(EXPIRED) [Targeted] 200K Membership Rewards points with Business Platinum + Business Checking bundle

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There is a new targeted bundle offer out for the American Express Business Platinum card and a Business Checking account that allows the opportunity to earn up to 200,000 total points. This isn’t as good as an offer we saw late last year, but it’s certainly not a bad offer either. Not everyone will be eligible (and you need to apply separately for the Business Platinum and Business Checking, so keep in mind that you may or may not be approved for both). Still, this can be a nice windfall of points if you’re eligible and you can meet the spending requirement (though it comes at the right time of year if you have to make upcoming tax payments).

The Deal

  • American Express is offering some people a targeted offer to get up to 200,000 Membership Rewards points:
    • Open a Business Platinum card and earn 150,000 points after $15K spend in the first 3 months
    • Open a Business Checking account and earn 30,000 points after qualifying activity
    • Earn 20,000 points when you meet all qualifying activity for both
  • Direct link to this deal (note that it is targeted)

Key Terms

  • Separate applications are required for each product, which must be
    submitted by 4/30/23.

Quick Thoughts

There are two separate components to this deal. You’ll need to open a Business Platinum card and meet the $15,000 spending requirement within the first three months to earn 150,000 points. I do not see lifetime language in the terms (though always be sure to double check since these offers are targeted). My wife had this offer pop up when she logged in to her Amex account yesterday, but the link appeared to work for me also.

For the Business Checking component, you’ll need to apply and be approved, deposit $5,000 within 20 days of opening, maintain an average daily balance of $5K for 60 days thereafter, and complete 10 transactions within the first 60 days of having the account open. Note the timelines: You have 20 days from account opening to deposit and then you must maintain $5K for 60 days after first deposit — so the 60-day clock for that begins when you make your first deposit. You also have to make 10 transactions within 60 days of account opening — the clock for that component begins on the day you open your account, not on the day you deposit (ask me how I know). The 10 transactions can even be ACH deposits or withdrawals, so it is very easy to hit ten. Just don’t miss the clock on that.

I’m a little unclear as to whether you qualify for the bonus if you have multiple businesses. This section of the terms confuses me:

You are not eligible to earn a Welcome Bonus for any accounts opened for a business that currently has or has had an American Express® Business Checking account.

To be eligible to earn a Welcome Bonus of 30,000 Membership Rewards® points (the “Welcome Offer”), you must meet each of the following qualifying criteria:

  1. Open your first American Express® Business Checking account, which is subject to approval;

On the one hand, it says that you are not eligible to earn a welcome bonus on an account opened for a business that has or has had an American Express Business Checking account, but then it goes on to note that you need to open your first Amex Business Checking account. If you have two businesses (like, for example, an LLC and a sole proprietorship), my instinct is that you probably can be approved under each separate business for a business checking bonus as long as it is the first Amex Business Checking bonus for that specific business. On the other hand, maybe they’ll interpret it as one per customer — I’m just not positive. If you have a data point on this, please share in the comments.

If you complete both components, you’ll get an additional 20,000 points.

Overall, this is a very good deal if you’re eligible, though it’s not the best deal we’ve seen (we previously saw the same deal offer 60,000 points for the Business Checking account component).  Still, given the fact that those with an Amex Business Checking account can redeem Membership Rewards points for $0.01 per point, the total points here are worth a floor level of $2,000 — or potentially much more if transferred to partners to take advantage of the many Amex Membership Rewards sweet spots.

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I have the offer but already have 3 business platinum cards for my business. Should I try for #4?


Nick, I believe I’ve read where people have responded to targeted offers for biz checking accounts and opened multiple amex biz checking accounts by creating a new online account for each business platinum card associated to each new biz checking account. I’m not sure if they used the same or a different business each time.

Miles Hustler

It’s one banking bonus per business, but not churnable per terms.

Jim Lovejoy

There’s the small problem that even though I’m a business, and I pay the taxes I owe from it I’m not a registered business.
I’ll need to consider whether it’s worth the trouble and expense of registering in order to get the business checking account.
There’s also the question of whether I can pay my credit card with a debit card and get the 1/2 pt per dollar from it.


Why can’t you sign up as a sole proprietorship under your SSN?

Jim Lovejoy

That part is OK, but in ‘what do I need to open a business checking account’ it adds: “• Your Articles of Organization or a Certificate of Formation”

That’s my barrier.


When you say registered do mean IRS as in EIN? And/or with the state as in corporation or LLC? You can get your EIN online almost painless from IRS. Corps/LLC can be done in my state say for $300. Sole proprietorship is about $25 to register your business in my city/county. As you have probably read, the account does come with a debit card. I have not used it, so no DP on 1/2 pt per dollar bit.


“maintain an average daily balance of $5K for 60 days thereafter”

I can see that I’m 3/3 on my biz checking account tracker but for some reason the points haven’t posted. Weird stuff


Our experience (P1 & P2) takes about 2-3 weeks.


got email upgrade offer of 25k today for ED -> ED Pref. $2k spend in 6 months. Did this before…2020-2021 (Downgrade). Know there has been a 40,000 point offer…but 25k is enough for me to bite. (offer was at 15k recently – rejected that, good thing I waited) Since PLASTIQ doesn’t take Amex any more…the 6 months is nice for organic spend. Amex is handing out points like candy it seems.

Chris Wright

Any DPs on how long it took to get your extra 20k points? I completed the 150k + 60k + 20k offer recently and have not received the extra 20k


Same here for P2. 150K posted in say 2-3 days and 60K took about 2-3 weeks (myself & P2).


What about the extra 20k bonus?


So far no 20K for P2 only. I was already a Biz Platinum cardholder, but did not have checking so no bonus 20K for me but of course 60K checking bonus. P2 did the 230K deal.


I have the same question – completed the 150k +60k +20k and received the 150+60, but not the 20. P1 completed 3/3 offers by Feb 18. P2 completed 3/3 offers by March 10. No 20k points for either so far.


Same boat, still waiting on the 20k bundle bonus after getting the card and checking bonuses in Feb.