(EXPIRED) Match M Life back to Hyatt Explorist ’till Feb 2020

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Thanks to World of Hyatt’s partnership with the M Life, the loyalty program of MGM resorts & casinos, you can enjoy reciprocal status between the two programs. Hyatt Explorist and above matches to M Life Gold. If you previously matched your Hyatt Explorist status to M Life Gold, you can now match back from M Life Gold for this year and pick up 4 new club lounge access upgrades that are valid through February 2020 (as well as guaranteed 2pm late checkout at most Hyatt properties). This status-matching merry-go-round is bound to break down someday, so hop on while you can.

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The Deal

Why & how to do it

The “why” is simple: you should get Hyatt Explorist status through February of 2020 and 4 club access awards (which you can apply to a reservation to get club lounge access at a hotel with a club lounge, though keep in mind these are only useful at hotels with a club lounge). The nice thing about this partnership has been that the status years are staggered. Hyatt status ends on the last day of February. M Life status ends on the last day of September. If you match from M Life Gold to Explorist today, you’ll extend your Hyatt status until February 2020. Then, in October, when your M Life status runs out, you may be able to match your Explorist status back to M Life Gold. Then, in January 2020, you could theoretically match M Life Gold back to Hyatt Exporist until February 2021…and so on. This is how it has worked for the last couple of years. That ride may end at any time, so get on while you can.

It will be easiest if you first go to https://www.mgmresorts.com/en/mlife-rewards-program.html and sign in. I also brought up a separate tab and logged into my World of Hyatt account.

Then, go to https://www.mgmresorts.com/en/mlife-rewards-program/preferred-partners/hyatt-hotels.html. If you’ve logged in to your M Life account, you’ll see the following (note that if you have not yet logged in, you will not see the “click here to opt in” button shown below):

a screenshot of a hotel

Once you click that button, it will either prompt you to link your Hyatt account and walk you through the steps or, if you’ve previously linked and logged in to your Hyatt account, it’ll bring you to the Hyatt status matching page and confirm. In my case, I’d previously linked the accounts and matched statuses. Therefore, the message it gave me made it sound like this match right now didn’t do anything as it said I had already matched:

a screenshot of a hotel

However, it still re-matched. Here is a look at my Hyatt club access awards before I clicked to opt in this evening (note that the expiration says 2020 because there was a situation last year where for some reason it was awarding club upgrades that were valid through 2020, but I took this screen shot before matching tonight). Note that I had 4 earned and 3 available.

a screenshot of a phone number

And here are my club access awards after I clicked to opt in to the match:

a close-up of a phone

As you can see, I now have “8 earned” and 7 available. I’m very confident that means my Explorist status has been matched through February 2020 as that is the only way I would have earned 4 new club access awards.

If you previously matched and did not re-qualify for Explorist status, you’ll want to run this match now. Personally, I like having Explorist status for the 2pm check out. While I have several very generous Globalist friends who have been willing to book Guest of Honor stays for me so I can enjoy their Globalist benefits, I sometimes run into a situation where I’m booking at the last minute and/or I’m locked out of Hyatt transfers, and having the ability to get a guaranteed late checkout still is helpful. If you have M Life Gold, I’d definitely recommend matching — and then setting a reminder on your phone to match back in October.

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Teresa Henning

I got error message. Accounts have already been matched.

Teresa Henning

You Rock
I have updated my Hyatt status


But you didn’t get any club access rewards, did you? As I understand, that expired in March


This doesn’t work for me anymore although I’ve done it twice in the past, the last time in Feb 2019. When I do as you suggest, the Hyatt site tells me my status has already been matched. From past experience, I expected that, but the expiration of my Hyatt Explorist status has not been extended this time. (It’s still 2/20 as it was before this attempt to extend it.) I waited 24 hours, and it’s still expiring in 2/20.) Has anyone else reported similar results? Any workaround? FYI, I tried again the next day with the same results.

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brad b.

How can you get MLife Gold status? Any matching?

[…] in Las Vegas. I have World of Hyatt Explorist status, which I’ve matched to M Life Gold (see this post for more about why and how, just keep in mind that you will no longer get club access awards when […]

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I just noticed 4 new Club access awards expiring February 28, 2021 (not 2020) posted to my account. I am Explorist based on the M Life match as outlined in this post. I don’t understand, although am still very pleased, why I received these new awards, can someone explain? Thanks.

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Any methods to jump from Dicoverist to Explorist w/out stays? I have 5 stays from the Hyatt CC and have a trip coming up in April to Baha Mar


Just the other day I was wondering how in the world I still have Explorist status… it got me a beach front upgrade at the Grand Hyatt Kauai. Now I remember 🙂 And now I’ll have it for another year!


1/17/19 – just tried and when I got to the OPT-IN box, it played the cat & mouse game of disappearing whenever I put the mouse on that choice,. Hit it anyway (even after it disappeared) and rec’d msg from Hyatt, “We’re sorry! We’re currently unable to process your request. Please try again later.” repeated process 2x and same results. Not sure if this means process is temporarily down or if it is being reworked to prevent this repeating match pattern (which I have used for a few years now). Will try again later . . .

Greg The Frequent Miler

FYI: Based on my experience, if you click the button to link accounts today, you’ll get the new upgrade certs right away, but you might not see the new 2020 end date of your status until you log in tomorrow. I did this yesterday and just now see that my Explorist status is good until Feb 29 2020


Signing out and back in updated it for me instantly.


I did the opt in also, signing out then sign back in after a few minutes updated it instantly as well! Thanks for the tip!


quick match from Discoverer to Explorist. thx


You were able to go from Discoverer to Explorist how? I have no status at M-Life


I think the credit card provided ktc the status of discoverist and the matching elevated it to Explorist from M Life Gold.


hyatt cc gives discoverist. discoverist yields mlife PEARL, not gold

Miles Ahead

Hi Nick, there was an update to the program where WofH were no longer be giving lounge access passes for M-Life status matches to Explorist (but otherwise still matching to Explorist) beginning 3/1/19, so now would be the last time to get lounge access passes. Here is an article from The Points guy: https://thepointsguy.com/news/hyatt-milestone-bonuses/

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yep. After this year, you won’t get club upgrade certs when you match (but you do this year as long as you match before March). It’s still worth doing anyway. Here’s a post from Frequent Miler about the Hyatt changes: https://frequentmiler.com/world-of-hyatt-milestone-rewards/