over a real (i.e. carrier) number.


I will say that I did use my Google Voice number to setup the account and checkout. Now when I login to my Google FI Account and click on “Transfer Your Number” I put in my Google Voice number and it says “Your number is ready to be transferred from Google Voice. You can complete the transfer on your phone.” SO I say, yes it qualifies!


to confirm – you got the promotion with a google voice number??




How do you know you got the promotion? Once you complete the signup process, is there some confirmation that you are going to receive the gift card in 75-90 days?


The promotion is listed in the checkout screen before you place the order. I am in the queue to speak with a rep, I’ll confirm the promo is included.


Very interested to hear this as well since I also ported over my GV#. Ask them if they can send you a confirmation in writing that the google voice number will qualify for the promo


Any update bobart?


Still in queue, but it looks like people on SD have already confirmed with CS that it will qualify as long as the GV # was made prior to 8/28/18


DD also has DP’s confirming this.

Casey Ayers

Any idea if it would be possible to activate a Pixel and then pop the SIM right back in my iPhone without voiding the offer?

Greg The Frequent Miler

I don’t see anything in the terms that would prevent you from doing that, but I wouldn’t activate any other service on that phone until you’ve had it active for 60 days. (i.e. don’t sell the phone until you get your gift card).


Interesting idea. Would everything still work the same way on your iPhone as it did before though (considering the porting component)?


I wouldn’t do that. The terms state: “a device must be activated within 15 days of device shipment and remain active for 60 consecutive days within 75 days of device shipment. The device must be activated within the same group plan that was used to purchase the device.” That reads to me that you need to keep the device attached to the plan until after the 60 days. For the $40 it costs for the 2 months, I wouldn’t mess around with trying to switch it out.


would i be able to insert my vz sim card from another phone into the pixel 3 and use the vz sim card primarily (due to data) and just switch to fi every once in a while? how does google determine that the device is attached to the plan for 60 days??


Can I use one of my T-Mobile digits lines as a transferable one for this promo?

Greg The Frequent Miler

I don’t know


I don’t think Price Protection would apply here; isn’t that usually limited to items with a max price of $500?

That aside, this does indeed seem to be an awesome deal; I just took advantage of it myself 🙂


Ah, my apologies! I was getting it mixed up with Return Protection


When do we get the credit? Just ordered. I didn’t get the opportunity to pick which card i wanted etc…

Greg The Frequent Miler

75 to 90 days. From the promo terms (found here: https://fi.google.com/about/device-promo-terms/):

After the terms have been satisfied, the customer will receive an email from Google Fi (around 75 – 90 days after device activation) with instructions on how to obtain a gift card from Tango subject to Tango’s terms and conditions. The user can redeem gift card amounts with select travel partners:Airbnb, Delta Air Lines, Hotels.com, and Southwest Airlines. Gift cards may also be subject to the terms of the travel partners.


Nice – porting two lines on my fam plan from Tmobile. Was going to do Spring free year, but this is better for now…Used your referral 🙂


Is it an unlocked phone? Meaning if I cancel months after buying, can I port the phone back to AT&T?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes all of their phones are unlocked


Nick, not quite sure what you mean…comment image


Indeed! It was one of the big new features for the 3!


if you cancel within 120 days full gc value will be charged


so it’s really 50% off a phone and 50% off a travel card.


LOL – agree!

[…] also has an amazing one day offer to get people to sign up today (we’ve posted the details separately here).  Even if you’re a current Fi customer, you’re going to want to get in on this […]