Amassing Bilt Rewards [Non-rent options corrected]


Bilt’s incredible 100% transfer bonus to Air France Flying Blue on May 1st suddenly has me drooling over Bilt Rewards points.  This may be the first transfer bonus I’ve ever seen where I think it’s worth transferring even without a plan for how to use the points.  While it’s too late for amassing Bilt points in time for this Flying Blue promo, it now seems like a good idea to earn Bilt points for future promos.  How best to get them?  Unlike many other points programs, Bilt doesn’t offer a big welcome bonus for getting their credit card.  So, we have to look to other options for earning Bilt Rewards.  Fortunately, there are quite a few options…

Update 4/29/23: Previously there was information in this post about being able to use the Bilt rent account to earn rewards for things other than rent where credit cards aren’t usually accepted. Bilt has clarified that this was a mistake made by their chatbot and we’ve updated that section of this post accordingly.


At its core, Bilt Rewards is a program that offers rewards for paying rent.  Fortunately for those of us who do not have rent payments, there are plenty of other ways to earn rewards too.  And, best of all, Bilt Rewards points are super-valuable because they offer 1 to 1 transfers to a number of valuable programs including AA, United, Hyatt, and many more.  Even without transfer bonuses, I’ve argued that Bilt has a better collection of transfer partners than Amex, Chase, Capital One, or Citi.  But where those other programs occasionally offer transfer bonuses ranging from 15% to 50%, Bilt is the only one to offer occasional 100% bonuses.  I wasn’t all that excited about the previous IHG and Hawaiian Airlines 100% bonuses, but the Air France deal is incredible.  Air France Flying Blue miles often offer very good value for flights between the U.S. and Europe.  With a 100% transfer bonus, the potential value is fantastic.  While I usually warn against transferring points prospectively, this is a situation where I think that anyone with a bunch of Bilt points should consider it.  And that leads me back to the point of this post… how does one go about earning lots of Bilt points?

Unofficial welcome bonus

Even though the Bilt Mastercard doesn’t officially have a welcome bonus, people who sign up for the card report receiving an email from Bilt offering 5x rewards on all charges except for rent for five days (up to 50,000 points max).  While that’s not as big of a bonus as you’ll get with many other cards, it can still be significant especially if you have large bills to pay during that timeframe.

Refer friends

Bilt offers a referral program for the Mastercard. For each person you successfully refer, you get 2,500 points. Every 5th successful referral gets you an additional 10,000 points – up to 2 million bonus points. You can find your referral code by tapping the invite button in the app.

One interesting aspect of this offer is that you don’t need to have the card yourself in order to earn points referring others.  And while the referral bonus is kind of puny compared to refer-a-friend offers available from Chase or Amex, getting friends to sign up for the fee-free Bilt card should be a very easy sell — especially if they pay rent.

Rewards beyond rent (maybe not)

The headline benefit of the Bilt Mastercard is that it lets you earn rewards for paying rent even if your landlord doesn’t accept credit card payments.  Regardless of whether your landlord is paid via check, Venmo, Paypal, or ACH transfer, you can still earn 1 point per dollar for these charges (up to a max of 100,000 points per year).  That’s obviously awesome for anyone who pays rent, but what about the rest of us?

UPDATE: The Bilt Rewards Digital Agent chatbot previously listed a number of non-rent payments that could be made with the Bilt rent account, but the chatbot has been updated and now simply states “You can only use our Pay Rent Online feature for rent and rent-related charges. These charges may include rent or additional charges from your landlord, like utilities or maintenance.”  Our contact at Bilt confirms that the chatbot’s previous responses were wrong.  That said, many people have reported success earning rewards via HOA payments, so there may be a little wiggle room in the definition of “landlord”.  Still, most of the options previously listed almost certainly will not work.

As I learned from One Mile at a Time, Bilt’s Digital Agent (chatbot), says that you can pay for other things besides rent in order to earn rewards.  Specifically, the Digital Agent told me that I can use the Bilt Rent Account to pay for the following:

  • HOA fees
  • Security deposit
  • Electric bill
  • Gas bill
  • Water bill
  • Condo fees
  • College living/university housing (not paid as part of tuition)
  • Cable
  • Internet
  • Cell phone payment
  • Application fee

Often you can already earn rewards from paying some of the above via any rewards-earning credit card.  The above list is most interesting for earning rewards on the things where credit cards aren’t accepted: HOA fees, security deposit, condo fees, and college housing all offer decent opportunities.  Additionally, it depends on where you live as to whether utilities can be paid by credit card without a fee so you may find opportunities there.

Earn 3x dining, 3x Lyft, 2x travel

The Bilt Mastercard offers standard category bonuses which make it a good card to use to pay for dining, Lyft rides, and travel.

Double Points on Rent Day

On the first day of each month, the Bilt Mastercard becomes a powerhouse offering double rewards for all spend.  That means that you’ll earn 6x dining, 6x Lyft, 4x travel, and 2x everywhere else!

Your earnings potential on Rent Day isn’t infinite: you can earn up to 10,000 maximum bonus points on rent day.

If you can organize your spend to happen on the first of each month, you can do incredibly well with this card.  Here are some ideas:

  • Pay estimated taxes on the first of the month in order to earn 2x rewards.  See: Pay taxes via credit card.
  • Visit your favorite restaurant on the first of the month and buy a gift card to that restaurant in order to earn 6x rewards.
  • Make the first of each month your “shopping day” in order to earn a minimum of 2x on all shopping spend.

Bilt Dining

Bilt Dining

Bilt offers automatic 5x rewards for dining at participating restaurants.  This is on top of the rewards earned by your credit card.  If you use your Bilt credit card to pay at these restaurants, you’ll earn the usual 3x for dining with the card (or 6x on Rent Day) plus 5 extra points per dollar from Bilt Dining.  If you pay with a different card linked to your Bilt wallet, you’ll earn whatever rewards your card normally offers (such as 4x Amex points with the Amex Gold card) plus 5x Bilt points.

At the time of this writing, most participating restaurants are in New York City, along with a smattering in other major cities.  Bilt intends to expand the list of participating restaurants over time, so it’s worth linking your credit cards to the Bilt Wallet just in case you go to a participating restaurant, even if you don’t live near any of them right now.

Read more here: Bilt Rewards now offers dining program — Earn 5x points when paying with linked card

Small Wins

  • Play the Point Quest game: Each Rent Day (the first of each month), play the Point Quest game in the Bilt app to earn up to 250 points.
  • Link your Bilt account to transfer partners: Bilt Rewards offers 100 points for every loyalty program you link to your Bilt Rewards account. This represents very low-hanging fruit for most members and does not require having the Bilt Mastercard.  Note that Bilt has occasionally run promotions with increased incentives for linking specific programs. For instance, in April 2022, Bilt offered 500 points for linking an American Airlines AAdvantage account and in May 2022 Bilt offered 500 points for linking a World of Hyatt account. Both of those promotions have since expired, but it is worth keeping your eye out for future promotions if you have not yet linked all of your loyalty accounts.
  • Link your Bilt account to Amazon: Bilt Rewards points can be used to buy things on Amazon.  Don’t do it.  It offers terrible value for your points.  That said, you can earn 250 Bilt points by simply linking your Bilt account to your Amazon account.
  • Link your Bilt account to Lyft: Use any form of payment and earn 2X points on Lyft rideshare rides when your Bilt Rewards and Lyft accounts are linked, and Bilt is set as the active loyalty rewards partner.
  • Link credit cards to your Bilt wallet: Earn up to 300 points.  Earn 100 points for each card you link to your Bilt Wallet, up to 3 cards.


While it’s not as easy to amass Bilt points as with some other major programs, it is possible to earn a lot of points.  The biggest wins come from taking advantage of Bilt’s spend bonuses, friend referrals, and rent (and rent-like) payments.  The double-points on Rent Day alone could lead to huge point totals if you try to lump your spend towards the first of each month.

Personally, while my son has the Bilt card, I don’t have one myself… yet.  But offers like the 100% transfer bonus to Air France Flying Blue make me think that it may just be time…

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Greg, great article, your podcast almost had me ready to apply to be apart of the madness! Quick question, I currently have the chase reserve, and party justify the annual fee for the travel insurance. It seems like Bilt has created a no annual fee version of chase preferred with the travel protection of the reserve. I feel like I must be missing something, but to get 2x on travel like the preferred plus the protection of the reserve is not bad at all. As a suggestion it would be interesting to compare both products as it relates to their travel protection and see which comes out on top! Thanks for all you do!


This is interesting, because I actually emailed them specifically about HOA dues payments, and they told me yes, you can, and I have been doing it since (about 3 months now). Let’s see what happens with this current HOA payment (happening today).

How frustrating!


I just received this email confirming (for the 3rd time & from 3 different reps), that Bilt accepts, & rewards (at 1x) HOA payments.

I also haven’t read anywhere in all of Bilt or Wells’ T&Cs specifically prohibiting them + Bilt is paying out monthly like clockwork. I think a safe assumption for those wanting to get the Bilt card for this purpose there is adequate documentation & precedent allowing it:

“Carlos here with Bilt
Rewards Support. Glad to help!
Yes, homeowner association fees are eligible for point rewards. We allow one payment using our Pay Rent Online feature each month. If you have any other questions or concerns, get back to us!

Thank you,
Carlos O.
Bilt Rewards Support”


That’s what they told me too. I’ve been paying my HOA dues, my cell phone bill, and i just added my mortgage (after someone else posted their DP on that). We will see what happens this month I guess


Stupid question, but what exactly qualifies as a “rent” payment? I tried to find this on the Bilt site but couldn’t (I’m sure I just missed it). For example: my son’s friend lives with this parents and helps them out with their mortgage, giving them some cash monthly – would that qualify?

Or even (not that I would do this, but theoretically) could I pay my wife “rent” each month? We own our house. What if it was solely in her name?

I guess what I’m asking is what exactly is a landlord from Bilt’s perspective?


I have no particular knowledge of BIlt’s practices, but I’m going to guess that they send 1099 forms (or an equivalent) to the people they pay rent to. So person-to-person payments that don’t result in reported income almost certainly don’t count. If you’re kiting money around through Bilt with the purpose of earning points from it, you should expect to pay tax on it.


I have in writing from Bilt, twice, they pay rewards on HOA (and I have earned 4 months running now as well). Am waiting on a third response now after your post. I don’t want to be in danger of them shutting down my account


I ran a utility bill through Bilt and got my rewards *shrug*


But, you would have received rewards if you ran your utility bill through any other card.

Last edited 28 days ago by Lee

My utility only takes bank accounts.


I effectively got a 50,000 sign-on bonus with Bilt last November.

Bilt gave me 10x points on the first 5,000 spent in the first five days. This gave me a 50,0000 Bilt points 🙂

Is Bilt still offering this? I did not hear Greg or Nick talk about this.

I’m excited to get the 100% transfer bonus to Air France. Having family now in Nice France these points will be very useful. LA to Tahiti is on the radar as well 🙂

Go Bilt!


Just a heads up: Bilt appears to have changed their chatbot response—I can’t get it to repeat the text reported in OMAAT. It now says “These charges may include rent or additional charges from your landlord, like utilities or maintenance” and does not provide the itemized list. This seems more consistent with the T&Cs. Emailing support resulted in the same answer. Would be interested to hear if anyone has had luck with the ACH working for rent AND a utility provider not billed through a landlord.


I’m pretty sure that you can only nominate one payee for the rent-like payments with Bilt, so it wouldn’t be possible for one person to pay both rent and utilties.

David G

Has anyone else had issues with “lost” checks? When I used the plastiq / bank checks to pay rent, one of my checks got lost and never arrived. I have no way to prove it, but I speculate someone stole it from my landlord’s mailbox. It was a major issue and it could have ended on my credit report. There were also fees with the late rent payment.

Anyway, does bilt offer any kind of guarantee if this were to happen?


This happened to me just last month but it was a USPS issue (they lost/ mis-delivered the check). Point is BILT was pretty good about cancelling the check, returning the charge and still allowing me to keep the points from the transaction(s). Meaning the check was the 5th as well as the point value of the check itself. I was not expecting that at all. I would suggest contacting support via the chat versus replying to the email or text you will get with the check.


We belong to a boat club that does not accept credit cards for annual dues. Is Bill something that can be used for that?


I’d ask them. I doubt they intend to cover membership fees, but dockage or a mooring might conceivably count. . .


Keep in mind that if your payee can only be paid by them issuing a paper check, the memo line is auto-populated by Bilt with a message that basically says “John Doe’s rent for the month of X.”

You can add to that message, but there is no option to remove that bit.

Unlikely that this will cause anyone to reject the check, but worth knowing that’s how the check goes out if you’re using it for something else, such as if you have been using it for a while to pay your HOA that’s stuck in the stone age like someone I know…

Last edited 1 month ago by Joe

I started renting again so I did the analysis on Bilt. I still don’t think it’s worth it for me. I have 9 months rent to pay @ 2500/month.

9*2500 = 22,500 points
4 other transactions, let’s assume restaurants at 6x first other month, $20, round up to 500. 500*9 = 4500.
Total points 27k with no fees.

Chase Ink VGC at staples since my apartment takes cc.
12 gcs/month for 12k URs/month
3% fee = 73/month, 657/9 months
12k*9 = 108k UR over 9 months

I get 4x the points with chase, not even factoring in a SUB which would double it for an amex plat AF.

Last edited 1 month ago by andy

You’re essentially paying $657 in fees for 81k UR points. Purchasing UR points at 0.8 cpp.

With the Bilt, you don’t even have to leave the house and bother with VGC (uncoorperative cashies/managers, VGC scams, risk losing the VGC… etc).

eponymous coward

Yeah, I hate hate HATE grinding for points. My time has value (above and beyond a 3% cc fee).


That’s fair, but at .02 each 81k URs are worth $1600 or so. I’d still be almost $1k ahead


But you can’t just make up how much URs are worth. They are not worth $0.02 each


That’s a non-fun level of effort for sure. Putting my insurance through multiple GC’s a couple times a year is one thing, but 12 a month? Oof. That’s where I start remembering that I CAN pay for my travel, it’s just fun not to with a little effort. “Little” being the operative word.


Have had the card for exactly one statement period and am a fan. Killed it with the 5Xs offer for the first five days and was appreciative of the opportunity. Needed another currency for AA and partners and this suited my needs. Served a practical purpose the other day as well. Bangkok Airways doesn’t accept Amex and their payment system fought with my Chase Preferred Visa. With a quick text confirmation from Bilt, the airline processed my purchase and I earned 2Xs points.


Couple of strategic thoughts for the Bilt MC…
Can I pay a HELOC with the Bilt MC?
If Im the landlord, how do I get my tenants rent payments to credit to my Bilt Card?


I’m looking at my spending habits and having a hard time coming up with 4 transactions that I could move away from my other cards to Bilt in addition to rent to get the full bonus each month.
My apartment just increased CC payment fees while using Bilt waives them so they’re really pushing us to get a Bilt account, but if those additional transactions feel like they would cost more than actually paying the CC fee upfront.
Wondering if anyone else is in a similar situation to me here.


Amazon reload at 50 cents each FTW.


Thank you for the suggestions. I’ll have to look into it.
At this point, my options are pay with CFU with a $60 fee (I would use BBP, but payment system doesn’t accept Amex), get Bilt and pay with fee waived, or pay with ACH via checking and not get any reward points at all.
I’m also moving out of the property next year, so I was caught in a little indecisiveness.

eponymous coward

Bilt is 3x on dining so at worst (assuming a Citi Prestige, which you can’t get any more) you give up 2x since that’s a 5x card, or 1x if you’re using an AMEX Gold at 4x for dining.

That’s GOT to be worth avoiding $60 in fees.


The rent payment already counts as 1 of the 5 required transactions.


I asked Richard Kerr about charging multiple small Amazon transactions on a separate Bilt posting on your site. He never responded, but the Wells T&Cs state the following:

“Cardholders may not separate qualifying net purchases or rent payments into multiple transactions for the purpose of earning more points than would otherwise be available through a single transaction.”

Seems making 5 charges to hit the minimum for bonus spend might fall under this, but Bilt is otherwise somewhat inconsistent with what they are telling folks about its earning terms anyway (read HOA).

Last edited 28 days ago by Pam

If I had rent payments I’d be all over the Bilt card. Beyond that the earning rates are good for dining and travel (great on rent day) and they keep coming out with cool promotions. If you are only getting a few cards I see the appeal for ongoing use – best card for transfer partners without an annual fee by far, great collection of partners anyway, lots of nice travel protections and status with it.

If I’m in the hobby and collecting cards though most of that is redundant, so I’m not sure what would pull me to Bilt over the spend and inquiry for another card without the rent aspect. I’m surprised at the utility payments excitement in the comments as almost every utility I’ve had accepted credit cards. Ink Cash earns 5X on internet, cable, and phone already. Wyndham Business earns 5X in all utilities. Only utility that didn’t accept credit cards was electricity where I’ve been paying my bill through Arcadia for a flat $5 fee (used to be cheaper fee but still less than Plastiq if you average $200 or so a month for bills). Majority of these don’t charge a fee but even for a few dollars it would seem 5X Chase or Wyndham points are more valuable than 2X Bilt on rent day. Of course those are all business cards so if you are avoiding those then your options are slimmer.


Thanks Greg. I think the same thing – if you aren’t in the game the Bilt card is to me a better Chase Sapphire Preferred. Same primary bonus categories, similar transfer partners, both have primary rental car coverage. But you get better transfer bonuses, point earning promotions, and no annual fee with Bilt.

Bilt’s down side is it doesn’t have other cards to go with it to compete with the 5X of the Ink Cash and Freedom Flex. Which is probably fine by them, I don’t think that is the market they are trying to target yet (and they’d probably bankrupt themselves competing with Chase’s deep pockets if they did).

eponymous coward

Thing is I don’t like MS/GC “grinding” to get that 5x (and I would be paying a 3% fee on a credit card or gift card, so typically CC payment of rent only makes sense when I am chasing a SUB).


I don’t like the MS grind either, I’ve bought 0 VGCs with my Ink Cash and Freedom Flex. Even without that they still provide a lot of nice 5X opportunities. Internet, phone, and “cable” (streaming services) auto-charge to the Ink Cash for 5X on a couple hundred in spend every month with no effort. Freedom Flex gives 5X on groceries and dining reliably two quarters out of the year, with the other quarters occasionally being useful (home improvement, Target, Amazon, etc.).

I have been buying third party gift cards that don’t carry a fee for planned trips – Disney gift cards and cruise gift cards to pay off the “free” offers from Caesars diamond status match. Sometimes that has been at Office Max when I get a 10% back Chase offer that will stack with the Ink Cash 5X earnings, otherwise in Q1 my Freedom Flex had the elevated grocery spend welcome offer that stacked with the quarterly bonus so I was earning 9X on those gift cards plus the fuel points at Kroger.

Without intensive effort there are still some outsized rewards you can get with the total Chase ecosystem.


Insurance is a big one for me, both personal and business. The Wyndham Biz card doesn’t cover insurance at 5x, as an example, so moved to the first of the month with Bilt at 2x.

If you go thru your monthly expenses, you might find more bills like that than you at first realize. As DSK posts below, it all adds up and even if you don’t hit the 10k point limit on Rent Day, you’re still earning more than what you would have previously. You could still pay the below with 5x using gift cards purchased with CIC but once you hit those limits (or don’t want the hassle), then Bilt is very useful if you use AA and Hyatt to any extent:

  1. Storage Fees
  2. Medical Expenses (Dr retainer fees; out-of-pocket/co-pays)
  3. Work Expenses (licensing; registration; more insurance, supplies, advertising)
  4. Buying points/miles in other programs where don’t count as bonus spend (Hyatt; Marriott)
  5. Costco/Sam’s
  6. Restaurant Gift Card Deals – run thru another company that is non-bonus
  7. Home Warranty Fees
  8. Any service you might sign up for that can be moved to the first of the month (Microsoft Software/Virus Protection/Amazon Membership)
  9. Accounting/Legal Fees
  10. Home Projects/Merchandise
  11. General Shopping! Everything is so expensive these days I’m moving as much spend like that to the first of the month as well (gourmet food/wine/liquor store)

Amex BB is 2x everyday up to $50k. I prefer using that as my non bonus card. Tough to justify a x/24 spot to apply for Bilt with no SUB.

Last edited 27 days ago by Stephan

If AMEX transferred to AA or Hyatt, I’d certainly invest heavier in MRs. But I also don’t like those significant 20-30 transactions required on EveryDay cards for bonus points (over the 2x) The 5 transaction req on the Bilt is just about right for me since I also use it as a 3x dining card anyway. P2 & I have accumulated 140,000+ Bilt Rewards since the beginning of the year & most of that was from 2 Secret Subs.


Fair, accurate, & thoughtful post, Greg – finally a little love from this site for the card with the most potential earnings out there with a little planning


Bilt Rent Account (i.e, the ACH payment component) T&Cs allow you to designate exactly ONE payee. Regardless of chatbot answers, using the ACH details for multiple payments and/or payments that are not to a landlord or property management company could jeopardize your entire account and accrued points.


Fine. So don’t screw around.


Is there a timeline from applying to getting the card in hand? Trying to hit a 5 day window for a SUB could be a challenge.


Took 4 days for both of us from an “instant approval” to receipt of the card, arrives USPS


Great write up! I have the card for a year and a half (using OMAAT’s code to skip the waitlist) and have never looked back.

You can add that you can also earn points by using it as your Lyft earning partner, even if you don’t use the card to pay for the ride (as most of us use a UR card for Lyft). IMO Bilt is the best option for this either way.


The HOA bonus is interesting, I didn’t realize that was a bonus category. Would have been nice at my old condo that charged $410/month.

I’m still waiting for Bilt to entice home owners with mortgages and property tax payments.


Grant, most county treasurers accept credit cards for property tax payments. You can simply pay them on the first of a month and receive 2X points. And, as Bilt is a Mastercard, you can use a service such as Plastiq to pay your mortgage (for a fee) — but, if your card is charged on the first a a month, you’d receive 2X points — you’d have to weigh the economics of it. As for the HOA fees, they don’t fall into a bonus category. If your HOA accepts credit cards, simply pay on the first of the month and receive 2X points. If your HOA does not accept credit cards, Bilt’s ACH feature will afford payment and you will receive 1X irrespective of which day of the month they’re paid.


I’ve been thinking about this- how do I schedule things like my car payment to pay on a certain date instead of arrive on a certain date?


It’s not a bonus category, it’s a 1x category. But it qualifies for the point-earning-even-on-check-payments, just like rent.


Thank you Lee and Larry for the info, I appreciate your help 🙂

George P.

@Grant $410 HOA, Oy Vey, must be a nice condo!


It was not very nice, but rather very old with deferred maintenance issues. Included water, sewer, trash, landscaping, etc.


Hard for me to justify a 5/24 slot and the opportunity cost of all that spend going towards new SUBs. I guess might make sense if you can do unlimited MS or have very high organic spend.


Exactly. With a typical sign-up bonus, I’m getting 15-20x on spend. Nothing with Bilt comes even remotely close. It certainly has some niche cases (if you have absolutely no other way of paying rent), but otherwise a lacklustre card.

eponymous coward

If you can do 10k spend on one of those 5x offers (*cough*tax payment*cough*), that’s 50k. That’s a worthy SUB replacement given that you get access to AA/UA/Hyatt plus the usual suspects like AF/KL/CX/VS/EK/TK.

I’m basically pacing myself from going into LOL/24 on a run during the pandemic back down to 4/24, and having a way to generate points from rent I can’t use on SUBs (since I have to sit on my hands for a bit and snipe cards gradually every 6 months or so) is pretty useful. Plus this turns into a 6x dining/4x travel card once a month, which is nice for reloading some wallets/gift cards/making travel purchases.


But with that same $10K spend, you could get 130K MR (with a Biz Gold) or be over 80% of the way to 230K UR (with two Inks). Bilt simply can’t come close to a sign-up bonus.

As I said, rent is really the only interesting feature of Bilt, and even then it is borderline whether it’s worth a 5/24 slot. You have to be paying a lot in rent to make it worthwhile forgoing a $1000+ sign-up bonus.


Agree 100%. If they offered a nice sized(doesn’t have to be a mega) bonus, it would be worth it to me. For some reason they don’t want to do this. They claim that they don’t want churners but they could easily add a one SUB per 24/48 months condition to avoid that.


That’s kind of the definition of churning. Anti-churning would be lifetime language. But the card’s value proposition is good enough they don’t need to.


So let them add lifetime language

For some the value proposition is good enough, and for others like myself (and seemingly many others) it’s not.


Me too — I don’t have the card. I just don’t have the organic spend to make the Bilt card worthwhile. If I spent a million a year, that would be different. But as someone who spends almost exclusively from 4x to 20x (when doing a SUB) Bilt doesn’t want me. I can’t blame them, I wouldn’t want me if I were in their business either.


Has anyone had success paying taxes with Bilt? Doing during the first 5 days at 5x, could definitely help with maxing the 50k. That acts as a quasi sign up bonus.

Last edited 1 month ago by Alan

Yes, no probems. Made a $12,000 estimated payment and received 12,000 points, plus the 48,000 bonus points (cc fees and some misc charges got me to a total $12,500 spend and 50,000 bonus points in the first five days).


Important for people applying to understand what you just posted…the total spend for the secret SUB is $12,500 for 50,000 BONUS points (the extra 4x on a 1x purchase). A lot written out there about spending $10,000 during the 5x 5 but that leaves 2,500 points on the table.


Would this be worth it if there’s a 1.85% fee and your savings account gives you 5% interest (opportunity cost of $500 for a year)? Trying to find the best way to maximize the 5x bonus offer.


A Reddit user says that the initial 5x promo is now dead.

This is just one data point. Not sure how to find out in advance if it’s true.


He corrected it saying that it seems to be targeted now! (Other people who applied after him got it.)


I’ve been all-in on BILT since getting the card last April. The program gets better with every month, and now with the FB 100% bonus, it’s finally getting a lot of attention. I use Flying Blue a LOT, and am definitely transferring some of my points into this bonus, as I am actively using them, and it’s probably a once-in-a-year opportunity. The main consideration I have now is that they’ll probably run 100% bonuses to the other partners in the future. 100% bonus to Hyatt, Aeroplan, or Turkish will have most of us drooling too…


The transfer bonuses have been in the middle month of the calendar quarter. Bilt currently has 14 transfer partners. If it follows this pattern and cycles through each transfer partner, it’s a 3.5-year cycle for each transfer partner. So, if a person has one specific target transfer partner, one has 3.5 years to stock up.


F-I-N-A-L-L-Y someone gets it. All too often, I see people griping that Bilt does not have a sign-up bonus. As you point out, not in the traditional sense. When my wife and I each got the card, the deal was double-points across the board . . . uncapped . . . for a full 30 days. Ka-ching. Oh, but that doesn’t count. Then, there’s double-points on Rent Day up to 10k additional points per month. That’s up to 120k additional points per year. Call it a built-in retention bonus. Oh, but that doesn’t count. Good gravy, what do these people want? If someone cleverly uses Bilt . . . as those in the hobby are wont to do . . . a person can clean up with this card. But, the unimaginative will still doubt.


Totally agree. BILT has a stronger program than Chase in all but upfront points accrual. Bilt points literally grow on trees (rent & utilities). I got the 2x points in the first 30 days bonus as well last April, restructured my utilities, cellphone, and internet to take advantage of Rent Day, and tag team Points Quest and the Rent Day Challenge with friends. The Bilt Mastercard also provides elite status with Sixt, National, and Avis FOR FREE, preserving perks that I valued when I had the Amex Platinum. This card is worth having for a lot of people, regardless of 5/24. Everyone who was smartly playing chess (not checkers) and got the Bilt card at launch has the potential to get at least 70,000 Flying Blue miles if they had a heartbeat.

I run Bilt in parallel with Chase and Amex…folks, you can walk and chew gum at the same time. It’s not rocket science, and makes the game fun.


How were you able to get AVIS status with the BILT card? I’ve tried looking into it a few times since I read that World Elite Mastercards supposedly get President’s Club but can’t figure it out. I love my BILT card!


It’s easier than it seems. You’ll need to contact Mastercard Travel & Lifestyle Services at 855-802-1387, and you’ll have to register an account with them. They’ll ask you which card you’d like to register against your account (for verification), and you can list any World Elite Mastercard you have, such as the BILT card. After that, you’ll need to provide them with your Avis, Sixt, and National loyalty numbers, and that’s it. In a few days, you’ll get an email back confirming the upgrade, and you’ll see it reflected in your accounts. You can Google “Mastercard Travel & Lifestyle” to get the contact information yourself. Here’s what came to me in terms of benefits from the TEN group once I registered:

Car rental discounts & upgrades: As a World Elite cardholder, you are also able to save on your next rental car! We have formed partnerships with almost every available rental car agency in the US to offer you discounted rates and/or additional perks. Those rental car benefits include: 

• Alamo | Up to 5% Discount 
• Enterprise | Up to 5% Discount 
• Sixt | Up to 15% Discount & ‘Sixt Platinum’ membership 
• Budget Car Rental | Up to 25% Discount 
• National Car Rental | Up to 25% Discount plus upgrade to ‘Executive Status’ on their Emerald Club membership 
• Avis | Up to 25% Discount plus complimentary enrollment to Avis Preferred and complimentary upgrade to Avis Preferred Plus membership 

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If I don’t pay rent or HOA, then I still don'[t really see the appeal. The 5x for 5 days is great but after that it will be dust collector since other cards already offer 2x everywhere every day, or even 5x for internet, phone and others. Maybe you’re implying you can set up a pseudo-rent payment to take advantage of Bilt.

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Depends on what you are looking for. For me, I burn through Hyatt points very quickly, and the best I can do on everyday spend is 1.5x through Freedom Unlimited. Paying bills on the first day of the month gives me 2x on Hyatt up to $5k of spend. If I ever get enough Hyatt points (doubtful), I also live near a United hub, so that works too. So, as long as Rent Day exists in its current form, Bilt is getting $60K of spend from me per year. Rent Day over Christmas time was actually Rent Week, which helped. Bilt also got me United Gold for a few months on an earlier promotion, so that was quite helpful. It actually is a pretty good card, and I don’t pay rent.


What monthly bill amounts to $5k that is not hoa and not rent? Unless you’re paying a HELOC or something I thought they didn’t allow- I think I’m missing the loophole. Or a tax payment angle

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We may be at different stages of life. I’ve got medical insurance (I’m retired so it doesn’t come through my employer), car insurance, property taxes, federal and state income taxes, landscapers, electric, gas and water utilities, cell phones and landlines–I could keep going on. $5k per month is unfortunately not a struggle for me. Someone asked me a similar question on Frequent Miler when I maxed out the amazing AMEX Platinum Resy deal that Greg and Nick wrote about with 15x MR points for small business payments up to $25K. For certain of us, life can be somewhat expensive!

Points Adventure

Your everyday spend could be 5x UR – buy GC from office store and use them.


Unless there is a non-business card that gives me 5x, then nope. No side hussle.


No other card earns 2x on certain non-bonus spend that you can then directly transfer to both AA or Hyatt.

eponymous coward

I ended up with 10x (first five days) AND 2x (30 days). That was a neat little boost to things that made up for a lack of a SUB.

Basically this card replaced me washing a bunch of stuff through PayPal Key for rent (which was awesome since my landlord’s portal didn’t take AMEX, and I was hitting AMEX HARD for SUBs in 2020/2021/2022 while they were handing everything out (SUBS, pandemic card credits, good AMEX Offers, etc) like candy on Halloween.

I ended up LOL/24 with all the low hanging AMEX fruit gone, but now I am collecting points on rent/dining/Rent Day while I strategically snipe cards and get back under, without paying 3% rent portal fees unless the SUB is juicy enough to compensate.


This post blows me away. I tried to pay hoa fees on rent day, it was rejected by BILT. I tried to pay estimated taxes on rent day, it was rejected. The back office systems seem whacky if others are getting those charges processed. If there are other data points that suggest otherwise, I am open to hearing about them.


How are you trying to pay these items? Via the ACH function? HOA fees do not need to be paid on Rent Day per se to receive credit. If HOA fee were processed as an ACH, falling under the “rent” category, HOA fees would not earn double points. If HOA fees were processed as a “regular” credit card charge on Rent Day, then they would receive double points. Now, when you say “estimated taxes,” do you mean property taxes or income taxes?

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Thank you for your response. I have tried to pay HOA fees with the credit card not ACH and it was rejected by BILT. For taxes, I tried to pay Federal estimated taxes and it too was rejected by BILT.


Can you elaborate the differences of property taxes and income taxes when paying under BILT’s program? I am curious about paying the property taxes. Thank you.


You have to pay HOA via the Bilt virtual account in the app. You cannot pay with the physical card.


The 4x travel on the first of the month is an under the radar superpower for a no annual fee card. If you get 4x back on flights booked directly with the airline and 4x on your Hyatt hotel cash booking, that’s better than any other no-AF card and lots of cards with AFs.

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I move non-chain hotel charges to the first of the month as well. 4 x .015 (AA value) = .06, can’t get that on any other card