No bonanza for GiftCardExchangeDay?



On Saturday I wrote about how GiftCardGranny was hosting GiftCardExchangeDay in which you could sell gift cards to resellers at a higher than usual price.  I’ve checked out a few gift card offers, but have yet to find one that is higher than the rates that were available last week (including Sears).  I’m waiting to hear back from the company with clarification about this.  Once I do, I’ll update this post so check back!  Has anyone else found any good offers?

Here is an update from GiftCardGranny in response to my questions:

    1. Gift card exchange rates are, historically, always higher right around/after the holiday season, due to the stocks being depleted, which gift card exchanges needs to replenish.  So they are willing to pay more for consumer’s cards.
    2. With the onset of Gift Card Exchange Day, we have taken that a step further and worked directly with selected merchants to make sure they are offering their best rates possible today.
    3. Rates will vary depending on the merchant – some have been higher for days, others are just going up now, others will stay higher longer.  But the key is that this is gift card season, when rates are at their best.  They won’t simply drop  tonight at midnight  – how long the deals stay optimal will vary depending on merchant card and the reseller, so today is definitely the consumer’s best option.
    4. Gift Card Exchange Day is all about awareness.  Making the public aware that a)this is an option they have, rather than just eating the money, and b) now is the time to do it for the most money they can. isn’t a reseller – we are an aggregate of all the top resellers.  Though we work with them, it is up to the individual merchant to set their own rates.  But for all of them, this is the time for the best deals. 
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Sounds like a fizzle on this one… Oh well!