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Ultra-Premium Credit Card Travel Protections

With the introduction of their Venture X card, Capital One became the latest major card issuer to offer an ultra-premium card.  So, it was...

Dumping my CNB Crystal Visa Infinite.

The CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Card used to be awesome.  In addition to offering nice perks and great bonus categories, it offered $250 in...

CNB Crystal Visa Infinite loses valuable perks as of Jan 1 2020

On the heels of their point devaluation, CNB has announced severe cuts to the CNB Crystal Visa Infinite card's benefits.  CNB has published a...

Is the CNB card worth keeping if rumors are true?

The CNB Crystal Visa Infinite card has many perks, but its most compelling perk is that it offers $250 in airline free reimbursements per...

(EXPIRED) Extra 10K points on $5K spend w/ CNB Crystal

This morning, Greg went head first into The amazing CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Card. A deep dive. He had great timing with that, because...

The amazing CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Card. A deep dive.

Important: Since this post was written, CNB massively devalued this card effective Jan 1 2020.  Many of the specifics in the post below are...
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$64 RT per person Orlando Los Angeles

In this morning's Last Chance Deals post, we mentioned that a great fare we posted last week is still alive: $114 round trip in either direction between...

CNB Crystal Visa Infinite 50K Offer + Great Lounge Access, No 1st Year Fee...

Get a 50K sign-up bonus and a number of great perks with the Crystal Visa Infinite card from City National Bank.
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Crystal Visa Infinite: The best card you can’t get

I signed up for the Crystal Visa Infinite card late last year because of its 100,000 point signup bonus and waived first year fee...
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Bet You Didn’t Know: A Repeatable Companion Airfare Discount with the CNB Crystal Visa...

By Julian, author of Devil’s Advocate...  In my experience, one of the most overrated credit card benefits is the companion airfare discount. It seems these deals...
Crystal Visa Infinite

How much are those 100,000 Crystal Visa Infinite points worth?

On October 1, we published a Quick Deal for a 100K credit card signup offer: New Crystal Visa Infinite Offer – 100K Points, $250...

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