Welcome to the team Tim!


A few months ago we announced that we were looking to add a new writer to our blog.  The ideal candidate would be enthusiastic about points and miles, be willing to work odd hours dictated by circumstance, have excellent writing skills & high attention to detail, and most of all be fun to work with.  70 people applied, and there were many fantastic candidates.  Ultimately, we had to narrow the selection to just one, though, and we picked Tim Steinke.

Tim is shown photoshopped in front of a team meeting. In real life, he’ll be in one of those Zoom boxes.

As a team we interviewed a few top candidates over Zoom and we all agreed that Tim had just the right combination of points & miles knowledge, humor, and team-fit.  Soon, on this blog, you’ll see Quick Deals authored by Tim.  At first, Tim will work just 10 hours per week, but he will ramp up to 25 hours per week within a few months.

Here’s a bit about Tim, in his own words:

Ever since my first cross-country road trip as a teenager I’ve been obsessed with exploring the world. My first big journey with my wife was a 100 day round-the-world honeymoon, a trip in which I crashed the car and was stopped for speeding in every country that we visited (I think that I may still have an arrest warrant in New Zealand for an unpaid ticket, but we’ll keep that between us). Somehow, she wasn’t scared off and we’ve been uncovering every corner of the world we can ever since…although weirdly she won’t let me drive. After starting a career in the wine industry about a decade ago, I discovered the world of points and miles, thanks in no small part to “Obi Wan,” Greg The Frequent Miler himself. I’ve been captivated ever since, absolutely blown away by what’s been possible, the experiences we’ve had and how many terrific people we’ve met. We currently live in one of the few corners of Washington State where you can still MS Staples Visa Gift Cards at Safeway; we own a winery, ski after work and hike as much as our elderly knees will allow.

Please join me in welcoming Tim to the team!

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Congrats to a fellow Tim! Mind if I ask which Safeway you MS VGC’s? Do you know if Meta, Vanilla, US Bank all work or just Meta? I also live in WA but occassionally head over to the Peninsula for hiking and what-not. May be worth a visit while over there if it isn’t too far out of the way.


Welcome Tim!!!

Jan W

Welcome, Tim. Look forward to reading your posts. You’ve certainly signed up with the best!

Mick Dodge

The O.P legend continues to grow


Welcome, Tim! This is definitely the best miles and points blog, and you’re lucky to be joining them.


Welcome to the best points and travel blog in the business, Tim! Excited to hear you are originally from Nebraska, as that is where I live. I suppose a congrats on getting out of the midwest is also in order, seeing as the temperature was -10 here last night. Definitely need to use those points and miles to get myself somewhere warmer, fast!


HELLO TIM, welcome…..I am guessing we might shop at the same Safeway, Good luck


Welcome Tim and congratulations! I’ve been following these guys for years and have learned a ton. You couldn’t have joined a better team!

Tim Steinke

Thanks Dave, couldn’t agree more.

Justin T



Welcome Tim!! So happy to see Frequent Miler expanding!!


Welcome Tim! Look forward to you coming with the team to Sioux Falls, SD to meet with the experts here. I know Greg is dying to come here for a visit!

Tim Steinke

Thanks! You’re right, Greg can’t stop talking about it. Hopefully soon…I’m from NE originally and Sioux Falls is a great city.


Welcome Tim. Congratulations.


Nice to see the blog growing. Congrats Tim and looking forward to your content !


Congrats! So happy for you! One of these days, I would love to attend a points workshop in Seattle!

Tim Steinke

Thanks Jared! From your mouth to Obi-Wan’s ears, it’s been too long!

Dave Hanson

Absolutely Jared, Tim and I were already referring to this offline.

I propose the Hyatt Regency Seattle as a site. Very nice Cat 4 Hyatt with a great club for meeting. Now if they would only restore full food and bev service in said club..! 🙂

Tim and other staff, 100% up for helping coordinate such an event if you’re interested.


Is round-the-world honeymoon for 3 months part of the requirement? Nick and Tim both did it.
Welcome Tim and look forward to your posts.

Joe Y.

Welcome aboard, Tim! Excited to see your contributions to FM.

Nick Reyes

Welcome aboard, Tim! Very glad to have you here and look forward to everything you’re going to add to the mix.


Welcome aboard! What part of WA state do you live in?

Nick Reyes

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess “the most walkable part”. 🙂

Tim Steinke

That kind of intuition is why your year-end picks batting average is so high.

Tim Steinke

Thanks JH. If you think of Washington as shaking its fist at the Pacific, I live on the fist, otherwise known as the Olympic Peninsula.


Congratulations Tim, I’m excited to see your contributions to my favorite blog!

Chuck from DoC

Welcome Tim, looking forward to reading your posts!

Tim Steinke

Thanks Chuck! Probably not as much as I’ve enjoyed reading yours!

Mary Jane

Welcome Tim, you picked the best blog to join. I’ve been reading Greg’s blog ever since it started and it is the only one I recommend. I’ll look forward to reading your posts, along with the rest of the gang!

Tim Steinke

Thanks Mary Jane, I couldn’t agree more. I told Greg the very same thing.


I wonder how much “own a winery” influenced the decision. 😉

Congrats and welcome. Looking forward to your content.

Tim Steinke

Come to think of it, we were drinking wine when we made the decision. 🙂

Thanks Buzz!

Ahmed Radhy

I’m sure that you got special secrets in the miles and points world that makes the frequent Miler himself pick you between 70 people. Good job and congratulations. Looking forward to learn more from you and the others

Todd B

Tim, congrats, I believe you and FM both made a great choice!! We all very much look forward to what looks to be some excellent writing. FM is such a game changer for so many, how could you not be excited about infecting and informing others about the points and miles game?! I am also hopeful that the addition of more staff will lead to meetups like MTM or ZorkFest!!

Tim Steinke

Thanks Todd! Love the meetup idea, hopefully we’ll get to have more of those in future.


Um, not to be a kill joy, but didn’t Obi Wan die ?

Raghu N

And Happy New Year Tim!


Btw Tim, it’s a good thing speeding fines aren’t as high as here. My last one was in South Africa. It cost me $15.00.
I was stopped earlier in South Africa and stupidly paid a $50 bribe to get out of a ticket. Didn’t know they were so cheap at the time. I was told $10 was a standard bribe.

Tim Steinke

I had the same thing happen to me on that very honeymoon. It was only later that I was told by a local that I way overbribed as well. Maybe we can put together an “appropriate bribes” reference sheet sometime and keep others from feeling our pain. 🙂

Raghu N

Welcome Tim! I have been looking for you (I am the cop who ticketed you in New Zealand!!). Kidding of course. Looking forward to your wisdom of travel experiences and points/miles (I know I shouldn’t speed in New Zealand)
(San Jose)

Tim Steinke

I knew you’d finally get me when I stepped out of the shadows. I swear I was about ready to pay it…

Thanks Raghu!


Welcome to the FM Family, Tim! Looking forward to reading your upcoming posts 🙂


I was so disappointed you did not select me. I thought my answers to your questions were outstanding. I hope you will share them for the whole group to see.


Welcome, Tim!


Welcome, Tim! I like your writing already. 😀


Congrats, Tim! And 70 applicants?! Greg, can you please do the next one in the style of The Bachelor or Survivor? After 40k to Faraway and Passing the GUC we can have Who Wants to be a Frequent Miler

Tim Steinke

This would be good content but instead of a rose, Greg could use a GUC? Hmmm…maybe we can do this retroactively?


Elderly, my tuchus. I got your “elderly” right here!

Welcome Tim!