Week 2: Bran-son, Stow away, breakfast for dinner: who wins? #StayCaytoFarAway


StayCay to Far Away Week 2 is now completely published and ready for your viewing pleasure. Will it be Greg’s Bran-son video that takes the cake? Will Stephen’s English Breakfast Donut Burger satiate your need for savory and sweet? Will Carrie maintain a lead she is still holding at the time of writing — just two likes over Greg to lead StayCay Week 2 — thanks to her useful life hack and an unexpected bonus surprise? Remember that we’re judging the weekly winner (and eventually category winners) based on Youtube likes, so be sure to hit “like” on every video you enjoy as you’re boosting that video’s chances to either lead this week or lead its category against submissions from other weeks. Full details of the competition here (abbreviated details to follow): Challenge! StayCay to Far Away

Weekly Winner: Most YouTube “Likes”

That’s it.  The title says it all.  We’re going to count up each video’s “likes” (thumbs ups).

When you’re viewing a video embedded in a blog post, it’s a little tricky to give it a thumbs up.  Here’s how: Hover your mouse over the video (or click the video if viewing on your phone) and then click the video title to go to YouTube.  Once there, click the thumbs up icon to “like” the video.

The weekly winner will be announced in Saturday morning’s week in review post, so “like” these videos today and keep an eye out for the announcement on Saturday.

Full English Breakfast Donut Burger | Destination cooking with Stephen

Link to Stephen’s post with more info

Um, yum. Almost, anyway — take off the egg and I’m all in on this one. I was very tempted to take a trip to the grocery store just for donuts to try this out, but #StayHomeStaySafe prevailed. See Stephen’s suggestion for how to Make America Great Again, a cute cameo from the Peppers’ pupper, and find out what tools he used to eat that monstrosity by clicking through to Youtube to see the full video. Warning: you can not unsee this video; Frequent Miler is not responsible for the ensuing high cholesterol reading at your next annual physical.

Waterproof Meds | Carrie’s travel themed life hack

Link to Carrie’s post with more info

The only thing you’ll wonder about more than what the rest of the allergic reaction pics looked like is why you didn’t think of this solution first. The optically challenged among us will soon see the respect of our peers when we whip out this life hack in a moment of need. A bit of pure genius indeed, the title hack isn’t even the best part: The bonus hack for a huge airfare discount was totally unexpected, though I have thus far been unable to replicate it. Let me know if any readers have better luck.

Return To Necker Island! | Greg’s Imitation Travel

Link to Greg’s post with more info

In a week in which we had an English Breakfast Donut burger or in which we had a video where the bonus hack is how to save big on airfare, you’d think that Greg may have had to pack it in on the imitation travel challenge and surrender in defeat. Not this week: after promising on Frequent Miler on the Air last week that his video would rock my world this week, I thought Greg had set expectations too high. I was wrong. From the commitment of the cameos to the fine framing and top notch editing, Greg is giving Carrie and Stephen a run for their money. At the time of writing, he is 2 likes behind Carrie and a handful ahead of Stephen. That’s a testament to tough competition this week because I bet Greg thought he had a runaway queued up when he recorded this.

Skating through Iceland | Improv travel with Nick

Link to Nick’s post with more info

I had no idea what to expect for the Improv Travel challenge, but I surrounded myself with props that I intended to work into the story. However, like any good travel slide show, this one ended before the storyteller was ready to hang up his hat (in other words, I didn’t expect it to end so soon). I still managed to pack a lot of chatter into about a minute of slides, so if Micro Machines are still a thing, I’m ready for my audition.

Bottom line

If you enjoyed any of the videos from Week 1, you have got to check out Week 2 above. I’d say that the bar has been raised going into Week 3 and it will be less than 15 minutes of your life that you won’t be sorry you spent with us. Make sure to click through to Youtube to like the videos (just click to start playing and then click the video title to go through to Youtube) and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

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[…] StayCay to Far Away Week 2: Bran-son, Stow away, breakfast for dinner: who wins?  […]


Good thing you brought your Sapphire Reserve!


Nick’s and Carrie’s videos in weeks one and two were great but I am thinking the Sunday video gets a bit of a bump each week for being first, being on a weekend, and being up longest.

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yep, there’s definitely an advantage to going first, but we’ll each have a chance to do so. Plus at the very end we’ll give people a chance to vote on the overall winner.


Bah. Details …. 🙂


Things become confused when there’s money involved Hmmmm .

Caroline Yoder

wait a minute….. no one told me money would be involved!!!


Ur the lone female, Glass ceiling. Boys Club go play with ur Dolls ..Oh my God where have u been ?? I’m upset I can’t get Hawaii channel 4 on !!!


Why don’t u just post Last always and be done with it .
#stayincaveLast LOL

Reliable Tour & Travel

Thanks Great post